Happy Class!! Cambridge Advanced English (CAE) with teacher Josie.

Our Cambridge classes have just wrapped up and finished their exams ready to enjoy summer in Australia.

Josie’s CAE class were a very studious bunch, with 7/11 students maintaining 100% attendance for the entire 12 week course.

They didn’t just study though. They also made the most of being in beautiful Byron Bay and, before they left, Josie asked them all to write a paragraph detailing what they loved best about their temporary home in Australia.

The unedited paragraphs are below and, judging by these, all the students will hopefully have done very well in their final exams.

Josie class

Yves– My time here in Byron Bay has been absolutely awesome! Lexis English school is a super professional place to learn English. The town has a lot to offer, especially the restaurants and the nightlife, which never disappoints. What’s better than having a chicken burger at Main Street Burger Bar!
Most of the time we started the night at the Beach Hotel before dancing to great techno sounds at Locura. Byron Bay is definitely a place I would recommend to everyone. Such a fantastic place just to relax and soak up positive vibes.

Sara – What I can’t get enough of is Tallow Beach. I’ll always remember the first time I saw it: white, as an unspoiled sight that makes you unwind. Blue, as the serenity that bursts in you when you walk along it.
When you need some time to come back to your centre after the madness of Byron by night, this awe-inspiring place is what you can’t miss out on.

Tamara – On our first weekend here in Byron Bay we went to Brunswick for a barbecue. It was really relaxing and I was able to have a chat with everyone and get to know them better. Great start to a new chapter of life. Byron Bay has been fantastic.
Not only did I meet great people with whom I had an incredible time and hope to stay in contact with after we leave, but also it became a second home. I stayed in a charming house with a breathtaking view over Byron Bay, a picture I will always remember.
Ther are lots of things I’m going to miss after I leave. Byron Bay is a lovely town with plenty of charismatic little cafes.

Francesco – Byron Bay is one of the most vibrant towns along the east coast. What I loved the most was Tallow Beach. Going for a wander or just lazing, soaking up the sun, gives you a sense of incredible peace.
It’s easy to bump into people, most of the time travellers, and getting to know different aspects of different traditions.

Juhee – Byron Bay has been a breath of fresh air in my life. There are lots of stunning beaches where I have been, soaking up the sun. I don’t know how many times I saw dolphins in the ocean! It was such an unforgettable experience.
Everything, such as the weather and people, makes me feel over the moon. Honestly, I don’t want to leave this paradise. I’m completely sure that I will miss this most charming place in the world.

Celine – My best way to start a typical day in Byron is to have a refreshing swim while I’m soaking up the early morning sun. Then, the place I like the most to have a delicious acai bowl is the eco-friendly Top Shop cafe, which is the meeting point for every Australian.
If I’m searching for a quiet and relaxing spot to chill out, I definitely go to the beach while having a mouth-watering ice cream. Because it’s extremely challenging to make up my mind to choose a flavour, I usually go with the one that catches my eye.
My favourite activity in the evening is unwinding with the talented musician who plays on the grass.

Florian – The lighthouse is definitely the place I prefer to go in Byron Bay. Even though it is quite challenging to get there, the view is worth the effort. Either for sunrise or sunset, the outlook is certainly breathtaking. Since my first time at the beginning of my trip, I’ve been on cloud nine every single time I reach it!

Sarah – Not only did I have the time of my life here in Byron, but I’m going to miss a lot of things for sure. Apart from the golden beaches, where I spent most of my time, I’ll miss the lighthouse, which is the most beautiful place to watch the sunset.
What also is fantastic is the town itself. I fell for the countless gorgeous and delicious cafes and the bustling and vibrant vibe in the evenings when you find live music around every corner.
Byron and the people here made me feel right at home and I’ll definitely come back!

Chloe – No sooner did I set foot in Byron that it’s relaxing vibes enveloped me and I immediately felt at home. Not only was I delighted by the heavenly food of the local farmers market as well as the charming restaurants in town, but I was also over the moon to discover the awesome music in the streets.
I would strongly recommend this lively little town, where you can wander and go with the flow to enjoy everything this place has to offer.

Eva – This experience has been a breath of fresh air in my life. I didn’t have a clue that it could bring me so many memorable moments.
Byron Bay is a spectacular village surrounded by incredible beaches, where you can play it by ear and discover yourself!
From running to the lighthouse at dawn to drinking beer with your friends enjoying the music in any charming place. Byron is full of amazing spots that will leave you speechless.

Josie class 2



Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE, and English plus Surfing and Yoga in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach.

Happy Class!! First Certificate of English (FCE) with teacher Kathleen.

Our Cambridge classes are in their twelfth and final week and will be sitting their exams next week. They’ve learned a lot of new vocabulary during the course and done a lot of writing practise. Plus, they’ve also, we hope, had a magical time in beautiful Byron Bay.

To put all of this together, the FCE class teacher, Kathleen, had her students write a review of  Byron Bay, using some of the phrasal verbs, fixed expressions, collocations and adjectives they had learned in class.

Stefan – When I arrived in Byron Bay nearly 3 months ago, I had some expectations. Most of them came true as I was fascinated by all the laid back people here and it was very welcoming. The beach was very clean and the sand was so fine like I had never felt before. Unfortunately, the wind was blowing too fiercely but that was the only negative thing.
I was really keen on the gorgeous sunsets and sunrise, and the best places to see them are the lighthouse and the water tower.


Aline – Byron Bay is one of my favourite places in the world because the atmosphere here is really relaxing. Furthermore, the locals here are laid-back, for instance, if you need help they come up with a solution.
For me, the most breathtaking activity was sky diving which was spectacular and I’m looking forward to doing it again.
A thing that you need to take up here is surfing because Byron has fantastic waves at the beach.


Ivan – Imagine endless beaches with white sand and crystal clear water: welcome to Byron Bay! If you like an easy-going lifestyle (and cheerful people) you should visit this little town.
The lighthouse is about a 30-minute walk away from the centre but when you finally reach the top with the stunning view you will never want to go back.


Romy – Since I have arrived here in Byron Bay, I have been able to do a lot of thrilling and breathtaking things. I have taken up some new activities. I tried out skydiving, which was wicked, diving, which was fascinating, and finally, I have been going about 3 times a week to yoga which is peaceful for me.
But what do I love most about Byron Bay? It’s surely the picturesque sunrises and sunsets. Doing a late afternoon walk to the lighthouse and watching from there the most scenic view for the sunset, it’s just fantastic. As a result, it has become my favourite activity.
Above all, my experiences and time here in Byron Bay are unforgettable!

Quentin – After spending 3 months in Byron Bay, which is an absolutely fantastic place, I just want to say thank you! What a thrilling journey. So many good moments shared with gorgeous people and so many beautiful meetings.
This place is definitely so welcoming and relaxing if you need to chill out and take time for yourself. This personal and social experience will be absolutely unforgettable.


Naoki – What makes me satisfied in Byron? It’s Byron Bay’s gorgeous beach. Honestly, I hadn’t been to such nature before coming here. When I looked at the view from Main Beach to the lighthouse for the first time, it was impressive for me.
I really wonder if I could stay here for longer and have more time to chill out!


Anouck – An incredible experience! I think my experience in Byron Bay was the best in my life. I met a lot of amazing people here. In the afternoon after school, I would spend a lot of time with friends. We sometimes went to the beach or go to a cafe to drink something. On the weekends, I did a lot of different things. I went camping to Yamba with the school, I went to the Gold Coast with friends, or simply did some thrilling things in Byron.
I will take back to Switzerland amazing memories of my 3 months here because I had the chance to do my open water diving license and to see captivating animals like turtles, sharks, and rays.
My expectation was to improve my English and I did it, so I’m satisfied!


Elena – I can just say, as soon as I arrived in Byron, I fell in love with this place! My first impression of Byron was very relaxing, welcoming, and peaceful.
There are a lot of exciting things you can do here, for example surfing at the gorgeous beaches or enjoying a coffee or ice cream in a cosy cafe in town.
Also, a very impressive moment was to watch these breathtaking sunrises or sunsets, for example at the picturesque Tallow Beach.
It’s sad to leave but I will come back that’s for sure!


Ramona – I fell in love the first moment I arrived in Byron Bay. When we drove into the town I could hear the fascinating street musicians and my first view was of the Balcony. Before I had just a picture in my head and now I am here. Afterwards, I met my lovely family and I felt welcomed.
There are a lot of exciting things that you can do in Byron Bay. However, my favourite activity was when I went running twice a week to the beach in the morning and watched the breathtaking sunrise.
I am grateful for every moment here and Byron Bay will be my second home.


Stephan – my first impression of Byron was really marvellous, especially browsing the fascinating alleys. The school was welcoming and I felt completely at home. I made a lot of new friends and there are many exciting or relaxing activities in Byron. For me, I got totally into surfing and went almost every day.
Byron pulls i many people for parties as well so it wasn’t unusual to go out three times a week.
Overall it was an absolutely unforgettable experience I had in Byron.



Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE and English plus Surfing and Yoga in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach.

Happy Student – Tito!


Tito is from Switzerland – the small village of Malvaglia. He arrived in Byron Bay 6 months ago and enrolled at Lexis, starting in the Upper Intermediate class. After several months studying General English, he went travelling round Australia in his van, with friends he had met at Lexis. He traveled down the East Coast, into the outback and finally to Sydney, before returning to Byron. He is now knuckling down to study for his Cambridge Advanced Qualification. Tito has become part of the furniture here at Lexis Byron Bay; you will often find him waxing his surfboard, skulking around reception looking for Tim Tams or involved in a heated table tennis match. Tito is a fantastic student and a pleasure to have at school, he is loved by fellow students and teachers alike.

I decided to interview Tito to find out a bit more about his experience here.

Why did you choose Byron Bay?

I chose Byron because I didn’t want to live in a big town with all the hustle and bustle – I wanted to live in a small town – here with the waves I can find peace, enjoying the sunny weather and the fresh sea air. I think I would to define Byron Bay as an open minded and multi-cultural place.


What were your weaknesses in English before you came to Australia?

I was a little bit rusty in everything concerning grammar – for this reason it was essential to go on a formal English course. Being here for 6 months, using the language has become natural – I think it is a process which takes time, but you can really see your improvements by being fully immersed in a situation where the use of this language is required.


Tell me about your teachers and your classes.

I have been enrolled in upper intermediate and then advanced, where I had the opportunity to meet the amazing teachers Claudia and Josie – Claudia is an extremely knowledgeable teacher and I liked her way of explaining a lot of grammar rules which before were difficult for me to understand. Whereas Josie is the most motivating teacher that I have ever had and it’s a great pleasure to learn such a challenging syllabus with a teacher who makes it seem so easy and enjoyable.

What is it like living in our onsite Accommodation?

It’s an extremely comfortable and familiar place to live – there is a very sociable environment, it is very easy to make friends and as soon as you arrive you become part of the onsite family. It is always possible to go out of your room and hang around in the common area, seeing all of your friends. Since my arrival I’ve met a lot of gregarious people with whom I have organised many dinners, for example the Easter Sunday dinner where almost all the residents (50 people) cooked delicious dishes to share in a friendly and pleasant environment. Many students from around the world made different dishes from their home countries. I made a pizza from scratch, inspired by my Swiss Italian heritage – so tasty.


What is your favourite activity that we run here?

The most attractive activity is undoubtedly the table tennis tournament, where only the student with the best skills can win the title and of course the beer. It is always full of cheering crowds, the competition gets very heated. Romain is better than me, so he usually wins, but I win second place, which is also an impressive accolade. Don’t worry if you think you are not going to win, we will still share the beer with you!

What are your favourite things to do in Byron?

Most days I enjoy spending my time at the beach, surfing, sunbathing and playing beach games such as Frisbee and Volleyball. It is wonderful to live and study right on the beach. I will never forget the time when a dolphin passed right under my surfboard, what a breathtaking moment! I often see dolphins when surfing, during the Summer it is as common as seeing bushturkeys. You also can’t leave Byron without experiencing the nightlife of this delightful town; Sticky Wicket, Lala land, The Rails and of course Cheeky Monkey’s are all lovely pubs/clubs where you can meet local people and share drinks and great discussions with your friends. A warning though: Do not abuse alcohol; otherwise you will pay the consequences the next day at school!



Happy Student – Tito! | Lexis | Byron Bay Blog

Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE and English plus Surfing in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach.

End of Cambridge BBQ! November 25

After three months of studying very hard, the Cambridge course has come to an end! It feels like only yesterday we were welcoming the Cambridge students on their first day. Many friends have been made and lots of English learnt over the past three months and we will be sad to say goodbye to this group.

In addition to the Cambridge students leaving, we have 16 students finishing up their General English courses today too. This gave us all the more reason to come together for an Aussie BBQ celebration and what a lovely day it was. 🙂








Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE and English plus Surfing in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach.

Graduation! October 14

We have four students finishing at Lexis Byron Bay this week: Carla, Maria, Alessa and Lucia.


Carla is  from Spain and graduates from Iruka’s Intermediate class. She has been an exceptional student who has worked hard to achieve great results. In class  she has been enthusiastic, helpful and respectful to other students. Outside of class she has worked well on homework and self-study, and is described as a model student by her teacher! Carla plans to enjoy another couple of weeks in Byron Bay before heading to back Spain, but hopes to return to Australia in the next few years to continue learning and practicing her English. We look forward to seeing you back here Carla!


Maria is from Spain and graduates from Claudia and Ellie’s Upper Intermediate class. She is a lovely student to have in class, with an enthusiastic and dynamic personality that always lifts the class atmosphere. She contributes very well in class and has shown herself to be a dedicated and intelligent student. Maria has worked hard during her time here and has improved her English in all areas. She will be in Byron Bay for a few more weeks before travelling in Australia and possibly doing some more studies. You will be missed in the Lexis Family but we hope you enjoy the rest of your time in Australia!


Alessa is from Switzerland and graduates from Kathleen’s Intermediate class. She has been at Lexis Byron Bay for just two weeks, on the English in Action – Surfing course. In class she made a positive impact, with her lovely nature putting other students at ease and encouraging them to speak. This enabled her to get lots of speaking and listening practice, which resulted in great improvements in these skills. She is a quick learner, picking up and using the new grammar and vocabulary taught in class. After learning English in the mornings, she spent most of her afternoons learning how to surf the famous Byron Bay beaches! Alessa now has two months of travel around Australia planned before going back home. Enjoy exploring more of Australia!


Lucia is from Slovakia and graduates from Paul’s CAE Advanced class. She showed great aptitude for the English language and, with just four weeks at Lexis, she studied for two weeks each in the Upper Intermediate and Advanced (CAE) classes. She now plans to do some travel while figuring out her next step – possibly to continue studying English. We wish you all the best for the future – whatever it may hold!



Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE and English plus Surfing in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach.

Meet Ellie’s CAE class!

There are two Cambridge CAE classes that started this week at Lexis Byron Bay. Find out more about the students in Ellie’s CAE class in the beautiful poems below!



Andrea (by Robin)

Andrea is at first sight a deep sleeper

But he’s not lazy, he’s a footballer

In Australia, snakes and sharks are his only fear

To forget them, his has to drown in beer

A good hangout is always good

It makes him happy and in a nice mood.


Caroline (by Pascal)

Tattoed jewellery on her skin

Shows the expression of herself

In the shower, she will sing

Like nobody else.

She’ll find her future husband here, for sure

Blonde long hair, bearded and tattoos

This sounds like a surfer boy, put pure.


Pascal (by Caroline)

Pascal wants to travel so he quit his job

And actually, I think that wasn’t a flop

It was the best thing he did in his life

Maybe, he will meet his wife

You know what’s funny about him?

He can’t remember anything

The weirdest thing when he was drunk?

Yeah, can’t remember, maybe kissed some junk.


Tamara (by Emanuela)

Tamara is afraid not to live her life to the fullest

Determined, she continues to follow her road to the top

Easy going girl, she would be a sea animal to swim underwater

And breathes the ocean that she loves

Tamara has a celebrity crush called Travis Fimmel

At Australian actor that attracts her like the country where she is.


Emanuela (by Tamara)

Emanuela is not afraid too easily

But spiders and snakes

That’s what her biggest fear would be


High up in the sky

If only she had wings to fly

A bird she would love to be

The world from above, she would see


A genuine and open-minded girl

You’ll love from the start

Only Johnny Depp is able to steal her heart.


Patrick (by Belinda)

Peru is a place, he’d love to see

Adventurous, he likes to be

Tries hard and never gives up

Ready, set, go until he’s on top

Inception is his favourite movie

Curious about South America, which he loves to see

Kangaroos and Koalas now surround him, life’s easy.



Belinda (by Patrick)

Bee is her nickname from her South African friend

Eating chocolate makes her feeling happy

Likes paella

I’d love to drink a beer with you

Nepal is her next destination

Dolphin is her favourite animal.




Robin (by Andrea)

Robin would love to be a panda

Obsessed with eating crispy bamboo

Being in love with the beautiful Scarlett Johansson

In fear of spiders, they are not so handsome

Now I instantly stop because this poem is a flop.



David (by Katharine)

Drums, piano, guitar and bass are the instruments that he plays

Always drinks without getting a hangover

Veggie burger isn’t a thing he would order

Interested in sound and light engineering

Dreams about being a meerkat.


Katharina (by David)

Kidney beans, she doesn’t like

Although she likes to sing on her bike

The only thing she wants to do, is be a tree ‘cause of the better view.



Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE and English plus Surfing in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach.

Meet Paul’s CAE class!

We have two Cambridge CAE classes that started this week at Lexis Byron Bay. Read on to meet the seven students in Paul’s CAE class!


Nicole comes from Switzerland. In her free time she likes to go to the gym or hang out with friends. She speaks three languages; German, French and English. Nicole is staying in Byron for three months and would like to learn how to surf. Before she came to Byron, she wasn’t working.

Juliano Castro was originally imported from Brazil. He’s a music lover but not just Samba. He likes every kind of music from classic pop to Jazz. Juliano is always on fire! He speaks English and Spanish and a little bit of Portuguese… but not fluently. No, just kidding, that’s his mother language 🙂 . Nobody knows how long he’s staying in Byron. It’s a mystery. He loves soccer and he’s addicted to the beach. He can surf, which he really enjoys. At home he works as a Building Manager.

Pauline is from Switzerland in her free time she likes to swim to go the beach and to watch movies, especially drama movies. She speaks three languages; German, French and English. She is going to stay for three months. She doesn’t know how to surf but is going to try it soon. Before coming here, she was doing an internship at McDonald’s in the finance department.

Sina is also from Switzerland. In her free time she likes to dive, to do horseriding, go to the beach and do yoga. She speaks German, Italian and English. She is staying in Byron Bay for two months and maybe more. She doesn’t know surfing but she wants to learn. Before she came to Australia she did an apprenticeship as a pharmacist.

Yuka is from Kanagawa, which is next to Toyko in Japan. In her free time she likes to go to the pub and have a beer. Yuka speaks three languages; Japanese, English and Indonesian. She has already spent almost one year in Byron Bay and will stay for another four months. Yuka can surf a little and wants to improve this. Before she came here she work for 15 years as a painter in Japan.

Celine is from Steinhausen in Switzerland. She likes spending time with her friends. She speaks German and English and a little bit of French. She is going to stay in Byron Bay for three months. She can’t surf yet, but would like to learn to while in Byron. Before she came here she was working in a bank in Switzerland.

Morgane comes from Switzerland. In her free time she likes to hang out with friends at the lake, go shopping and do sports like stand-up paddle boarding. She speaks four languages in total. At the moment she can’t surf but she’d like to learn to. Before she came here, she worked at a factory to save money for this trip.



Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE and English plus Surfing in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach.

Welcome New Starters!

We have 42 new starters at Lexis Byron Bay today! The students are starting General English, Cambridge FCE and Cambridge CAE courses.


The students starting the General English course


The students starting Cambridge FCE


The students starting Cambridge CAE

To celebrate the arrival of all our new students, we enjoyed a BBQ in the front garden. Our BBQ Masterchef (and fabulous teacher) Paul cooked up a storm and the students took advantage of the opportunity to meet each other and start practising their English!

We look forward to getting to know you all and hope you have a great time in Byron Bay! 🙂



Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE and English plus Surfing in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach.


Lexis CAE catch-up in Switzerland!

One of our lovely teachers, Julia, is lucky enough to be travelling through Europe at the moment. On her travels, she managed to catch up with a group of her former Lexis CAE students who studied the Cambridge course in Byron Bay.

On Saturday afternoon, she met up with them at the Rote Fabrik (Red Factory), which is a great spot right next to the beautiful Lake of Zurich.

Julia said: “It was really lovely to see everyone and catch up on their news. All the students had such fond memories of their time at Lexis and in Byron Bay. Thanks for coming everyone!”


Front row (left to right): Quentin, Joyce, Martina, Simone, Jessica, Michelle. Back row (left to right): Teacher Julia, Aurelie, Nora, Julia, Raphael, Neil, Till, Geri, Raffi, Jana, Luana, Julien.


Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE and English plus Surfing in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach.


Bye bye Josie

Today everyone is sad to say goodbye to the upper intermediate teacher Josie as she is leaving Australia…don’t worry though, it’s not forever, she is lucky enough to be taking a holiday for two and a half months! Her first stop is Hawaii, then Canada and after that a tour of Europe! She’ll be back refreshed in time for the rush of summer when our CAE and FCE Cambridge classes start up again on the 5th of September. If you want to catch her before she jets off then head to the Railway bar this evening at 6pm where some of the students are going to have a few beers and celebrate the start of the long weekend! And if you don’t know already, there’s a Brazilian party at the Buddha Bar later on this evening so don’t forget your dancing shoes!


End of Cambridge BBQ! June 3

It is a rainy afternoon in Byron Bay but that didn’t stop the Lexis students enjoying the afternoon!


Today is the end of the Cambridge course, so to celebrate we had a great Aussie BBQ in the Student Lounge.


Teacher Paul was the expert BBQ Chef again, and all the students enjoyed feasting on the spread of food while chatting and laughing with their friends.

With some students leaving Byron Bay to travel around Australia or to return home, it was a good opportunity for everyone to reminisce about the great friends and memories made during their time at Lexis Byron Bay.


13349098_10209636660337040_1365863291_n (2)


Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE and English plus Surfing in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach.


Graduation! June 3

Today we have the two Cambridge classes plus two students from General English graduating from Lexis Byron Bay.


Yuka is from Japan and graduates from the Pre-Intermediate class. She was an excellent student, achieving an overall A grade. Yuka will be moving to the Gold Coast to live and work for a few months. Enjoy the rest of your time in Australia!


Saki is from Japan and graduates from the Upper Intermediate class. She was a pleasure to have in class and made great progress with her English. Saki will now be studying to become a Yoga Instructor at a yoga school in Byron Bay. Good luck Saki!


Paul’s FCE class graduates include: Artjan from Switzerland, Federico from Italy, Ayuko from Japan, Audrey from New Caledonia, Andrea from Brazil, Mireia from Spain and Yuka from Japan.


Julia’s CAE class graduates include: Fabian from Switzerland, Santi from Spain, Adri from Andorra, Simone from Italy, Ana from Brazil, Elodie from Switzerland, Ramona from Switzerland, Simone from Switzerland and Jess from Switzerland.

We wish all the Cambridge graduates all the best on their exams next week! 🙂



Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE and English plus Surfing in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach.


Graduation! May 20

This week we have eight students graduating from Lexis Byron Bay.


David awarding Claudia’s graduating students Pablo, Marina and Miho

Pablo, Marina, Miho and Thomas graduate from Claudia’s Intermediate class.

Pablo is from Spain and has made great improvements with his English, particularly his speaking and listening skills. He was an active participant in class activities and contributed well in class discussions.

Marina is from Switzerland and has been a conscientious student who was a pleasure to have in class. She has participated well in class activities and discussions and her contributions to the class were appreciated.

Miho is from Japan and has worked very hard to improve her English skills during her time at Lexis. She was a pleasure to have in class and was a conscientious student and participant in class activities and discussions.

Thomas is from France and has improved his English since he started at Lexis, especially his speaking skills. He participated well in class activities and contributed to discussions.


Josie awarding her graduating students Nahid and Lisa

Nahid, Lisa and Jules graduate from Josie’s Upper Intermediate class.

Nahid is from Germany and is a hard-working student who engaged in class activities with enthusiasm. Her English is at a great level, both in written and spoken format.

Lisa is from Switzerland and has been a bright and eager student in her short time at Lexis Byron Bay.

Jules is from France and has developed a great level of English. He was a very nice student to have in class.


Julia awarding graduating student Abel

Abel is from Brazil and graduates from Julia’s CAE class. He has been a friendly and considerate student who makes colourful and entertaining contributions to class activities and discussions. His command of the English language is very good and his writing skills have improved enormously in his time at Lexis.

We wish the best to all our graduating students this week and hope they will continue to use and learn English in the future. 🙂



Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE and English plus Surfing in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach.

Lexis Byron Bay – Highly Commended in the 2016 Cambridge Awards

Lexis English Byron Bay has been “Highly Commended” in the 2016 Cambridge English Language Assessment awards for preparation centres*.

The Highly Commended status was awarded, in acknowledgement of the exemplary quality of the school’s nomination.

Our entry for the award focused on the student-centred approach Lexis English Byron Bay has towards preparing Cambridge First and Cambridge Advanced candidates.

Some features of this include:

  • An outstanding team of teachers and staff that really go that extra mile for students who need it; both with studies and personal issues.
  • An efficient academic program which includes first day, mid-course and end-course tests to and identify and support at-risk students and mid and end-course reports and individual counselling of students. (The final report shows the results of all three tests allowing students to chart the satisfying progression from their pre-test to their end test.)
  • A suite of student feedback mechanisms including an anonymous form in week two, to identify any issues in time for us to respond, a comprehensive mid-course form where students also evaluate themselves, and an exit questionnaire, where students provide feedback on all aspects of their time in Byron Bay, helping us to make ongoing improvements.
  • The utilisation of email and social media to communicate formally and informally with students, potential students and agents.


This is what some recent students have said about their experience of studying Cambridge Preparation at Lexis Byron Bay

celine“Oh thank you so much {for my results} I’m so happy! I would like to thank you for the organisation of Lexis School. I had a so amazing time there.  Everything was just perfect, the lessons, the schedule, our unique teacher Paul. So thank you for that!” Celine, Switzerland, CAE March 16.


“Julia is a really good teacher who always asks if we have specific topics to have a look at. She gives me the opportunity to make extra preparation test or writing exercise. I enjoy participating in the class.”
Michelle, Switzerland, CAE Dec 15


“Ellie is a great teacher for me. She is good at teaching and her class is really organised. Also the whiteboard she write is very clearly. She always checks our reading carefully. Therefore I like her class and think she is a great teacher.”
Miho, Japan, FCE March 16



“Josie’s explanations are always clear. She is also really patient when we don’t understand directly and tries to find other examples to make sure we understand properly. I had a great time at Lexis school, much more than I expected so thank you for everything.”
Ludivine, France, FCE March 16


We still have spaces left for the September 2016 Cambridge First and Cambridge Advanced Preparation Courses. Please contact marketing@lexisenglish.com for more details.

*See http://preparationcentre.cambridgeenglish.org/support-for-you/preparation-centre-events/ for more information about  the awards and for a list all the finalists and highly commended schools.


Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students can study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE and English plus Surfing in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach.


Lexis English partners with TAFE Queensland!

“TAFE Queensland provides ‘world class’ quality education and training that links with industry and employment outcomes.”                                       



Students at Lexis English can gain pathways into TAFE Queensland by studying programs such as – General English, Cambridge English FCE, CAE, CPE and IELTS.

130 years and over 230,000 students

TAFE Queensland is the government-owned and operated provider of world-class Technical and Further Education (TAFE) in Queensland. In some countries TAFE is also known as a Polytechnic, Technical College or Community College.

TAFE Queensland offers international students:

  • practical, industry-relevant training
  • a network of 6 regions with multiple locations across Queensland
  • a wide range of nationally accredited and internationally recognised courses
  • leading-edge technology and excellent facilities
  • strong links and pathways to university
  • a friendly, safe and culturally sensitive environment
  • underpinning government legislation including the ESOS Act2000 and National Code of Practice 2007.

TAFE Queensland has provided quality training for over 130 years and now enrols over 230,000 students each year, including up to 10,000 international students.

Congratulations Cambridge Students!

Friday was a good news day when November’s FCE and CAE candidates received their results. Here at Lexis Byron Bay, we were extremely pleased with the results.

In CAE 91% of students scored an A,B or C grade and, across two FCE classes, the pass rate was 87%. What’s more, even the students who scored B2 (CAE) or B1 (FCE) should still be extremely proud as the majority of them showed great improvement on their pre-test results.

Well done to all the students and to their teachers: Julia, Paul and Josie.

Julia’s CAE Class Graduation! November 27

Graduating from Julia’s CAE class today are Miguel, Chris, Till, Quentin, Michelle, Naomi, Jasmin, Paula, Raphael, Neil and Aurelie.


Julia said they have been one of the best exam classes she has ever had (and she really means it!) She described them as studious and enthusiastic and their attendance has been excellent. Julia said she will miss all their smiley faces! The class also thanked Julia for being such a wonderful teacher. We’ll miss you, good luck in your exam tomorrow, everyone!


FCE and CAE Speaking Exams!

Today is a busy day at Lexis Byron Bay because the FCE and CAE classes have their speaking exams!

12281924_10156211053675612_510071452_o (1)

Brian, Livia and Remo celebrating after their speaking exams

Brian, Livia and Remo said their exams went better than expected, and they knew a lot to talk about for the topics they were given. Were they nervous? Remo was not, Brian just felt “normal nervousness” and Livia said she was a little nervous before but then she relaxed because the examiners where really friendly and smiley.


Quentin and Till were looking cool, calm and collected before their exams


GOOD LUCK to everyone sitting their Cambridge exams this week! 🙂

Library Visit! By Julia’s CAE Class

IMG_20150925_095407 (3)Last week, Julia’s CAE class visited Byron Bay Library. The students wrote some descriptions of their visit…

After fighting against the rain, our eyes look up to the library’s building, an appealing place, zen and spacious.

Then we met the very kind librarian who showed us the different sections of the library.

She explained to us how to join the library and how to use the different facilities.

There’s a huge range of different books on every topic you can imagine, movies, CDs and DVDs. They also provide free wi-fi for everyone and a public toilet, which is quite rare in Byron Bay!

I am surprised by the size of the library for such a little town. However, looking at the amount of people that are here now it could be even bigger.

Sounds like a great trip! It’s always fun to explore new places in Byron Bay!

Meet the Students – The Lovely Pablo Macineira Lopez


Everyone at Lexis loves 24 year old Pablo Macineira Lopez from Spain, because he is not only a great student but an incredibly sociable guy (and a “great” singer – check out the video below). He’s currently on a break between his degree (Physical Education) and his Masters (Teaching) and will stay in Byron Bay for 7 weeks before heading to Lexis Noosa to do the Cambridge Advanced Certificate.

He told me today that he has wanted to come to Byron Bay since he saw photos of the lighthouse when he was 15 and that he’s really enjoying his time here, not least because he’s an extremely passionate surfer.

Tell me about your surfing

Football used to be my passion and surfing was my hobby. Unfortunately, when I was 16 I injured my ankle and my dreams of being a professional football player were over. That’s when surfing took over. I’ve recently been working as a surf instructor in Spain and I would like, in the future, to work as a surf coach, helping top surfers to improve their performance.

In Byron Bay, I really like surfing at Tallows Beach; that’s where the best waves are. I try to go every morning and I’ve just bought a new wetsuit so that I can keep this up throughout winter. There’s a great surfing community here and I’ve met surfers from all over the world.

Apart from the surfing, what else do you love in Byron Bay?

Really just walking around; people watching in the streets and in front of main beach or walking in beautiful natural surrounds on the beach and in the surrounding bushland.

And what’s the best thing about studying at Lexis English?

The English Only Policy. I love the total immersion. In Spain we are taught English in Spanish, but here we are taught in English and then we also use English during the breaks and activities. It’s a really good way to learn. Plus, the classes are really interesting and interactive. We are not just sitting down studying but moving around, doing different activities, having discussions etc. The time goes really fast.

Finally, what have you learned in your time at Lexis Byron Bay

Life goes so fast so you have to make the most of it. Don’t look back – always look forward.


Byron Bay Farmers’ Market -Words and Pictures by Julia’s CAE class

whole class market photo

On the 7th May e walked down to the local farmers’ Market here in Byron Bay. For the most of us, it was the first time at the market. We talked to one of the local banana suppliers, who only has bananas available at the moment. Normally, he also sells pineapples and pumpkins, however this  depends on the season. He comes to the market every week. His products grow on a farm in Bangalow. They are not organic but spray-free. After a short talk with the friendly banana man we got a delicious banana to try. The Farmers’ Market definitely made a lasting impression and we are really looking forward to going there again.

Written by Lorena and Theo

dragon fruit - Copy

Healthy Nutrition at the Farmers’ Market

To the locals who sell food at the Farmers’ Market, it is very important to support the organic food production because it is natural and has no chemicals in it. Due to this, they rarely go out and try to buy healthy food, even if it’s more expensive.

An interesting point we heard was that their children really appreciate the healthy nutrition with which they grew up. They are very thankful for that.

Even if they try to be very strict with their healthy lifestyle, they admitted to having some cheat days and eating lollies.

Written by Nina and Tiffany

eggplant - Copy

Why are the products only 90% organic?

The stall holder told us that for a product to be organic it needs to grow and be cultivated just with water and sun. As they can’t always know the origin of the products they sell, the stall holders don’t guarantee that their products are 100% organic.

Written by Isabella and Samy

jose and the muffin man - Copy

Organic Coffee

Julian and José feel the need to drink coffee in the morning. So, they went to a coffee seller to taste the organic coffee at the farmers’ market. The service was not so friendly but the seller answered our questions. Julian asked about the preservatives of the coffee to check if the seller knew exactly what the characteristics of his product were and if he could give more information about it. Effectively, the coffee is produced in Byron Bay. In this regard, the vendor admitted that José’s hot chocolate was not organic.

In conclusion, we are happy about this experience as it permitted us to speak with the locals and enjoy a beautiful muffin.

By Julian and José

photo 1a

Lisa’s Study Corner – Should I do Cambridge or IELTS?

In September, Lexis Byron Bay is running 3 exam preparation classes. We still have (very limited) spaces left on the Cambridge First (FCE) and Cambridge Advanced (CAE) 12-week courses, starting on 8 September. Or perhaps you are interested in joining our IELTS course running from 22 September until 12 December. Please come and see me as soon as possible if you are considering either of these options.