New Starters! November 18th

This week we welcome 10 new students to our campus at Lexis English Byron Bay!


Maria Teresa (Teia) is from Spain. In Barcelona, she studied social education, therapy dogs, and neurolinguistic programming. Her family lives in the mountains which is one hour from her flat where she lives with her dog. She came to Australia to learn English and also to live and work. Next year she plans to travel around Europe with her dog.

Franco is from Italy. His family owns a restaurant in Formentera, Spain but his birth country is Argentina. He has lived in Spain for 22 years. Franco came to Australia with his friends to learn English.

Irene is from Spain. Her hobbies include yoga, drawing, and cross country running. She studied to become a yoga teacher and works teaching yoga during the week. On the weekends she works in a bar. Irene dreams to speak better English which is why she came to Australia but is also here for the lifestyle.

Stefanie is from Brazil. She lives with her 10-year-old sister, mother, and lots of plants in Curitiba which is a beautiful and ecological city in the south of Brazil. She loves nature, ecology, and sustainable living. She has been working as a yoga teacher which is her other passion. She came to Australia because of the lifestyle, sun, beach, and Australian culture.

Bruna is from Brazil. She just completed her masters in natural sciences and is hoping to find work during her stay here in Australia. She loves to run, go to the beach and her daily practice of yoga. Australia was an easy choice for Bruna to study English because she grew up near the beach.

Ana is from Spain. She came to Byron Bay to learn English with her friend. She is a pilates instructor and is hoping to find a job here. She would like to speak better English so that she can communicate with everyone especially when teaching pilates.

Ivan is from Spain. He lives in Formentera which is a small island in the Mediterranean. He lives with his younger brother and mother and father. He studied mathematics, finance, and accounting. Ivan has been working for a rental car company since 2010. He is here to study English and is hoping to find work while he is here.

Alvaro is from Spain. He wanted to study in Australia because of the climate and to have an adventure. Once he has finished his studies at Lexis Byron Bay he wants to return to Formentera, where he will work and live with his family.

Maria is from Spain. She lives on a small island called Formentera near Ibiza. She works in her family’s restaurant with her step-brother which is only open during the summer months because of tourism. She is staying in Australia for 4 months to study English, which, is very important for her job. After her studies, she will tour Australia then return home.

Artal is from Spain. He decided to come to Australia to learn English because of the climate, wildlife, and culture. He is here with his friends and after he finishes his studies they plan to travel and have some adventures.




Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE, and English plus Surfing and Yoga in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach.

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