Happy Student – Yran!

Yran is from Brazil and arrived in Australia for his first trip abroad just one month ago. After spending his first week in the country in the lovely city of Brisbane, he then made his way south to start at Lexis Byron Bay. When choosing where in the world to go to learn English, he decided on Australia for the great weather, the more affordable living costs and for being able to study and work at the same time. Yran has now been in Byron Bay for just over three weeks and is absolutely loving it! He said there are so many great things about this town and area, such as the friendly people, the beaches and, his favourite thing above all, the Byron lifestyle.


For his first month here, Yran is living in a homestay with a local family. He said the family are great and he would have booked to stay longer with them if he had known how wonderful they are. Unfortunately for him, the family have another student booked in with them so he couldn’t extend his homestay, but he knows the next student will be very happy with them! Instead, he is moving into a rental share-house with other locals and tourists living in Byron Bay for the Summer.


Yran with his fellow students on their first day at Lexis Byron Bay

Within a week of arriving in Byron Bay, Yran was very proactive about getting his resume ready and scouring the town for some work. He lined up three interviews within the first week and landed himself a job at The Roadhouse, a popular bar cafe in Byron Bay. He has worked there for just over a week now and is really enjoying his job as a Dishwasher (or ‘dishie’ as Australians call it!). The people he works with are all locals, are patient with teaching the new skills and explaining English words, and they all have a great time together. Yran is learning a lot, not only about how the kitchen works, but also about Australian English and some of the slang we use. For example, one of his co-workers refers to  good things as ‘sweet’ and ‘sick’ (“the waves were sick!”, “that’s a sweet surfboard!”) all the time! Yran thinks it is a really  good idea to work as well as study, as it has helped him to integrate with locals and learn more English.


Yran and Swiss student Thomas, enjoying coffee, Tim Tams and conversation at the Coffee Lounge activity

Despite improving his English by speaking with locals, he believes that most of the improvement has come through his classes at Lexis Byron Bay. He is learning a lot from both the teachers and practicing with other students at school. At school there is a wide variety of students from all over the world, so Yran has found that most of his friends speak different languages and they need to speak in English to communicate. This has helped him gain confidence and learn quickly in his first few weeks here.

Yran has five more months of studying at Lexis Byron Bay  and is looking forward to spending the Summer here. After graduating, he plans to head to Melbourne for a new experience, living in a big city with different weather and a different culture to both Brazil and Byron Bay. He hope to do more study there, possibly doing a short course in Permaculture, but he hasn’t decided yet.


Yran and fellow students enjoying the free BBQ at Lexis Byron Bay

For other students coming to study at Lexis Byron Bay, Yran’s advice is to try hard with whatever it is you are doing here! Whether it is learning English, finding a job or somewhere to live, making friends and having new experiences, work on it everyday! He also recommends to be open to try everything while you are here and don’t be shy, as you will learn and experience more that way.




Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE and English plus Surfing in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach.

New Starters! August 29

We have three new starters at Lexis Byron Bay this week. Meet Miki, Erika and Yuki!


Miki is from Japan. She likes drawing, watching movies, skiing and swimming. She is in her fourth year of University, studying Architecture. She hopes to travel around Australia to see beautiful or amazing buildings, such as the Sydney Opera House. She would like to improve her English skills to the point of being able to think in both Japanese and English. She would also like to travel and explore this big world that we live in.

Erika is from Brazil. She likes music, especially reggae and electronic music, and enjoys camping at music festivals. She also likes the beach and reading about psychology and psychoanalysis. She has worked as a Hotel Receptionist and as an Assistant Administrator. She hopes to study hospitality in the future to help gain work back in Brazil. In the meantime, she came to study English in Australia because she loves Byron Bay!

Yuki is from Japan. He really likes to travel, most recently he visited India, and he also enjoys playing football.  He is in his third year of studing Economics at university, majoring in International Economics, which includes electronic products of China and Korea, the European economy and the American economy. He enjoys speaking English and came to Lexis Byron Bay to improve his skills so that he can work in different countries in the future.



Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE and English plus Surfing in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach.

Happy Students! Vanessa & Richard


Richard and Vanessa

Richard and Vanessa are from Brazil and travelled to Australia together to study at Lexis Byron Bay. They have been here for nine weeks now and are enrolled to study with us for a total of 24 weeks. They then hope to extend their stay by continuing their studies at Lexis with a Business course later in the year.

Richard has always dreamt of living in a different country and experiencing a different culture. When the two of them realised the importance of learning English to further their careers, they decided to study English in Australia. In Brazil, having a higher level of English often means better opportunities for jobs.


First day at school – Richard and Vanessa starting with five other new students

Both Vanessa and Richard are enjoying their time in Byron Bay. For Vanessa, one of her favourite parts of living here are the beautiful beaches. She said that even if you go to the same beach every day, each day is completely different – whether it be the water, the sky, or the sunset, it is a different place every day. She finds the beaches here very peaceful. She also loves the night sky in Byron Bay, with so many stars that can be seen so clearly, it is a beautiful night view. Richard is a big fan of the famous Byron Bay Lighthouse. He enjoys the walk through the National Park area, which always delivers close encounters with the local wildlife including wallabies, rabbits, whales, dolphins, parrots, bush turkeys, lizards and turtles.  Richard has been impressed by the respect that Australians show for wildlife in this country, which he feels is a huge cultural difference between here and Brazil.

Having been studying for nine weeks already, both Richard and Vanessa feel that their English has greatly improved already. They both agreed that studying at Lexis has really helped them improve their grammar skills, and that meeting other students and people in Byron Bay has helped them improve their speaking skills as they use English in all their social situations. Vanessa has found all the people in Byron Bay to be very friendly and believes we live in a little piece of paradise. Richard would recommend others to study here as it is a unique experience and life is short! Both said that the staff at Lexis, both in the office and all the teachers, are all gentle, kind, helpful and friendly too. They have both learnt a lot from their teachers and find that each teacher helps them to understand English in new ways.

When they first arrived, Richard and Vanessa lived with a Homestay family for the first two months. They thoroughly enjoyed this experience, as they felt very at home with their host family who were very friendly and great cooks! Initially they found it a bit difficult to adapt to the cultural differences and different house rules compared to Brazil, but before long they had settled in and quickly felt as though they were part of the family. They have just moved into a rental property – right next door to their host family. They have been lucky enough to share their property with an Australia local too – a friendly koala who is living in a tree in their garden!


Vanessa and Richard enjoyed Coffee, TimTams and conversation at Coffee Club

After completing their current English course, Vanessa and Richard hope to continue studying here for an extra six months before travelling around Australia. They would like to visit Tasmania, Cairns, the Outback, Sydney, Melbourne and many other places across the country before returning to Brazil and to work.


We are very happy to have you both in the Lexis Family at Byron Bay and hope you continue to enjoy your time here at school, in Byron Bay and wherever your travels eventually take you! 🙂


Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE and English plus Surfing in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach.

Happy Student – Paola!


Paola is from Brazil and is in her ninth week of studying General English at Lexis Byron Bay. After completing 14 weeks in this course, she plans to study both the Business and Cambridge courses at Lexis before returning to Brazil around mid next year.

Paola had always been interested in visiting Australia for the beautiful weather, people, beaches and places, as well as the proximity to New Zealand, a country she would also like to visit. Back in Brazil, Paola completed a Masters in Forestry and is planning to continue her research with a Doctorate in Forestry when she returns. In order to undertake the Doctorate, Paola needed to study English and she took the opportunity to combine this with a trip to Australia!

Paola feels that her English has definitely improved during her time here, through a combination of learning at school and practicing with friends and locals outside of school. She has been enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of Byron Bay, including the beaches and the people, as well as the healthy lifestyle and organic foods available in the area. She says that Byron Bay is an amazing place to study, live and experience!

Poala would recommend studying at Lexis Byron Bay, and says that it is a good school with great teachers. She likes the diversity of nationalities among the students, allowing them to not only learn English, but also to learn about other customs, foods and behaviours from across the world. She enjoys the activities available for the students each afternoon, with her favourites including Coffee Lounge, Surfing, Table Tennis and Skateboarding. Paola also believes having the onsite accommodation attached is a big plus too, as there are often Australian people living there which enables students to speak with and learn from the locals.


We hope you continue to enjoy your time in Byron Bay and Australia, and are very happy to have you as part of the Lexis Family in Byron Bay! 🙂



Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE and English plus Surfing in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach.

New Starters! April 26

This week we have four new students at Lexis Byron Bay. Welcome to LucasPedro  Natsumi and Marina!


Lucas is from Brazil and is an artist. He completed a Graphics Design course and works as an Illustrator and Tattoo Artist. He came to Australia because it always seemed like a great place to visit, and was drawn to the beach at Byron Bay. Lucas hopes to extend his student visa to study an Arts course in painting and other new techniques.

Pedro is from Brazil and worked as an Electrical Engineer. He enjoys exercising every day and loves to cook, and is hoping to get some work in a restaurant, bakery or coffee shop during his time here. He came to Australia because he thinks it is an amazing country and he has some friends living in the area who are enjoying the great Byron lifestyle! Pedro hopes to become fluent in English and possibly apply to study at a Cooking College or similar.

Natsumi is from Japan and grew up in Amami-ohshima, an island off the south of Japan. She is the youngest in her family of six. Natsumi studied Sports Science and enjoys going for walks, reading books and watching movies.

Marina is from Switzerland and is living in a small village called Saas-Fee. There are no cars are allowed in the village and she prefers the clean air of the village compared to living in a larger town or city. She used to work as a Sales Assistant before but now enjoys her job as a waitress in the tourist town. Marina is in Australia for just six weeks and after her four weeks with Lexis she plans to do some travelling up the east coast.


We hope you all enjoy your time in Byron Bay with the Lexis family!


Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE and English plus Surfing in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach.

Coffee Club!

This afternoon Iara from Brazil and Minato from Japan joined me for Coffee Club. While enjoying coffee and Tim Tams, we chatted about different topics such as skydiving, Australian hospitality, BBQs and popular food in our countries. It was a good opportunity to get to know each other better and practice speaking and listening. Thanks for joining me, Iara and Minato!

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Iara and Minato

Graduation! February 5

We have 7 students graduating from Lexis Byron Bay this week – Renata, Fabian, Raphael, Abraham, Estella, Amanda and Ana.

Renata Christina Pinheiro Sales from Brazil has been here for 13 weeks and graduates at Advanced level. Alongside her studies she has also worked as a manager for the student accommodation during her time here. Her teacher Paul says she has an excellent command of English and has shown herself to be incredibly competent across all skill areas. We wish you all the best for the future, Renata!



Fabian Stolz from Switzerland has been studying with us for 4 weeks and his teacher Claudia describes him as a conscientious student who has worked hard to improve his English. Now Fabian will spend the next few months travelling in Australia and Asia before he returns home to Switzerland. Enjoy your travels, Fabian!



Raphael Dos Santos Tavares from Brazil has been at Lexis for almost a year and since starting in Elementary, he has transformed into a confident English speaker. He has been a very popular student amongst the staff and other students and he has made many friends during his time here. His teacher Kathleen says he has participated well in class with a great sense of humour and she described him as respectful, helpful and friendly. We will all miss you, Raphael, keep in touch!


Yvonne and Raphael

Abraham Munoz Arco from Spain has been at Lexis for 12 weeks and his teacher Melinda says she has seen a big improvement in all skill areas, especially his reading and writing. He is a very motivated student and he always participates well and shares his opinions in class. In addition, he is always a very smiley and friendly face around school and this is something we will miss about you, Abraham! Abraham will now stay in Byron for another month to work.


Teacher Kristy and Abraham

Estella Barreal Rodriguez is also from Spain and has also been studying for 12 weeks. She graduates today from the Intermediate class and her teach Claudia says she has worked hard to improve her English skills. Estella has had a busy time in Byron Bay because as well as studying and enjoying life here, she also has a job. We wish you lots of luck for the future, Estella!


Estella and teacher Claudia

Amanda Correa Campos is from Brazil and she has spent the last 8 weeks at Lexis Byron Bay. She has really enjoyed her time with her host family and at school she has worked hard to progress to Intermediate level. Her teacher Claudia says she has been a pleasure to teach. Good luck for the future, Amanda!


Claudia and Amanda