Coffee Club!

Tuesday’s regular Coffee Club activity continues to be a great source of laughter, conversations and, of course, Tim Tams!


Uno is normally the game of choice, but in recent weeks we’ve also enjoyed some jenga with questions and general chit chat.

It’s always a fun-filled hour, especially when Eric is there providing entertainment with his singing and silliness!


One week soon we’ll be switching the coffee for ice cream; more of a treat for this beautiful warm summer weather!

Coffee Club is every Tuesday at 11.30am and 2pm ūüôā Hope to see you there!

Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE and English plus Surfing and Yoga in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach


Graduation!! 27 October

This week we say a sad farewell to 11 lovely students.

Elementary – Teacher: Michelle

Reo and Kento, both from Japan, leave the Elementary class this week.

Reo was only at Lexis for 8 weeks but his progress has been outstanding. When her arrived at school he found it very difficult to have even the most basic conversation but now he is able to talk to anybody! Michelle said that they will miss his smiley face in class and hope that he can find a fun job in Australia and enjoy the rest of his time here.


Kento was only her in Byron Bay for two weeks, although he was in Lexis Noosa beforehand. Michelle said that Kento participated well in all activities and his speaking and confidence improved during his short time here. Kento is leaving Byron Bay to start a new job on the Gold Coast.


Pre-Intermediate 1 – Teacher: Harriett

Pre-Intermediate 1 say farewell to Fabio (Italy) and Nicole (Switzerland) this week. Both students have been at Lexis for 8 weeks.

Fabio started in Elementary and then moved into Pre-Intermediate after six weeks. His teachers (Michelle and now Harriett) said that he is a very kind person with a great sense of humour. Also, that he had a great attitude to learning and participated in all the class conversations.

Nicole’s teachers said that she is very friendly and easy to converse with. In particular, her English speaking and pronunciation are excellent and she shows great enthusiasm for learning. Nicole will now be travelling in Australia so will have plenty of opportunity to practice the English she’s learned.



Pre-Intermediate 2 – Teacher: Adrienne

Three students are leaving Pre-Intermediate 2 this week: Lucio and Alessandra from Brazil and Fabio from Switzerland. All three students studied at Lexis Byron Bay for four weeks.

Adrienne praised Alessandra for her contributions in class and her ability to self-correct. She also said that she is a great language learner because she is not shy to try to give an answer or read out a sentence and always keen to learn. Alessandra will definitely be missed from the class.

Mario, Alessandra’s husband, leaves with grade “A” despite finding the class speaking activities quite difficult at first. Adrienne said that she is very impressed with his progress and knows that he will continue to sail forward.

Fabio was described as easy-going and fun to have in the classroom and Adrienne said she would be sad to lose him from the class. He always had something to contribute and asked great questions. He also graduates with a grade “A”.



Intermediate 2 – Teacher: Kathleen

Kathleen’s class loses two students this week. Svetlana from Switzerland, who has been at Lexis for eight weeks and Fuku from Japan, who has only been here for two.

Svetlana’s grammar knowledge improved significantly during her time at the school and she graduates with a “A” grade (meaning she scored 84% or more on her last four weekly tests). Kathleen said that it was a pleasure to have her in class because of her excellent participation and her strong conversational skills.

As for Fuko, even though she has only been at Lexis for two weeks, she has made a big impression. Kathleen said that her grammar and vocabulary knowledge were great and that she has been able to communicate really well and fluently with all her classmates. All the class enjoyed hearing about some of her life experiences!!!




Upper Intermediate – Teacher: Claudia

The Upper Intermediate class is losing the lovely Unai, this week. Unai, from Spain has been at Lexis for four weeks and has been a conscientious student who has participated very well in class. Claudia said his contributions and enthusiasm really added to the dynamics of the class and that they all wished him the very best for the future.

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CAE – Teacher: Josie

Pascale leaves CAE this week after 8 weeks at Lexis Byron Bay. Although Pascale hadn’t initially signed up for CAE, her placement test showed her to be perfect for this exam preparation class and the exam. Josie said that her command of the English language is very good and she has proved herself to be very competent across all skill areas. She has also been a cheerful, engaged and conscientious student, who Josie said has been a pleasure to teach. Pascale will take her CAE examination in Melbourne, while she is travelling and we wish her all the best.


Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE and English plus Surfing or Yoga in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach.

Lighthouse Photo Scavenger Hunt! August 26

This afternoon the students set off into the sunshine on a Scavenger Hunt! They got into teams of 2 or 3 and were given two lists of items to find around Byron Bay. The first list included items relevant to their afternoon Options class and the second were general items around Byron Bay. The first team back for each class who had completed their Options class list won a 6-pack of beer, and the team back first with both lists complete won a Kayaking Trip each from BWT!

The winning team from Ellie’s Mixed Skills class was Maria, Yuki and Priscilla.

winning team ellies class - yukimariapriscilla

They won a 6-pack of beer for being the first team back with their Options Class list completed! In class they are studying¬†‘Health and Fitness’ this week, so their list of items reflected what they have been learning. They¬†completed items on the list such as¬†a photo¬†of a team member doing the “Usain Bolt” pose in a shop that sells sports clothes,¬†a selfie with a person who looks like they exercise regularly¬†(though they are not sure he understood why they wanted a photo with him!), a photo with a beach towel that is bigger than the smallest team member,¬†a photo of team members doing yoga poses in the park, and¬†a photo of a team member showing three products which help us stay safe in the sun.

Paul’s Speak like a Native class had a very efficient team win¬†the beer¬†after completing the class list!

winning team Pauls class - julianomaria

Juliano and Maria were very quick (and rather puffed out on their return) and completed their list by getting photos of Aussie slang words, for example, of a team member holding a pair of “Budgy Smugglers”, a photo of a “Hot Chick” and a “Hot Bloke”, a photo of the “Meat Pie Menu” and a photo of a tube of “Zinc Cream” at the Chemist.

The winning team from Becky’s Film and Music class was Vanessa, Leticia and Momoko.

winning team beckys class - leticiamomokovanessa

They were the quickest team in their class to complete the items on their class list which were about Film, Music and Australiana, including getting photos of the two video shops in Byron Bay, a shop where you can buy records, a video of a busker, a photo of Aboriginal Art, a photo of a team member holding a boomerang and an example of Aboriginal language.

The winners of the BIG prize, for completing both the class list AND the general list were Richard and Emiko!

overall winner - emiko richard

After completing the list from Paul’s class by getting photos of “snags”, a carton of Coopers Pale Ale (beer) at the “bottlo”, and the “bouncer” at Beach Hotel, just to name a few, they then completed the general list too! This included getting a selfie at the Lighthouse, photos of the most easterly point of Australia, a photo using the barbecue at Wategos Beach, a photo of the waves at The Pass, a selfie at the Lexis English school sign and a photo of them doing a surf pose in front of BWT!


Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE and English plus Surfing in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach.

New Starters! August 22

We have ten new starters this week at Lexis Byron Bay.


New starters (left to right): Jain, Kazumi, Elisabeth, Denise, Antoine, Caterina, Laetitia, Angela, Mariko and Natsumi

Laetitia is from Switzerland and is one of four in her family, including her mother, father and older sister. She likes to spend time with her friends and family, listen to music and go horesriding. She has just completed her studies at Business School and hopes to work in tourism. She chose to study with Lexis Byron Bay to improve her English and because she has always dreamt of visiting Australia.

Jain is from Korea and lives with her close-knit family of her mother, father, grandmother and sister. She is interested in religion and studies management at university, at the School of Christianity. She enjoys playing musical instruments, including the piano, guitar and violin. She is interested in working in Management for Developing Countries in the future, and needs to be able to communicate with foreigners. She came to Lexis Byron Bay so she could improve her English to achieve this goal.

Antoine is from Belgium and is one of five in his family, including his two older brothers. He likes playing soccer, guitar, surfing and hanging out with friends. In Belgium he works in the shop that his parents own. Next year, he will be studying at a new school in Holland. Antoine came to Australia to learn English because he enjoys surfing and likes the variety of animals we have here.

Caterina is from Switzerland and is one of four in her family. She has a fantastic sister who she gets along really well with and all of her family are quite sporty. She likes listening to music and practicing circus arts. She is studying English so that she can get into tourism and event work. She plans to also live in the German part of Switzerland to improve this language as well.

Denise is from Brazil and lives with her husband and their pet cat. She is a fashion designer and has a range of homemade accessories, such as necklaces, bracelets and rings, that they make during the week to sell on Saturdays and over the internet. She came to Australia because her husband loves to surf. They travel a lot, so learning English is important to her. She hopes to build a pop-up store to travel her own country selling her fashion accessories.

Natsumi is from Japan and is one of four in her family, including her mother, father and younger sister. She enjoys watching movies and her favourite film is ‘Funny Face’. She studies Psychology at University and finds it very interesting and useful at times. She would like to study English to improve her speaking and listening skills, so that she can communicate with her foreign friends.

Mariko is from Japan and joins us in Byron Bay for the English in Action: Yoga course. She lives with her family of her mother, father, brother and grandmother. She works at a wedding company, welcoming people when they arrive at wedding receptions. She enjoys her work, because the guests are always happy which makes her happy too! She came to study English in Byron Bay to try new things and to have a holiday.

Kazumi is from Japan. She loves being in nature and likes to go for regular surfing and camping trips with her friends. She studied at university  then worked for 3 years as a Web Designer. She then went to Malta to learn English before travelling in Europe. After completing more studies in PHP programming, she got another job as a Web Designer. She has just left that job to come to Australia because she loves travelling and wants to improve her English.

Angela is from Spain and joins us in Byron Bay for the English in Action: Yoga course.

Elisabeth is from Spain and transferred here from Lexis Brisbane.


Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE and English plus Surfing in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach.