Last month we had a group of TAP students here with us at Lexis Byron Bay – this is our Teen Activity Programme that includes 4 surf lessons a week alongside 15 hours of English lessons.

I asked each of the students to tell me a little bit about their experience and their thoughts on the school, surf lessons and Byron Bay!

Francois, the youngest of our TAP students at just 13, said:

‘the age gap between myself and my classmates was never a problem; we all got on great and everyone made a huge effort to make me feel welcome. All of the staff at Lexis were excellent, so friendly and happy to help. My teacher Mel was brilliant; our lessons were the best kind of lessons as they combined work and fun, and I really enjoyed being Mel’s teaching assistant! I have loved my time at Lexis and in Byron Bay and would recommend the school for anyone wanting to improve their English. I also really enjoyed the surfing; everything was well organised and all the instructors were funny and great surfers!’

Let's Go Surfing 004


Ferran studied with us at Lexis last year and had such a great time he decided to return again this year! He said:

‘I love Byron and it was great to come back and study at Lexis again; it’s a really good place to learn and make new friends. My teacher Claudia was so friendly and helpful.

I’ve surfed a lot before and done the surfing programme last year with Lexis, but Let’s Go Surfing were able to adapt the lessons to my level so I still found them useful and fun!’


Nicolo, 17 from Italy, said:

‘Everyone at Lexis is so friendly and helpful. I’ve had such a great time and it now feels like home to me. My teacher Kristy is such a good teacher, she was always so patient and if there was anything you didn’t understand she would stay with you until you did. I really enjoyed the surf lessons too, Byron Bay is an amazing place for it!’


Zoe, 15 from France, says:

‘Lexis is a very nice place to learn English and meet people from everywhere. My teacher Josie was very funny and nice; she would always take the time to explain anything we didn’t understand. I’m going to miss her! It’s so great that we’re free to come to school or not, but we want to come! The surf lessons were really cool too; the teachers were always smiling and joking, but also really careful’


Isaure, 16 from France, said:

‘Lexis is a great school, I have spent a very good time here. Even though I miss home I’m very sad to be leaving this place. I really like that you get to meet people from all countries of all generations, there’s a great mix here. Our teacher Josie was really good and I always enjoyed our class activities; it’s a fun and cool way to learn English. I will definitely recommend Lexis to friends, it’s a really nice place and I’ve had a lot of good moments here. I especially liked that I was able to learn surfing and English at the same time. I really enjoyed my surf lessons, the teachers are really friendly and we had choice over our board, where to surf… Thanks for everything!’


Beatrice, 18 from Italy, said:

‘I love this time in Byron, my host family was really good, and I want to come back again! Thanks for everything!’


Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE and English plus Surfing and Yoga in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach.

TAP Residential Surf Campers Explore The Broken Head Nature Reserve

photo 3

When asked if anyone wanted to go swimming they all said it was too cold. So instead we went and explored the Broken Head Nature Reserve! The boys had fun playing in the sand and hiking through the reserve!

photo 1 photo 2

TAP’s Residential Surf Campers go Exploring!


Today we went for a little adventure to see some of the surf spots around Byron and to learn a bit more about surfing. We even hiked to a secluded beach and to the light house and saw some dolphins and even whales!!!


The boys looking for whales and just seeing Mirko’s tongue!

At the Light house the boys got some Ice Cream and were on the hunt for whales and dolphins. It was a long hike with a lot of stairs and we even went to the most easterly part of all of Australia! We watched a few pods of dolphins playing and saw some whales breach and splash their tails!


S for Surfing!

At little Watego’s the boys posed for some pictures at a beautiful beach on a great sunny day!


Adventuring around Little Watego’s!


Break Time!

We stopped in at the local surf shop C-Skins and the manager Tom told the boys about surfing and surfboards! They even had some time to do a little shopping as well!


The boys learning about boards from Tom, manager of our local shop C-Skins!


Rodolphe and Yuki striking poses!

It was a great day and the boys had a lot of fun!