New Starters! November 4th

A big hello and welcome to all new students starting at Lexis Byron Bay this week!


Arianna is from Italy. She came to Australia 18 months ago to fulfill a career in environmentalism and during that time she has studied sustainable operations. Arianna works in Byron as a professional cleaner, pet sitter, and gardener. She will hope to study conservation and land management. She is studying English to improve her self confidence.

Catarina is from Brazil. She has transferred from the Lexis Noosa campus and will spend the next 4 weeks with us in Byron.

Rony is from Switzerland. He loves mountain biking, driving, and took up surfing earlier this year with the hope to better his skills while in Australia. Rony works as an engineer in Switzerland and will possibly study electrical engineering when he returns home. He is here to improve his English so he can communicate fluently. He will travel through Australia and New Zealand after studying in Byron.

Titouan is from France but he lives in Geneva in Switzerland where he enjoys the mountains, forests, and lakes. He also spends his spare time with friends and listening to music. Over the summer he worked in a hospital so he could save to come to Australia where, he would like to better his English skills.

Celine is from Switzerland. She loves art, painting, and yoga. when she is on holiday she really enjoys surfing. Celine plans to study next September for 3 years so she can become a primary school teacher. She is in Australia to learn English and also to travel. She wants to meet lots of people and see as much as she can.

Danny is from Switzerland. His hobbies include paragliding, skiing, running, and surfing! He works as a nutritional chef back in Switzerland and would love to work in Australia doing the same. He has come to Australia to study English and because he also loves sun and the beach.

Daniela is from Switzerland. She loves to spend time with her family and gymnastics. Her other hobby includes blanring which is a club where they organise camps for children. At home she works as a curtain maker, which she loves! Daniela will spend 2 months in Byron Bay and then she will travel with her friends to Melbourne and Brisbane.

Patrick is from Switzerland. When he finished high school he became a cook and more recently worked in technical merchandising. Travelling is something Patrick loves and that’s why he decided to come to Australia to better his English. He is hoping to be able to talk with everyone from around the world once he has finished studying at Lexis.

Mathieu is from Switzerland. He took a a break from school a few months ago to work for a security company. When he returns to Switzerland he will study to become a teacher. It is very important for Mathieu to be able to speak several languages so he connect with people from all over the world. When he finishes at Lexis he will spend time travelling around Australia and New Zealand.

Manuela is from Switzerland. She decided to come to Australia because of the weather and to see the country. After her studies at Lexis, she will travel up to Cairns. Back home she works in an office doing administration. Manuela has one brother and one sister and her family own a farm. Her hobbies are horse riding, going to the gym, and hanging with her friends.

Dorian is from Switzerland. His family live in a small city called Reconvilier where they have a big house with two cats and one dog. His interests include; ice hockey, mountain climbing, and architecture. He also loves to ski! Dorian would like to speak 3 languages, French, German, and English as it’s important for his work. He is in Australia to learn English and to also understand another culture.

Michele is from Switzerland. On her days off she likes to hike in the Swiss Alps. She is in Byron Bay for 4 weeks to study English at Lexis and when she’s finished her plan is to will rent a car and drive south to Melbourne. Michele wanted to come to Australia to see the amazing landscapes and to meet lots of friendly people.

Melissa is from Switzerland. Back home she works as a secretary but doesn’t love it, so when she returns home she is thinking about studying psychology. Melissa is in Byron for 3 months to learn English and will hopefully travel around Australia once she is finished.  Her hobbies include; running, walking, and photography!

Isabel is from Spain. She lives with her family in Mallorca and loves to spend time with her friends, going to the cinema, shopping, and spending time at the beach. She studied computer science in Mallorca and worked for an IT company but needed a break which is why she decided to come to Australia.

Amin is from Switzerland.He worked as a software engineer at a Swiss television station for 6 years and graduated computer science in 2018. He decided to take a break from his job and will spend the next 4 months in Australia where he is hoping to better his English skills. He enjoys playing drums in a band, going out, hiking in the mountains, and programming.

Lya is from Switzerland. She comes from a small city called Dudingen where she lives with her parents. In her free time she likes to play a lot of sports but mostly going to the gym, swimming, or running. This July she finished her commercial apprenticeship where she worked for a company called Comet. Comet is an international industrial company. After studying for the next 6 weeks at Lexis in Byron Bay she will move up to Brisbane where she will volunteer at a Koala Sanctuary.


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