New Students! October 28th

Today we introduce our new students. Welcome to Lexis English at Byron Bay!



Laura is from Spain. She is a cook and lives with her family in Seville. Her hobbies include music and sport. She is hoping to open her own restaurant in the future. Laura came to study in Byron Bay because it has a similar climate to Spain.

Sina is from Switzerland. She loves her job as a carpenter because she can see results at the end of the day. She also likes most sports and playing the saxophone. Sina is keen to learn English in Australia because there are lots of beaches and animals here and would also like to meet lots of people.

Imma is from Spain. Soccer is favourite sport but she also loves volleyball and surfing. She has a degree in audiovisual production and is about to finish a degree in audiovisual media. Imma wants to learn English because it’s very important for her job and decided to study in Australia because of the summer.

Max is from Germany. In his free time he enjoys hanging out with his friends and playing football. He lives in Bremen and works as an event manager. He has come to Australia to have fun and learn English.

Lucia P is from Spain. She lives with her family in a small village close to Salamanca. Her father and uncle have a sheep farm and her sister is a nurse. Lucia loves to read when it rains and walk her dogs to the lake. She is studying biology at the University of Salamanca. She would like to study English in Australia because it’s a beautiful country.

Amelie is from France. She was born in Jonzac where her father is a farmer and her mother is a secretary in a school. She is interested in art and loves to paint and draw. Photography is also a passion. Amelie has studied graphic design and was working for a wallpaper agency before she came to Australia. After studying in Byron Bay she will head to Sydney to meet her friends and travel.

Eunate is from Spain. She has studied to be a nurse and physiotherapy and worked for a public hospital before coming to Australia. She has been in Australia for 8 months already. Eunate really wants to improve her English and loves travelling. She wants to be able to communicate with everyone and plans to experience living in both New Zealand and Australia.

Lucia A is from Spain. She lives with her family on a very beautiful island called Mallorca. The most important person to Lucia is here brother. Her hobbies include going to the beach and reading. In Mallorca she studied and worked in a centre for children. She would like to learn English so she can go back and study more at University.

Joel is from Switzerland. He has worked as a landscape gardener since 2010 and is the boss to 5 people. He loves his job but wants a new adventure and is hoping to get a job as border control officer. After learning English in Byron Bay he will travel to Cairns, Alice Springs, and Perth.

Tanit is from Spain. She loves to swim, make jewellery, and listening to music. She has studied hair dressing but sells her jewellery at markets. She would like to learn English so she can travel the world selling her jewellery. She chose Australia because it has a nice climate and is beautiful.

Tania is from Spain. Her sister lives in Bristol and her mother and father live in Spain. She loves surfing and poetry. Tania has a degree in journalism but doesn’t want to work i that industry. At the moment she works in a hotel reception in France. She would love to study English in Australia because she loves the lifestyle and the surf.

Rosa Maria is from Spain. She lives in Mallorca with her family. She works as a manager is a shop since 2011 but would like to learn English to change her life. She studied as a  teacher while she was working. She will learn English in Byron and then go back to Spain where she will work as a teacher.


English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE and English plus Surfing and Yoga in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach.

Graduating Students! October 25th

A big congratulations and farewell to our students who graduated from Lexis Byron Bay last week!


Michela from Germany is graduating from Michelle’s class. We’ve enjoyed your short stay with us and it’s been amazing to see you improve in English as well as your confidence. All the best with your next adventure😊.

Nicola from Switzerland and is graduating from Paul’s class. We’ve enjoyed having your positive attitude in class and happy to see your improvements in such a little time. Your grammar is good for spoken and written English, and your vocabulary too. Have fun on your travels and enjoy Australia.

Loris from Switzerland and is graduating from Paul class. It’s been such a pleasure having on campus, you’ve made lots of friends in your short time here and we’ve enjoyed your jokes and sense of humour. You’ve worked hard in class and it’s paid off. Good luck for the future.


Katherina from Germany and is graduating from Paul’s class. You’ve had such a positive attitude in class and we are happy to see improvements in such a little time. You’ve learned a lot and we hope you enjoy your travels around Australia.

Dafne from Spain and is graduating from Melinda’s class. You were a joy a teach! you are kind, caring, and always helped in class when other students needed it. Your English skills have steadily improved throughout the course, especially your speaking. We will miss you!

Marine from Belgium and is graduating from Adrienne’s class. We have enjoyed teaching you over the past few weeks. You added a lot of humour to the class and made boring tasks enjoyable. You are a confident speaker and your listening skills are strong. Enjoy your next stop in your travels here in Australia.


Leonie from Switzerland and is graduating from Adrienne’s class. You’ve got a great personality and we’ve loved getting to know you. You are a confident speaker and we hope you continue to work on your English. We hope you have a great next adventure. Good luck in the future.

Shohei from Japan and is graduating from Pru’s class. You have been a pleasure to teach and it’s a pity you are not staying longer. Keep practicing your English and we hope to see you again in the future.



Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE and English plus Surfing and Yoga in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach.


Pot Plant Painting! October 24th

Yesterday’s activity was Pot Plant Painting! As it was such a beautiful day we decided to sit in the common area downstairs where we had both sun and shade.


We had terracotta pots, a variety of paints, and painting essentials. All the many brushes came in handy.

Hard at work! It was not easy deciding what to paint, but we had a lot of laughs while thinking about it.

Our plants are called Portulaca. They are a type of succulent and will thrive in the Byron Bay sun.

Well done everyone. Fantastic results!



Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE and English plus Surfing and Yoga in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach.

It’s the Weekend! October 25th-27th







Kingscliff Markets – Saturday

Nimbin Markets – Sunday

Bangalow Markets– Sunday



 SYLK @ Railway Hotel
 Mini Skirt, Flying Machine, Cupid & The Stupid @ Hotel Great Northern
 2:30pm The 13th Annual Byron Bay Film Festival – Day 8 @ Byron Theatre
 5:00pm Dan Clark Duo @ Beach Hotel
 7:30pm Bena Meek @ Treehouse
 8:00pm Dan Hannaford + Local DJs @ The Sticky Wicket Bar
 8:00pm Sex On Toast (Band Room) Brazilian Night (Beer Garden) @ Byron Bay   Brewery
 9:00pm Live DJs @ Woody’s Surf Shack
 9:00pm Honey & Stone @ Beach Hotel
 Harry Nichols @ Railway Hotel
 Kyle Lionhart + Billy Otto and Phoebe Neumann @ Hotel Great Northern
 11:00am The 13th Annual Byron Bay Film Festival – Day 9 @ Byron Theatre
 5:00pm DJ Longtime @ Beach Hotel
 6:00pm Open Mic @ The Sun
 6:00pm Coco Republic @ Byron Bay Brewery
 6:45pm The 13th Annual Byron Bay Film Festival – Closing Red Carpet Gala feat.   The Cave @ Byron Theatre
 7:30pm James D’Khan @ Treehous
 9:00pm Rhythm & Cutloose @ Beach Hotel
 9:00pm James Scott + Local DJs @ The Sticky Wicket Bar
  Juke Joint Way @ Railway Hotel
 Kingswood + San Mei, The Jensens @ Hotel Great Northern
 11:30am The 13th Annual Byron Bay Film Festival – Day 10 @ Byron Theatre
 12:00pm Sunday Session DJs Jezza J & Vinnie LaDuce @ Treehouse
 4:00pm Byron Groove Lounge Jam @ Byron Bay Brewery
 4:30pm Lisa Hunt @ Beach Hotel
 7:00pm MVMT with Shimmy Disco @ Beach Hotel
 9:30pm DJ My Happy Place @ Beach Hotel



Rhythm and Cutloose 100th DrumDJ show @ Beach Hotel – FREE


Gold Coast Day Out – $55


Abominable (G)

FRI 25TH OCT10:00am
SAT 26TH OCT10:00am
SUN 27TH OCT10:00am

Ad Astra (M)

FRI 25TH OCT 11:00am
SAT 26TH OCT 11:00am
SUN 27TH OCT 10:30am

After The Wedding (M)

FRI 25TH OCT 10:30am3:30pm6:15pm8:40pm
SAT 26TH OCT 10:30am3:30pm6:15pm8:40pm
SUN 27TH OCT 10:00am2:45pm5:10pm7:30pm

Angry Birds 2 (PG)

FRI 25TH OCT 12:10pm
SAT 26TH OCT 12:10pm
SUN 27TH OCT 12:10pm

Birds of Passage (MA15+)

FRI 25TH OCT 11:00am
SAT 26TH OCT 11:00am
SUN 27TH OCT 10:15am

Dora and the Lost City of Gold (PG)

FRI 25TH OCT 12:00pm
SAT 26TH OCT 12:00pm
SUN 27TH OCT 12:00pm

Downton Abbey (PG)

FRI 25TH OCT 1:30pm
SAT 26TH OCT 1:30pm
SUN 27TH OCT 10:15am

Good Boys (MA15+)

FRI 25TH OCT 2:15pm
SAT 26TH OCT 2:15pm
SUN 27TH OCT 2:15pm

Green Light (M)

FRI 25TH OCT 8:30pm
SAT 26TH OCT 8:30pm
SUN 27TH OCT 8:30pm

Hustlers (MA15+)

FRI 25TH OCT 10:45am3:45pm6:15pm
SAT 26TH OCT 10:45am3:45pm6:15pm
SUN 27TH OCT 10:00am2:45pm6:15pm

Joker (MA15+)

FRI 25TH OCT 11:00am1:30pm4:00pm6:30pm9:00pm
SAT 26TH OCT 11:00am1:30pm4:00pm6:30pm9:00pm
SUN 27TH OCT 12:45pm3:15pm5:45pm8:15pm

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (MA15+)

FRI 25TH OCT 3:15pm
SAT 26TH OCT 8:30pm
SUN 27TH OCT 7:15pm

Pavarotti (M)

FRI 25TH OCT 10:30am1:15pm6:00pm8:30pm
SAT 26TH OCT 11:15am1:15pm6:00pm8:30pm
SUN 27TH OCT 10:30am12:15pm5:00pm7:20pm

Promised (PG)

FRI 25TH OCT 1:00pm4:10pm6:15pm
SAT 26TH OCT 4:10pm6:15pm
SUN 27TH OCT 1:00pm4:10pm6:15pm

Ready Or Not (MA15+)

FRI 25TH OCT 2:15pm4:15pm6:20pm8:30pm
SAT 26TH OCT 2:15pm4:15pm6:20pm8:30pm
SUN 27TH OCT 2:15pm4:15pm6:20pm8:30pm

Ride Like A Girl (PG)

FRI 25TH OCT 10:00am4:10pm
SAT 26TH OCT 10:00am4:10pm8:40pm
SUN 27TH OCT 10:00am4:10pm8:15pm

The Dead Don’t Die (MA15+)

FRI 25TH OCT 8:20pm
SAT 26TH OCT 8:20pm
SUN 27TH OCT 8:20pm

The Lion King 2019 (PG)

FRI 25TH OCT 1:00pm
SAT 26TH OCT 1:00pm
SUN 27TH OCT 12:20pm

Zombieland 2: Double Tap (MA15+)

FRI 25TH OCT 2:00pm4:10pm6:20pm
SAT 26TH OCT 2:00pm4:10pm6:20pm
SUN 27TH OCT 12:45pm2:50pm5:00pm



Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE and English plus Surfing and Yoga in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach.

Table Tennis Tournament! October 23rd

Today was our monthly Table Tennis Tournament which was held in the student lounge. We had two matches during the day and both with a great turn out. Of course…. there was beer to be won!!

The first match had 3 knock-out rounds. Each game played was the first to 21.


Ludo was our morning champ. Well done Ludo!

We had some strong players in the afternoon. Ana and Jack really gave it their best!

Nothing like a fast (or slow) game of table tennis!

Fabrice and Jack had to battle it out for first place and it was a super close game but in the end Fabrice won!


Thanks to everyone who came and gave it a shot. Fantastic effort by all!



Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE and English plus Surfing or Yoga in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach.

Beach Kangaroo Campout

Below are the students that went to the Kangaroo Beach Campout at the weekend.

PHOTO-2019-10-22-12-01-20 2

Ive heard it was a wild bunch who definitely know how to party 🙂 so much so that they started seeing double!! literally LOL

PHOTO-2019-10-22-12-01-20 3

 Like every campout when we arrive the kangaroos are waiting for us

The students like, Lena here, try out their Kangaroo Whispering skills … she’s getting super close….

The students were then left in the capable hands of Lynchy (our favourite tour guide) !! who forgot to pack, shoes and a tooth brush…. haha good one Lynchy


Beach fun, snooze and hang time with friends and kangaroos …


PHOTO-2019-10-22-15-56-11PHOTO-2019-10-22-15-56-11 3

Gorgeous sunsets and ocean views

PHOTO-2019-10-22-15-56-11 2

Beautiful images … such amazingly talented photographers amongst the group


A cute little joey in its mums pouch

PHOTO-2019-10-22-15-56-09 2PHOTO-2019-10-22-15-56-08PHOTO-2019-10-22-15-56-01


Awesome hang time with the kangaroos … no pictures of  standup paddle boarding from this group! I heard you were all pretty hung over on Sunday…. went for a little wobble board haha …..


Jobs! October 23rd

If you need help writing your resume you can go to GIL any day between 2-3pm in Room 8 then email to: and we can print 10 free copies every day for you🙂








PAY WILL BE $50 FOR 20 mins work but must be available at 10.15 for 125 minutes and 1.15 for 15 minutes at Wategoes beach


Full time Retail Shop Assistant in Byron Bay

Full time

A retail shop/other in Byron Bay is seeking a full time Retail Shop Assistant (up to 40 hours per week) to join our team.

To be considered for this role you should:

  • Have at least 3 years of experience as a Retail Shop Assistant
  • Have the right to work in Australia


Casual Waiter / Waitress in Byron Bay


A restaurant in Byron Bay is seeking a casual Waiter / Waitress (up to 30 hours per week) to join our team.

To be considered for this role you should:

  • Be available both days at weekends
  • Have at least 2 years of experience as a Waiter / Waitress
  • Have the right to work in Australia


Cleaner & Laundry Assistant – Aged Care

  • Part-time role
  • Residential aged care setting
  • Located within Byron Bay’s town centre

This part-time role will suit an experienced aged care facility cleaner or laundry assistant with availability 3 days per week, from 8:00 am to 2:30 pm across the Monday to Saturday hospitality roster with days negotiable.

In this hospitality service role, you will be required to assist in the cleaning operations and laundry functions of our facility.

With flexible working hours available to suit your lifestyle and out-of-work commitments, you will be offered a great salary package, with salary sacrifice an option.

We strive to provide our staff with a happy and supportive work environment where your career in the Aged Care Hospitality is nurtured and continues to grow.

Qualification & Skills Checklist before applying:

  • Aged care residential facility experience working alongside the elderly & people with dementia highly regarded
  • Minimum 2 years demonstrated experience as a Cleaner or Laundry Assistant within an Aged care facility or Hospital environment
  • National Police Certificate
  • Working rights within Australia


Aged Care Kitchen Hand – Byron Bay

  • Commercial Kitchen experience essential
  • Casual Role
  • Residential Aged Care Setting

Our ideal candidate will have experience working within aged care with a highly developed knowledge of food safety standards and a minimum of 2 years kitchen hand experience within a commercial kitchen environment.

With flexible working hours available to suit your lifestyle and out-of-work commitments, you will be offered a great salary package, with access to salary sacrifice to increase your take-home pay and the potential for career progression within our growing organisation.

The kitchen hand is a supportive role to the Cook, assisting in all food and fluid preparation (including texture modified diets) including spiritual and cultural considerations for residents.

This role also assists with meal service and delivery of the resident’s dining experience within a 41 bed aged care facility.

Shift Availability: 6:00am to 2:00pm and 2:45pm to 9:30pm

Qualifications & Skills

  • Aged Care experience advantageous
  • At least 2 years demonstrated experience as a Kitchen Hand within a commercial environment
  • Excellent time management
  • Empathy, respect, and dignity towards the elderly
  • Relevant Cert III hospitality qualifications or Food Safety Supervisors Certificate highly regarded
  • National Police Clearance Certificate

For further information:

Shortlisting will commence before closing date.

Our organisation values excellence in service, everyone is important, integrity, contribution and teamwork, and learning for life.


Chefs – All levels

TukTuk Thai at the Byron Bay Golf Club is creating a solid team of professionals in our kitchen, ready to face a great summer. We are looking for Senior and Junior Chefs who desire to be part of a fast-paced team that wish to thrive in a happy and positive environment.

We want to hear from you if you tick any of these boxes:

  • Possess a positive attitude
  • A passion for producing quality food from local and sustainable produce

Is this you? Great. Now, read on…

To be considered as a Senior Chef, you must be reliable, competent in all areas of kitchen operations, maintain an approachable attitude with good communication skills, be an amazing problem solver and have the drive to be a valued leader and team member.

As a close team of all-rounders who leave no man behind, TukTuk Thai is only looking for ambitious team members to lead, continuously educate and grow in all areas of quality food production and of course service.

If you’re looking to share your skill set, looking to progress your career with other passionate Chefs and have the drive and work ethic to do so then apply now!

What is on offer:

  • A flexible roster that encourage work/life balance
  • The opportunity of growing within a multi-faceted company
  • No split shifts
  • Be creative! We’d love to hear you input on the menu
  • A relaxed and professional team, that will support and inspire you

What is required:

  • Current Drivers License
  • Minimum three (3) years’ kitchen experience in the restaurant/ catering industry
  • Have an intuitive sense for creativity, organisational skills and team spirit
  • Reliability and cleanliness


Byron Bay Expressions of Interest | Housekeeping, Front Office, Culinary,…

About us

Australia’s most iconic private island welcomed a new era of luxury when IHG opened the doors of the Intercontinental Hayman Island Resort in July 2019. Boasting 166 re imagined luxurious rooms and suits in one of the world’s most unique locations our guests are immersed in a world of unrivaled luxury where contemporary design plays with the natural beauty of this iconic island paradise.

As we move towards our peak season and continue to grow our experienced and dynamic team post opening, we are seeking driven hospitality professionals across all areas of the team to deliver truly exceptional and unique guest experiences; people who are passionate about delivering True Hospitality, personalised touches and have the guest experience at the heart of all they do.

Within our unique resort environment, you will have the rare opportunity to break the mould of only having one focus and gain exposure across multiple disciplines and roles, hone your skills and work across many aspects of the business. And when you’re ready, you can head back to the mainland and join IHG around the country or world.

Your day to day

We currently have opportunities in all guest facing operations within the Resort and are accepting applications for the following roles:

Front Office

VIP Guest Services Agent

Guest Services Agent



Housekeeping Supervisor

Room Attendant

Public Area Attendant

House Person

Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage Supervisors

Food & Beverage Attendants – Restaurants, In-Room Dining & Banquets


Commis Chef

Chef de Partie


What we need from you

If you’re an engaged and experienced hotelier, or an up and coming star is who is devoted to hospitality and is working in a hotel, motel, café, restaurant or working in a commercial cleaning environment and wants to turn their passion into a career and gain exposure to working within the hotels and resorts, we want to hear from you.

You will have the ability to relocate and live on Hayman Island, Whitsundays by mid-November 2019, hold the appropriate rights to work within Australia and also be flexible to work weekends, evenings and public holidays as required to support the operation. Our F&B colleagues will need to hold a Queensland Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate.

We will be holding face to face interviews on the Gold Coast in the coming weeks, so if you are interested in any of the above roles please submit your expression of interest inclusive of your resume by Tuesday 22nd October 2019. Please outline in your application which roles you would like to be considered for and we will do our best to match your background to the opportunities available. If successful, we will be in touch shortly to coordinate the next steps.

What we offer

IHG are more than just great places to stay, we are also one of Australia’s best employers. We are looking for exceptional people like you to greet the world and be the spark that makes us even better.

Join us and you’ll become part of the global IHG family – and like all families, all our individual team members share some winning characteristics. As a team, we work better together – we trust and support each other, we do the right thing and we welcome different perspectives. You need to show us you care: that you notice the little things that make a difference to guests as well as always looking for ways to improve.


Casual Team Members – Byron Bay

Betty’s Burgers & Concrete Co. is a classic burger shack experience, showcasing the freshest and most delicious burgers in town. Together with our mouth-watering burgers, our menu also features our homemade custard ice-cream or “Concretes”.

Betty’s is continuing to grow with more and more people wanting to be a part of the Betty’s experience. We are now seeking fresh people to step into the role of Team Member!

As a Team Member your role will involve;

  • The ability to perform effectively in a fast-paced environment
  • Meeting and greeting guests
  • Food/beverage preparation and presentation
  • Maintain restaurant/kitchen presentation and cleanliness
  • Optimise guest satisfaction

What are we looking for? 

  • Exceptional customer service skills
  • A keen willingness to learn and further develop your already amazing skill set
  • Exceptional presentation, communication, time management & attention to detail
  • Ability to maintain professionalism under pressure
  • Ability to work a flexible rotating roster including nights/ weekends
  • Representation of the Betty’s Burgers values: Authentic, Genuine Hospitality, Integrity  and Passionate.


You will be passionate and proud, have positive energy with a community focus and keen to work within a fast moving and vibrant environment!

In return, you will work with a fresh and driven team that has a lot of fun along the way!

You will be rewarded with a competitive hourly rate and the opportunity to join a company that offers excellent career opportunities and flexible working arrangements. Your career path is only determined by your ability, attitude & results.


Casual Café / Restaurant All-rounder in Brunswick Heads

A cafe/restaurant in Brunswick Heads is seeking a casual Café / Restaurant All-rounder (up to 20 hours per week) to join our team.

To be considered for this role you should:

  • Be available at least 1 day at weekends
  • Have at least 6 months of experience as a Café / Restaurant All-rounder
  • Have Australian work rights


Gardening, Handyman

Zuk Byron Bay NSW

I’m back from a few years travelling & need some help to get my property & home clean & tidy.

I live 20 mins from Byron Bay & only 10 mins from 3 other beautiful beaches; National parks, walks & waterfalls are close enough for day trips. The local village & club is a short walk. Having a car an advantage as there isn’t public transport.

As well as gardening & cleaning there are some painting & home maintenance jobs.

Work 25 hrs p.w. in exchange for healthy wholefoods cooking, accommodation & $50/day

This would suit a couple, but I’m flexible should you want to discuss….
Please contact me if you are fit, friendly & hardworking

This is not suitable for 2nd year visa


Part time Food Delivery Driver in Byron Bay

Part time

A business in Byron Bay is seeking a part time Food Delivery Driver (up to 25 hours per week) to join our team.

To be considered for this role you should:

  • Be available at least 1 day at weekends
  • Have the right to work in Australia

Applicants with no previous experience are encouraged to apply.


Casual Sales Representative, Byron Bay

Beaumont People Byron Bay NSW

Casual/Temporary, Contract

  • Casual Position, 10-30 hours per week
  • Must be available to commence immediately
  • Previous sales experience a MUST

The Company
Beaumont People are proud to be partnering with a local organisation who are actively doing something practical about climate change and helping local communities in the process. They are proudly Australia’s first community-owned power company – a company that is about communities, customers and the welfare of our planet, not corporate profits.The Role
We are looking for Sales Superstars who will be responsible for making warm calls to customers who have made inquiries via our client’s website. You will build rapport with the customer, provide information about specific products and services, answer any questions they may have and ideally, close the deal.

To be successful in this role you will possess the following:

  • Previous experience in a sales role
  • Demonstrated experience in turning an inquiry into a sale
  • The ability to work to KPIs and targets
  • Have a warm phone manner and the ability to build rapport with customers over the phone
  • Possess the drive and motivation to drive sales and contribute to the company’s success

This is a casual role offering 10 – 30 hours per week over the next 3 months. You must be available to interview and commence immediately.


THAI LUCY Byron Bay is seeking experienced and friendly wait staff to join our team.Applicants should have good communication skills, present well, and be able to work efficiently in a fast paced work environment.

Prior experience and understanding of the service industry required.

Must be available evenings and weekends.

Flexible conditions for the right person.



Miss Margarita in Byron Bay is seeking a Service Cook to join our amazing team!

If you are someone who loves food and working in a fast and fun environment we want to hear from you.

Must have the ability to work nights and weekends.

In return Miss Margarita can offer full time hours along with advancement opportunities for the right candidate.

If this sounds like you, come join one of Byron’s most busy and iconic venues!


Prep Cook / Delivery Driver

Miss Margarita, an iconic Byron Bay Mexican Restaurant, is seeking a Prep Cook to join our amazing team!

About the role

The role is primarily in the preparation of Mexican cuisines such as slow cook meats and fresh salsas. Other duties include: accepting deliveries from vendors, delivering prepared foods to the restaurant in a timely and safe fashion and maintaining the cleanliness and organisation of the preparation kitchen.

Benefits and perks

How would you like work during the day with your nights free? Surfing before or after work couldn’t be better! How about enjoying two consecutive days off in the beautiful Byron Bay with friends and family? Full time hours and progression opportunities are available to the right candidate.

Skills and experience

If you have a passion for food and working within a fun team than we want to hear from you! Some experience in kitchens is helpful, however not required.

The successful candidate will need to have:

· A fantastic “can do” attitude

· Interest in food

· A driver’s license

– High standards for sanitation and organisation practices

If this sounds like you, come join one of Byron’s most busy and iconic venues!



We are looking for new Pedicab riders in our Byron Bay location. The riders generally make between 700-1500 a week in travel cash. Flexible shifts offered leaving you plenty of time to explore this beautiful part of Byron Bay

Please contact us to arrange an interview. We are hoping to start new team members from Monday onwards.
Heaps of events going on over the next few months and lots of money to be made.

We look forward to talking with you soon.

To join our professional & friendly team for occasional weekend work.
Please send your Resume to


The Lotus Cafe at the Crystal Castle is looking for a casual experienced Front of House cafe all-rounder. Please see our website – Work With Us page for more information and how to apply.




Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE and English plus Surfing and Yoga in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach.