Happy Student – Nicol!

Nicol is 21 and comes to us from the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland. She started with us last October and will be studying with us until the start of February this year. After her time with us in Lexis, she is going to travel further along the East Coast with friends before she returns home.


Nicol enjoying some east coast adventures last weekend!

1. Why did you choose to come to Australia and to Lexis Byron Bay in particular?

I chose to come to Byron because since I was a child, I always dreamed about the Australian life – the beach, the surf… and Byron is the perfect place to realise this dream!


2. What do you remember about your first day in school?

I remember that I was so happy to start here! Everybody was so friendly and everything was so well organised. My last school was too big – here is more personal as everybody knows you and your name 🙂


First day of school! 🙂

3. What are your English goals and how is Lexis helping you achieve them?

My goal is to reach a good level of English for work and travels. I think that Lexis is a really good school – every week we are tested to check our progress levels and the teachers really help us and push us towards these goals.

4. What do you like about your classes? 

I love the variety! We are not always in the classroom – sometimes we have lessons to do outdoors!



5. You’ve joined many of our free activities. What has been your favourite one so far?

The school organises a lot of activities and since the beginning, I have really enjoyed doing morning yoga every week. The other activities are always loads of fun – I really loved the craft ones, especially making dream catchers. The take-home pieces are great for remembering our time in Lexis!


6. Outside school, what is your favourite thing about Byron Bay? 

I love Byron for the lifestyle, the music on the streets, the amazing beach, the public BBQ (which I used every day when my family was visiting in January!). I love that it is a small place but there is always something to do.


7. What would you say to anyone thinking of coming to study at Lexis Byron Bay?

Absolutely come to Byron!! If you are looking for a chilled and amazing place, this is the place!! 🙂


Sushi Making 🙂


Beach games 🙂


Salsa & Sangria 🙂


Lexis BBQ


Meeting a quokka at Christmas time!

Mexican Cooking


We will miss you Nicol! Have an amazing time travelling 😉


Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE and English plus Surfing and Yoga in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach.

Happy Student – Lucas; Lexis’ most photographed student!!


The lovely Lucas from Brazil first started with us in March this year, and after a quick break in September decided he missed us too much and wanted to extend his studies and stay in Byron Bay!


Lucas on his first day 🙂 Him and Dana (centre) are the only two still here!

Lucas comes to many of our free activities so I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know him over the past 7 months. He has a great sense of humour and is always smiling, friendly and courteous. Lucas always makes an effort to speak to new students from different countries, and this has helped him to improve his English and make friends from all over the world!

All the teachers agree that it is an absolute pleasure having Lucas here with us at Lexis Byron and it’s been wonderful watching his English grow and grow!

Being that he comes to many of the activities I now believe Lucas to be Lexis Byron’s most photographed student! For this reason, and also because of his cheery demeanor, I asked Lucas to be this month’s Happy Student! He happily obliged, so now you get to read all about his Lexis experience, along with just some of the pictures of him at our activities…


Why did you choose to come to Australia and to Lexis Byron Bay in particular?

I chose Australia because my brother already studied here at Lexis Byron and told me about his experience, and because here is paradise! I think I made the best choice. I also came to Australia because the climate and warm weather is similar to Brazil.


What are your English goals and how is Lexis helping you achieve them?

I would like to be able to speak English fluently. Here at Lexis I can improve my English a lot and I now believe fluency is possible for me.

  • Lucas started with us in Elementary and is now at an Upper Intermediate level. Go Lucas!!


Tell me a little bit about your teachers and classes…

All the teachers are really good. They always help us and make activities interesting. The activities are really fun and good for improving our English.


You’ve joined in a lot of our free activities. What has been your favourite one so far?

Yes, when possible I try to join in a lot of free activities. I like to do them just to have fun, talk to people and always learn more; it could be a new word or sentence, or about another persons culture.


Outside of school, what is your favourite thing about Byron?

I like the energy that is here. The people are really friendly and the places are beautiful. I really enjoy going to the beach.


You work in one of Byron’s most popular bars. What is your advice to other students looking for work in Byron?

Never give up! Before I started working in the Rails I was everyday trying and finally I got a job! So my advice is never give up and keep trying!!


You’ve stayed with two host families during your time at Lexis. Can you please tell me a bit about these experiences?

Both experiences were really nice and I had a good time at both. First I was at Veronica’s, who has a beautiful house with swimming pool and my room was very spacious with a bath. She is a lawyer so she taught me about the Australian laws and helped me find a job. I lived there with two other students, Axel from French part of Switzerland and Yves from the German speaking part of Switzerland, so that was really fun. Next I lived with Kathy, who is very kind. I learnt a lot about Australia from her and I could tell her lots about South America too. Again I lived with two other students, Gabriela and Antonio from Spain, which was great. Both host mothers helped me to improve my English and would correct me when I said things wrong.


Finally, what would you say to anyone thinking of coming to Lexis Byron Bay?

DO IT!! It’s a great place to improve your English. There are many many people who can help you, especially Claire (Activities and Student Services), and also Lisa (Campus Manager) who has helped me from day one until now. The quality of the teachers is really good and they’re all really nice. Each teacher has a different way of teaching and different accents, which helps you to improve your listening.



Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE and English plus Surfing and Yoga in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach.

Happy Student – Lulu!

Our lovely French student Lulu will graduate this week and we’re all going to miss her! Lulu first came to Lexis Byron Bay last September. Then in December she spent a few weeks at Lexis Perth, before returning to Byron in January to do the FCE course (Cambridge First Certificate of English).

Lulu is a friendly, sociable and hard-working student who has embraced all aspects of Byron life. She has been a regular at our Cheeky Monkey’s student party nights as well as a fierce competitor in our table tennis tournaments!

I had a chat with Lulu this morning to find out more about her time in Australia…

12782174_10156541108320612_1295896428_n (1)

Where are you from?

Paris, France.

Why did you come to Australia?

First I was choosing between Canada and Australia. In the end I chose Australia because of the weather and because the people are so open-minded and friendly. Also if I was going somewhere I wanted it to be really far away!

What is your favourite thing about Byron Bay?

I think the atmosphere at night. Even if we go out to the same places every week it is a good routine. There is a nice group of people and there is a global feeling.

What were your weaknesses with English when you first arrived in Australia?

Speaking! I was ashamed of my accent and for the first few weeks I could only speak with people for 2 minutes because I was embarrassed by my accent. Then my confidence grew and I realized it didn’t matter, so my speaking improved a lot. I studied English in high school for 6 years so for me things like grammar were just a review.

How is your class/teacher?

At the moment I’m in the Cambridge FCE class with Josie. I like the class, there is a good relation between all the students and our teacher Josie is always smiling and patient, even when she has to repeat something many times.

Is your English improving?

Now I am not so shy, I speak naturally and I realise mistakes are normal. I think I also really improved my writing, for example things like word order, prepositions, verb patterns.

You studied at Lexis Byron Bay first, then Lexis Perth, then back to Byron Bay! How was that experience?

First I spent 12 weeks in Byron Bay and then I transferred to Perth because I also wanted to see the west coast of Australia. I really loved my Upper-Intermediate class there because we studied in the evening and all the students were really nice. Byron Bay and Perth are very different, near Perth there is good scenery but for me the city was too big. So I came back to study in Byron Bay because it suits me better.

Would you recommend studying at Lexis Byron Bay?

For sure! My advice would be to stay for more than 3 months if you can because for me, I felt like just 12 weeks was not enough. You need time to settle in, get to know people and get to know the place.

What are your plans after you finish studying?

I will go back to France because I have to do some exams in March. Then in September I hope to study a Masters degree in Illustration, maybe in Paris or maybe in Canada – although the climate will be so different from Australia, I’ll have to get used to the cold!

Thanks for chatting with me Lulu, good luck for the future! 🙂