Graduation! 10th March

Congratulations to our 9 students who graduated from their General English courses last week!


Carola is from Italy and graduates from Mel’s Intermediate class. She worked very hard during her 8 weeks at Lexis and progressed from from Pre-Intermediate up to Intermediate with a grade A! She was a delightful contribution to the classroom environment with her lovely personality and smile. Good luck for the future!

Leo is from Switzerland and graduates from Mel’s Intermediate class. He was a pleasure to have in class, with his positive attitude and his encouragement to get his classmates speaking. During his 4 weeks with Lexis his English skills improved in all areas but particularly in his fluency. We will miss your great sense of humor and wish you all the best for the future!


Julie is from Korea and graduates from Ellie’s IELT’s class. She was a very competent student and picked up the English language quickly. She was a pleasure to have in the class and will be missed. We wish you all the best for the future!

Sam is from Belgium and graduates from Ellie’s IELTs class. He has a great attitude to learning and worked very hard during his 8 weeks at Lexis Byron Bay. He was a pleasure to have in class and many of the out of class activities! He picked up the language very quickly and we’re sure he’ll continue to improve this on his travels around Australia. Have a great time!

Angel is from Spain and graduates from Ellie’s IELTs class. He studied very hard during his 4 weeks at Lexis and picked up and applied new vocabulary very effectively. He was great to have in class and during activities, always a pleasure to speak with! We wish you the very best for the future!

Hiroki is from Japan and graduates from Kathleen’s Upper Intermediate class. He has been a valued student and and always participated in class with enthusiasm and a good humour. In his 25 weeks with Lexis Byron Bay he has improved greatly in all areas and his grammar and vocabulary knowledge are particularly good! We wish you the very best!

Gina is from Switzerland and graduates from Kathleen’s Upper Intermediate class. She has a great ability to learn new grammar and vocabulary quickly and accurately apply them to speaking and writing. Her class participation was marvelous; she was able to discuss a wide range of subjects in depth and fluency and with a great respect for her classmates. We wish you all the best, you will be missed!

Ann-Katrin is from Germany and graduates from Kathleen’s Upper Intermediate class.In her 2 weeks at Lexis she made a great impact in class with her enthusiasm to express her ideas and use her new vocabulary studied in class! We will miss your lovely smile and wish you all the best for the future!


Kanae is from Japan and  graduates from Kristy’s Pre-Intermediate class. Her English grammar, speaking and writing have all improved since she started Lexis 8 weeks ago.  She is always great to have a conversation with and has been friendly and helpful to her classmates. She has been a pleasure to have in class and during activities, you will very much be missed!

Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE and English plus Surfing in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach.


Welcome to our new students at Lexis English | Byron Bay!! 14.07.2014



Welcome to four awesome new students today!!

Atsushi is from Japan – Atsushi is a professional rugby coach back in Japan and has come to learn English so that he can better teach foreign players, and also hang out with them after training! Maru is from Taiwan and has been in Australia for two months already – and has travelled Perth, Alice Springs and Uluru, Darwin, Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef – she is already a seasoned Aussie traveller!

Daniel is from Vienna in Austria, and loves rock climbing, mountain biking and bush walking. He wants to learn to surf here in Byron, and is keen to use his scuba diving licence to see native marine life here as well.

Naomi from the south of France has been to Australia before, and was actually born in Sydney! She is a keen surfer and loves anything to do with the ocean. She will be taking progressive surfing classes along with English lessons; so will soon be carving like a pro! She also plays in a roller derby team, so will be checking out the Bay Rollers here in Byron!!

South African Cooking Class at Lexis English | Byron Bay!

south african cooking


Today we had a South African cooking masterclass! I dazzled Lexis with a Chakalaka Bunny Chow 🙂

I lived in South Africa for a year and absolutely loved the food there – my favourites being a good braai, delicious bobotie…and best of all… Bunny Chow!! Bunny chow is a hollowed out piece of crusty bread filled with spicy meat curry.

Today we combined two South African classics – bunny chow and chakalaka – a tasty, spicy vegetable stew – quick, healthy, cheap and no meat – so no risk of me giving food poisoning to half the school 🙂

See below for the chakalaka recipe!