Welcome to the Weekend! November 8th – 10th🎉

Weekend 8-10






Byron Flea Market -Saturday

Kingscliff Markets – Saturday

The Channon Markets – Sunday



Soul’d @ Railway Hotel

The Violent Monks + White Bleaches & Aunty Leo @ Hotel Great Northern

5:00pm Josh Hamilton Duo @ Beach Hotel

6:00pm Guy Kachel @ Targa

6:00pm World Tour with GANGA GIRI BAND @ Byron Theatre

7:00pm Luke Morris @ The Sun

7:30pm Moses Parker @ Treehouse

8:00pm The Steele Syndicate @ Byron Bay Brewery

 9:00pm Ragga Jump @ Beach Hotel

9:00pm DJ Alex Cruz @ Woody’s Surf Shack

The Swamps @ Railway Hotel

Stumps + Grace Turner & Rattus Rattus @ Hotel Great Northern

1:00pm A Midsummer Night’s Dream – National Theatre Live Screening @ Byron   Theatre

5:00pm DJ Longtime @ Beach Hotel

5:00pm Wongo + Cha Lee + Sunny Day + Bean Dip + more @ Byron Bay Brewery

6:00pm Open Mic @ The Sun

7:00pm Fleabag – National Theatre Live Screening @ Byron Theatre

7:30pm BSYDE @ Treehouse

9:00pm Dale ‘Nudge Nudge’ Stephen @ Beach Hotel

When Harry Met Swanny @ Hotel Great Northern

Byron Lighthouse Band @ Railway Hotel

12:00pm Sunday Session DJs Jezza J & Vinnie LaDuce @ Treehouse

1:00pm Rising Stars Youth Concert presented by Byron Music Society @ Byron   Theatre

4:00pm Barefoot Beats w/ Timboletti + Moontide + 3000 Grad + more @ Byron Bay   Brewery

4:30pm Living in the 70s @ Beach Hotel

5:00pm Manoa @ The Sun

7:30pm Rachel May @ Beach Hotel

10:00pm Illyus & Barrientos @ Beach Hotel



Brisbane City and Koala Sanctuary – $89 per person


Bare Foot Beats @ Byron Bay Brewery – Early Bird tickets $15 


Abominable (G)

FRI 8TH NOV 11:15am
SAT 9TH NOV 11:15am
SUN 10TH NOV 10:10am

After The Wedding (M)

FRI 8TH NOV 1:30pm9:10pm
SAT 9TH NOV 1:30pm9:10pm
SUN 10TH NOV 1:30pm

Angry Birds 2 (PG)

FRI 8TH NOV 2:40pm
SAT 9TH NOV 2:40pm
SUN 10TH NOV 2:40pm

BFF19 Citizen K (M)

SUN 10TH NOV 5:45pm

BFF19 Hope Gap (M)

SUN 10TH NOV 1:00pm

Balloon (M)

FRI 8TH NOV 1:10pm8:30pm
SAT 9TH NOV 1:10pm8:30pm
SUN 10TH NOV 1:10pm8:30pm

Green Light (M)

FRI 8TH NOV 4:00pm
SAT 9TH NOV 4:00pm
SUN 10TH NOV 4:00pm

Hustlers (MA15+)

FRI 8TH NOV 12:20pm6:50pm
SAT 9TH NOV 12:20pm6:50pm
SUN 10TH NOV 12:20pm6:50pm

Joker (MA15+)

FRI 8TH NOV 1:15pm3:45pm6:15pm8:45pm
SAT 9TH NOV 1:15pm3:45pm6:15pm8:45pm
SUN 10TH NOV 12:45pm3:15pm6:00pm8:30pm

Judy (M)

FRI 8TH NOV 10:15am3:45pm6:15pm8:40pm
SAT 9TH NOV 10:15am3:45pm6:15pm8:40pm
SUN 10TH NOV 10:00am3:30pm6:00pm8:30pm

Last Christmas (PG)

FRI 8TH NOV 11:00am2:00pm4:15pm6:30pm8:40pm
SAT 9TH NOV 11:00am2:00pm4:15pm6:30pm8:40pm
SUN 10TH NOV 10:30am1:15pm3:30pm6:00pm8:15pm

Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil (PG)

FRI 8TH NOV 11:00am6:00pm
SAT 9TH NOV 11:00am6:00pm
SUN 10TH NOV 11:00am6:00pm

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (MA15+)

FRI 8TH NOV 10:00am
SAT 9TH NOV 10:00am
SUN 10TH NOV 10:00am

Pavarotti (M)

FRI 8TH NOV 10:00am6:30pm
SAT 9TH NOV 10:00am6:30pm
SUN 10TH NOV 10:00am6:10pm

Promised (PG)

FRI 8TH NOV 1:15pm
SAT 9TH NOV 1:15pm
SUN 10TH NOV 1:15pm

Ready Or Not (MA15+)

FRI 8TH NOV 4:50pm
SAT 9TH NOV 4:50pm
SUN 10TH NOV 4:50pm

Ride Like A Girl (PG)

FRI 8TH NOV 10:15am
SAT 9TH NOV 10:15am
SUN 10TH NOV 10:00am

Terminator: Dark Fate (MA15+)

FRI 8TH NOV 10:30am3:45pm6:20pm9:00pm
SAT 9TH NOV 10:30am3:45pm6:20pm9:00pm
SUN 10TH NOV 10:30am3:45pm6:20pm8:30pm

Yuli (M)

FRI 8TH NOV 12:45pm
SAT 9TH NOV 12:45pm
SUN 10TH NOV 12:30pm

Zombieland 2: Double Tap (MA15+)

FRI 8TH NOV3:30pm8:50pm
SAT 9TH NOV3:30pm8:50pm
SUN 10TH NOV3:30pm

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