This week, we meet teacher, Katherine Saviana who first started here at Lexis in 2011.


This week, we meet teacher,  Katherine Saviana who first started here at Lexis in 2011. Below, she answers a few questions about her life, Byron Bay and learning English.

Below, she answers a few questions about her life, Byron Bay and learning English.

Languages spoken…
English, Italian and ‘once upon a time’ Spanish and German

I always wanted to be a …
Trapeze artist, writer, artist, illustrator, professional traveller and mountaineer, dancer, musician (of various kinds), photographer, aide project founder/contributor, environmental activist, national geographic contributor, someone who makes a positive difference…

Byron Bay’s best kept secret is …
Still a secret

I’ll bet you didn’t know …
Giraffes can go longer without water than camels

At 11pm on a Saturday, you’ll find me … dreaming
At 8 am on a Saturday, you’ll find me…
Eating pancakes or at the beach

My dream holiday destination is ….
Always changing

Best restaurant/cafe in Byron Bay is …
‘Targa’ I am told

When you’re in Byron Bay, don’t miss …
The whale season (May – October)

My English learning tip is…
Tune in, have patience and enjoy the process.

Grammar Workshop – Tomorrow 2pm – Auxiliary Verbs


New Grammar Workshop - Tomorrow 2pm - Auxiliary Verbs

We are starting a new series of grammar workshop on Thursdays at 2pm. Classroom 2

The workshops are for Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate level students who need help with the terminology, form and function of grammar. (Higher level students can attend if they feel they have a particular weakness in one area.)

Tomorrow’s workshop will be: Verbs and Auxiliary Verbs
• What is an auxiliary verb?
• How is it different from a main verb?
• What can it do?
• What can’t it do?

o Questions
o Negatives
o Tenses
o Short Answers
o Question Tags
o Contractions

Star Student – Laryssa Da Silva Merigueti


Star Student - Laryssa Da Silva Merigueti

Laryssa is a real success story.

She started at Lexis Byron Bay on 21 April, just nine short weeks ago. At her placement test she was assessed as “Beginner” for grammar and writing and “Elementary” for speaking.

However, every week she has worked hard, making exceptional progress and being promoted twice. Then, on Monday, after just one week in her new class, and just 8 weeks at Lexis English, she came top in the Intermediate Week 3 test.

That is incredible progress Laryssa. Well done, indeed!

Welcome to Lexis | Byron Bay


Welcome to Lexis | Byron Bay

Today we say hello to Jean, Hugo, Martin and Kainoa who are all from Reunion Island.

For those of you that don’t know Reunion, it is a French Island situated off Madagascar and next to Mauritius. Kainoa told me that the population there is about 800,000 and that the main industry is tourism. However, 13 shark attacks there in two years have made surfing difficult (it’s banned on half the island) so the boys have come to Byron Bay to surf instead – and, of course, to study English at the same time.

We wish you all an amazing time.

Graduation Time Again


Graduation Time Again

We only say goodbye to two students this week, but what popular students they were! Both Jamie (Yisuel Hwang) and GP (Jeongpyu Lee) received enthusiastic applause as they went up to collect their certificates.

We lose Jamie to Lexis Brisbane while GP will be staying in Byron for a while as he has just got a job in Woolworths. Well done GP!

As part of his graduation speech, GP, asked everyone to hold up signs supporting the victims of the South Korean Ferry Disaster, while he took a photo and video. This illustrates why we love GP; he is always thinking about other people and doing the right thing.

Good luck to both of you guys and come back and see us sometime soon.

Meet Fredi


Meet Fredi

“Meet Fredi – a recent student who studied General English with us for eight weeks!

Fredi is now back in Switzerland – where he has bought space in a vineyard! He has a line with 85 vines, with which to hone his skills as a hobbyist winemaker!

I spoke to him about his time here at Lexis English | Byron Bay.

“What I enjoyed most about Byron Bay was the beaches. And yes, of course I improved my English! Kathleen was a brilliant teacher – very good at explaining important rules, and Josie was an excellent teacher too.

Overall I had a great experience, especially with my homestay – the room was great, there was a lot of social contact, and the food is amazing – so good! Their son is very, very friendly – the whole family was so nice to their students. Any student is very lucky if they stay there!

I went on lots of cycling tours – to Banglalow, Ballina, Mullumbimby and the lighthouse. The hinterland here in Byron is so beautiful.

My advice for anyone coming here would definitely be to try a golf day!”

Thanks Fredi! And send us some of that wine 🙂 “

Congratulations to Brianna on achieving a Grade A at CPE


Congratulations to Brianni on achieving a Grade A at CPE

Last week Briänna Good was delighted to learn that she had got an A pass at CPE. An absolutely incredible result! I got in touch with her while she was on a tour of the outback to ask how she felt.

“I was extremely happy and almost couldn’t believe it!” she told me, “For me, the most difficult part was the Speaking Test but Ian helped by making us practise for it in situations where we were under a bit of pressure (for example in front of the class) in order to give us the chance to learn how to cope with the nervousness.

“I would definitely recommend other students to study in Byron Bay and to do the CPE exam! What I liked most about studying in Byron Bay was probably the spirit of Byron Bay itself. This friendly, laid-back attitude made me instantly feel at home.

“Then, while going to a language school abroad is already such a great experience by itself, the certificate will hopefully stand me in good stead in the future. The best advice you gave me was probably when you and Ian encouraged me to have a go at CPE instead of CAE (thank you so much for that!!).

“Overall, I met so many great people during my stay in Byron Bay and had an awesome time, so I would say to anyone that if you get the chance – do it!”

Lisa’s Study Corner. THIS WEEK – How can I practise speaking outside of class?


Lisa’s Study Corner. THIS WEEK – How can I practise English outside of class?

<p>In the past, students have said to me, “I get good results in class but I really don’t think that my English is getting any better. Why not?”

The answer, in my experience, is simple. You need to practise more. Think about when you learned to drive. You had lessons with an instructor, yes, but you also probably spent a lot of time terrorising your dad, your friends and other willing victims by driving their cars while they sat white-knuckled beside you. It’s the same with English – the lessons give you the foundations but you need to practise, practise, and practise to be able to apply what you learn in class. Below are some easy ways you can do this.

1. English Only
By far the most important factor to your progress is how much time you spend using the language – that’s why Lexis English Byron Bay has an ‘English Only’ policy. Make the most of this rule by speaking in English at breaks and lunchtime and before and after school. When everybody is speaking English as a second language, you don’t need to feel embarrassed.

2. GIL
Come along to GIL which is on every afternoon in Room 1 between 2 and 3 pm. GIIL is a great opportunity to get special attention from our excellent teachers. You can get personalised help and extra practise with any language points you need.

3. Activities and Workshops
Our workshops help with particular skills – for example, Job Club (next one 23/04) offers advice on writing CVs, looking for work and going for interviews. Coffee Lounge (14/04), on the other hand, provides an opportunity to chat to students from other classes about a wide variety of topics. And, of course all our activities also provide an opportunity for you to practise English and have fun at the same time. Check out the activity calendar above for what’s on this month.

4. Homestay and Out & About
Practice makes perfect! So make the most of the opportunity to live with an Aussie family and get to know them – it’s ok to make mistakes, just give it a try. Speaking with native speakers as much as possible is an excellent way to increase your confidence, while listening to native speakers is also a great way to pick up the intonation and pronunciation patterns – so keep your ears open!

5. Real World English
During your stay in Byron you can learn from all different kinds of English language media – movies, music, newspapers and magazines. Try lots of different ways of encountering English, it doesn’t matter if you don’t understand everything – the process will build your confidence and help you on the way to fluency!

Most importantly, don’t worry about what you cannot remember, or cannot yet understand, or cannot yet say. It doesn’t matter. You are learning and improving. The language will gradually become clearer in your brain, but this will happen on a schedule that you cannot control. So enjoy!

So to summarise this week’s Tip – Just make sure you spend enough time with English. That is the greatest guarantee of success.

It’s Graduation Time again!


It's Graduation Time again!

Today we say goodbye to four students: Delia Moeckli from our Intermediate class, Markus from FCE, Asuka from Pre-Intermediate and Mizuki from IELTS. Mizuki is sitting his IELTS exam in Brisbane tomorrow and we all wish him the very best of luck.
Oh and apparently Delia is having a farewell BBQ tonight but you’ll have to text her for the details 🙂