Happy Student – Tito!


Tito is from Switzerland – the small village of Malvaglia. He arrived in Byron Bay 6 months ago and enrolled at Lexis, starting in the Upper Intermediate class. After several months studying General English, he went travelling round Australia in his van, with friends he had met at Lexis. He traveled down the East Coast, into the outback and finally to Sydney, before returning to Byron. He is now knuckling down to study for his Cambridge Advanced Qualification. Tito has become part of the furniture here at Lexis Byron Bay; you will often find him waxing his surfboard, skulking around reception looking for Tim Tams or involved in a heated table tennis match. Tito is a fantastic student and a pleasure to have at school, he is loved by fellow students and teachers alike.

I decided to interview Tito to find out a bit more about his experience here.

Why did you choose Byron Bay?

I chose Byron because I didn’t want to live in a big town with all the hustle and bustle – I wanted to live in a small town – here with the waves I can find peace, enjoying the sunny weather and the fresh sea air. I think I would to define Byron Bay as an open minded and multi-cultural place.


What were your weaknesses in English before you came to Australia?

I was a little bit rusty in everything concerning grammar – for this reason it was essential to go on a formal English course. Being here for 6 months, using the language has become natural – I think it is a process which takes time, but you can really see your improvements by being fully immersed in a situation where the use of this language is required.


Tell me about your teachers and your classes.

I have been enrolled in upper intermediate and then advanced, where I had the opportunity to meet the amazing teachers Claudia and Josie – Claudia is an extremely knowledgeable teacher and I liked her way of explaining a lot of grammar rules which before were difficult for me to understand. Whereas Josie is the most motivating teacher that I have ever had and it’s a great pleasure to learn such a challenging syllabus with a teacher who makes it seem so easy and enjoyable.

What is it like living in our onsite Accommodation?

It’s an extremely comfortable and familiar place to live – there is a very sociable environment, it is very easy to make friends and as soon as you arrive you become part of the onsite family. It is always possible to go out of your room and hang around in the common area, seeing all of your friends. Since my arrival I’ve met a lot of gregarious people with whom I have organised many dinners, for example the Easter Sunday dinner where almost all the residents (50 people) cooked delicious dishes to share in a friendly and pleasant environment. Many students from around the world made different dishes from their home countries. I made a pizza from scratch, inspired by my Swiss Italian heritage – so tasty.


What is your favourite activity that we run here?

The most attractive activity is undoubtedly the table tennis tournament, where only the student with the best skills can win the title and of course the beer. It is always full of cheering crowds, the competition gets very heated. Romain is better than me, so he usually wins, but I win second place, which is also an impressive accolade. Don’t worry if you think you are not going to win, we will still share the beer with you!

What are your favourite things to do in Byron?

Most days I enjoy spending my time at the beach, surfing, sunbathing and playing beach games such as Frisbee and Volleyball. It is wonderful to live and study right on the beach. I will never forget the time when a dolphin passed right under my surfboard, what a breathtaking moment! I often see dolphins when surfing, during the Summer it is as common as seeing bushturkeys. You also can’t leave Byron without experiencing the nightlife of this delightful town; Sticky Wicket, Lala land, The Rails and of course Cheeky Monkey’s are all lovely pubs/clubs where you can meet local people and share drinks and great discussions with your friends. A warning though: Do not abuse alcohol; otherwise you will pay the consequences the next day at school!



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Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE and English plus Surfing in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach.

Swiss Cooking – Classic Cheese Fondue

We had the ever-popular Swiss Cooking activity this afternoon.


Claudia had nine students at start of the hour as she took charge of Yvonne’s classic Cheese Fondue recipe. However, by the time I went down to the kitchen to take some photos, there were a lot more students enjoying a dip. Everyone really enjoyed it, even those who’d never tasted fondue before. And DK said that since it contained schapps and wine, nobody would be able to do any homework tonight!




Two of the students took the recipe home so they could make it again at the weekend. And here it is it below in case you want to try it out at home.

Cheese Fondue


600g shredded cheese (50/50 Gruyere and Emmental)

I garlic clove

A third of a bottle of white wine

3 teaspoon of cornflour

3 small glasses kirsch

Ground pepper and nutmeg to taste



Rub a heavy saucepan or fondue pot with the split garlic clove.

Dissolve the cornstarch in the kirsch.

Put the cheese and wine into the pan and slowly bring to a boil, stirring constantly.

When the cheese is completely melted, add the kirsch and cornflour mixture, stirring vigourously.

Continue to cook and season to taste with pepper and nutmeg.

Serve over an alcohol lamp or candle plate warmer so the cooking can continue on a low heat.

Now enjoy by dipping in small pieces of bread, meat or vegetables speared on a fondue fork.

Keep stirring with your bread as you dip.

Enjoy 🙂


English and Cooking – Okonomi Yaki


This week, Sammy’s English and Cooking Options Class made some delicious Japanese pancakes called Okonomi Yaki. The pancakes are filled with seafood and vegetables and covered with a delicious sauce.


The finished product


Satoru cooking the pancake


Sangwoo, Minami and Fumika


Minami and Fumika

Goodbye Grant (sob sob)

In some ways it only seems like five minutes since Grant joined the Lexis team in January,  in other ways it seems like he’s been here forever.

One thing is certain – we will miss him next week when he is gone. As our students know Grant is from California and he started working at Lexis Byron Bay in January on a Working Holiday visa. Unfortunately, this means that he can only work for the same employer for six months so, apart from a few weeks in July when he’ll be back to work with  our surfing juniors, this is goodbye. 🙁


Grant cooking his famous Mexican BBQ

Grant has provided awesome (one of his favourite words) student and administrative support throughout his time at Lexis and also run some fabulous activities. He has got students making animals noises, singing karaoke and doing salsa and has presided over some extremely competitive games of ping pong, soccer, volleyball and poker. He also proved to be a super chef when he created a delicious Mexican BBQ.

Here in the office, we will miss his sarcasm, his competitiveness and his loud shirts and I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say “don’t be a stranger.”

To find out a little more about Grant and his strange hobbies, take a look at one of his first ever posts from January this year, where he introduces himself to you all.


Goodbye and good luck Grant. Missing you already!


Today we say Goodbye to Camila! For Now…


Our Upper Intermediate class saying Good Bye to Camila!

Today at Lexis Byron Bay we say goodbye to a very lovely student who has been with us for 6 months. We caught up with Camila and asked her a few questions.

IMG_6924Camila – 24 weeks – Brazil – Upper Intermediate

What are your plans now that you are finished here at Lexis?

I’m going to stay in Byron Bay and work and hang out and then I am actually coming back to Lexis to do a Cambridge course in a few months.

unnamed (6)

On a Bush Walk

How did you like the last 6 months at school?

It was perfect. I couldn’t speak one word at first and now I can hold conversations.

What was your favourite part?

Meeting all of the other students from around the world and making friends. Also learning about all of the other cultures from those other people.


Camila at Orientation her first day!

What advice would you give to incoming students?

Try to just speak English. Go outside the school and learn about real Australian Culture. Try the food and see places and meet the people. Travel as much as possible.

We are all very sad to see Camila leave but luckily she will be coming back to improve her English even more and we are all looking forward to her return!



Upper-Intermediate Students Search for Abstract Nouns

Josie’s Upper-Intermediate class went on an excursion today to find examples of abstract nouns derived from common adjectives. After taking and presenting photo which they felt illustrated the noun, the class voted for best. The two winners were “Happiness” by Pablo and Vitor and “Solitude” by Isaac and Andrew.

Creativity - Miguel and Samira

Creativity – Miguel and Samira

Art - Isaac and Andrew

Art – Isaac and Andrew

Happiness - Pablo and Vitor

Happiness – Pablo and Vitor

Loyalty - Miguel and Samira

Loyalty – Miguel and Samira

Sadness Isaac and Andrew

Sadness Isaac and Andrew

Sadness - Pablo and Vitor

Sadness – Pablo and Vitor

Solitude - Isaac and Andrew

Solitude – Isaac and Andrew

May Activities Calendar

May 002

Every day between 2pm and 3pm Lexis Byron Bay runs a popular free activity programme for students.

Above is the just-released May calendar. This months we have all the favourites such as Coffee Lounge, Yoga and Sports (garden or beach depending on the weather) as well as guest teachers Flavio (skateboarding) and Daniella (Salsa). We also welcome back Joshee and his slackline.

Then, we’ve got some new indoor activities for as the weather gets cooler: two grammar workshops and a Friday Australian beer tasting session.

Finally, don’t forget Student Night, every fortnight with free drinks, BBQ and music at Aquarius Backpackers.

Real Life English – “excuse me, do you have this in a different colour?”


Fumika and Keiko get ready to practise their shopping skills

Here at Lexis English Byron Bay, we are big believers in teaching and practising functional language.

Today, Kathleen’s Pre-Intermediate class took to the shops to try out phrases they had learned, such as “how much is this, please?”, “can I try this on?” and “does my bum look big in this?”.

Before heading out they prepared a list of questions and request. Then, on returning to class they got into groups to compare experiences and discuss any problems they encountered and what they had learned.


Kathleen’s Pre-Intermediate Class

New Starters 13/10/14


Today we welcome eight new students and three returners.

The new students arriving today were Fabien Chassot, Julia Schider and Larissa Salvisberg from Switzerland, Pascaline Matres from France, Shizuya Morishita, Kazuki Osaka and Yuka Matsuda from Japan and Leonardo Mozart Bicalho Da Cruz Araujo from Brazil.

We also welcome back Solam Kim from Korea, Thomas Syeon from France and Leana Schluep from Switzerland.

Free Activities in July


This July is a great time to visit Byron Bay. It’s quieter, so you can get the best spots on the beach, the whales are out and about, and the Lexis Activity Programme is bigger and better than ever.

This month, in addition to the usual favourites such as BBQ, Yoga, Table Tennis and Movie Screening, we’ve introduced some fantastic new events.

The first of these is the Big Prize Trivia Quiz next Friday (4 July). You’ll need to get yourselves into teams of three or four to answer 10 questions each on Science, Geography, Sports and Music. The team with the most points at the end of all four rounds will win the big prize (to be announced). Plus there will be smaller prizes for individual rounds and bonus questions. Unmissable!!!

Then, on Monday 7 July we have an evening activity; a chance for you to view Australia’s Sky at Night through a powerful telescope, and learn about the stars. If you come from north of the equator, you’ll see that everything is completely different down under. (Please note: You need to sign up in Reception for this activity.)

If you enjoyed June’s Travel Talk with Pierre about Darwin, you’ll be excited to know that he’ll be presenting another one this month; this time about Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef.  For most visitors to Australia, the Great Barrier Reef is an absolute must – now you can find out how to get the most out of this amazing part of the world.

We have lots to offer the serious student of English this month too; including a regular Grammar Workshop each Thursday, Coffee Lounge every second Tuesday and, back by popular demand, two of Paul’s extremely useful Pronunciation Workshops. You can also test both your vocabulary and your drawing skills at the Pictionary Tournament on 22 July!!!

Finally, if food and drink are your thing, we have some excellent activities for you. On Wednesday 2 July, Yvonne will show you how to make your very own authentic Swiss Fondue, and there’ll be plenty of time to sit around the table afterwards and chat while you polish it off. Then, on 23 July, Amy will be the chef, making Raw Chocolate Cupcakes for you to enjoy without feeling guilty. And, later that week, after last month’s very popular beer-tasting activity, she’ll also be taking you through the basics of Wine-Tasting