Aussie Food Tasting… Round 2! November 8th

It was another round of Aussie Food Tasting this afternoon at Lexis Byron Bay. All students were eager to taste the Australian delicacies on hand!


Vegemite – Alice was the only one who didn’t mind the unusual taste that is a good ol’ Aussie staple but she cheated when it came to putting it on her toast😆.


Fairy bread – Something you will find at a children’s birthday party. Everyone loved it! IMG_E8653


Party Pies – This was everyone’s favourite of the day. Nice, hot, and savoury…YUM!

Musk Sticks – Not so good on the taste buds!

Anzac Biscuits and Lamingtons – Definitely something they’ll try again.

Macadamia Nuts and Caramello Koalas – Something tasty to end on!


So happy everyone tasted all the good stuff.. Well done you lot!!!



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