New starters! November 25th

We have 15 new students starting at Lexis Byron Bay this week. Hello and welcome!


Dario is from Switzerland. He has come to Lexis Byron Bay because he feels it’s the best way to learn about Australian culture and people while learning English. He served in the military before coming here and is hoping to learn about himself and decide what he would like to do for work when he returns to Switzerland. Dario will backpack around Australia for 2 months when he finishes his studies!

Eglantine is from Belgium. She loves to play the guitar and scouting. She started scouting when she was 7 years old and it’s still her favourite activity. Before coming to Lexis Byron Bay she was at another school in Melbourne, where she met a lot of amazing people. She is hoping the travel and English studies will better herself for the future.

Alba is from Spain. She lives with her parents and two siblings. Her interests are sports and travel but she also loves to cook new recipes that she finds on the internet. Alba needed a break in her life and decided Australia was the perfect place. English is a very important language that she wants to improve so she can grow and open her mind.

Yuya is from Japan. He studies tourism at university so he can be a tour guide. He wants to improve his English skills so he can communicate with tourists. He is hoping to work abroad and will continue to learn English until then. Yuya has two reasons for studying English in Australia; he wants to be able to speak to everyone and he loves nature! He also would like to learn to surf.

Youngmin is from Korea. He lives with his parents in Daegu while his sister lives in Seoul. He was studying at university but got called in to do military service where he served for 20 months. He finished 2 weeks before coming to Australia. He plans to study at Lexis for 2 -3 months then go back to Korea to finish his studies at university.

Marco is from Italy. His hobbies are surfing, snowboarding, and skating. He studied English in Italy but wanted to continue his studies in Australia. He works as chef in Palermo fro 3 years. He would like to open a traditional Italian restaurant in the future.

Martin is from Spain. He wants to study English in Australia and experience the culture and travel around. He likes how Australian people speak! In Spain, he works in a bar as a waiter and his hobbies include trekking and paddleboarding.

Daniel is from Brazil. He lives with his sisters in Rio De Janeiro. His dad is an amazing guy and taught him everything he knows. Surfing is his passion and he sells photos and videos of the surf that he produces himself. He hopes to work making films and documentaries about surfing in the future. His dream was to come to Australia.

Bernat is from Spain. His interests are motorbikes, cycling, and surfing. He works as a cleaner, gardener, cook, and in construction. He plans to study and work for 7 months and hopefully, during that time he will travel and be able to surf every day.

Nanae is from Japan. She is crazy about natural and organic everything! When in a new town or city, the first thing she does is find the organic stores. She previously worked in an organic, herb, and aroma shop. She worked there for a year and loved it! Nanae came to Byron Bay to learn yoga because Byron Bay is famous for yoga, being organic, and free mindedness.

Maria is from Spain. She grew up in a small village called Olivare with her parents, her older brother, and her younger sister. She has been playing volleyball since she was 15 but had to quit last year because she moved to Barcelona where she works as cabin crew. She studied audiovisual communication and also worked as a sports photographer. She is here to improve her English so she can get a good job when she returns to Spain.

Yumana is from Switzerland. She lives with her father who is Swiss and her mother who is Japanese. She loves singing and music and also likes to spend time with her friends and swim at the beach. She decided to take a gap year from university where she studies social science. Yumana wanted to come to Australia because many people had told her that the atmosphere is good and that the people are very nice. She will spend 3 months in Australia then go to Senegal for work.

Eva is from Spain. She works at a restaurant in a hotel on the island of Ibiza where she is a waitress, bartender, and barista. It is better for her job that she speaks English as most people that visit the hotel are international tourists. Eva will spend the next 12 weeks studying English at Lexis Byron Bay.

Fabian is from Switzerland. He lives with his parents in Zurich which is the German part of Switzerland. He likes to do a lot of sport and in winter he goes skiing and snowboarding. The rest of the year he does athletics and volleyball. He also likes reading about history. He studied electrical engineering and works as an electrician. After his studies in Australia, he is hoping to find a job as an electrical engineer and needs English as most companies are international.

Lena is from Germany. She lives on her own in her grandparent’s house but spends a lot of time with her family. Her mother is a yoga teacher and goes to her classes every week. She has built an occupational health and safety company with her father. They check workspaces for companies to see if they are safe work environments.  She wanted to study English in Australia because she wanted to see a beautiful country and meet lots of locals but also because of the weather and beaches.



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