Lawn Bowls! November 6th

Lawn Bowls, once associated as an ‘old person sport’ has since come into fashion again in Australia!

The sun was shining, and the wind was minimal today at Lexis Byron Bay– two aspects of lawn bowling that are imperative to the sport. The only thing that might make it slightly better would be to have a cold beverage in hand.

We started the game with two balls, each of different colours.

Let the bowling commence!

Celine giving it her best shot!

Who’s ball was closest to the jack???

Kristy using the two handed method😂 while Rony and Di used the classic underarm approach!

Not so easy trying to hit the jack (small black ball) but I think we were all winners in the end! 🤙


Basic Lawn Bowling Rules

Lawn bowling is played by 2 teams of 1-4 players who try to earn points by throwing their “bowls” (balls) up the green so that they land closest to a small target ball called a “Jack.”

Playing Area

Lawn bowls, as it is officially called, is played on a square area usually measuring 120′ on each side. This area, known as a bowling green, is surrounded by a shallow ditch. The surface of the playing area is usually grass, but may be a sand-clay mixture or other artificial surface like carpet.

The green is divided into 6 rectangular “rinks” which allow 6 games to take place at one time. The rinks measure 120′ long by 20′ wide.



Aside from a playing area, the following equipment is needed for lawn bowling:

Bowls (Balls)

These balls vary in size between 4.5″ to 5.5″ in diameter and weigh no more than 3.5 pounds. They are made of a very hard, heavy wood or hard plastic material, and they come in a wide range of colors.

Lawn bowls are not spherical; they bulge out slightly on one side so that they follow a curved path when they are rolled.

The curved path of the ball helps bowlers maneuver their way past other bowls. Bowls can curve about 4′ to the side of the bulge over a distance of 100′. There is a mark on the ball to show the heavier side that has the “bias.”



The Jack is the target ball. It’s white or yellow, about 2.5″ in diameter, and weighs about 10 ounces.



Once all of the bowls have been played, completing an “end,” scoring is determined in the following manner:

  • A team gets 1 point for each of its balls that is closer to the Jack than the closest opponent’s ball.
  • The team that scores in one end rolls first in the next end.
  • Games are usually played to 21 points.
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