It a Halloween Weekend! November 1st-3rd

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Brunswick Heads Market – Saturday

Byron Bay Markets – Sunday

Lismore Carboot Sale – Sunday



Ragga Jump @ Railway Hotel

Halloween with A.Swayze & The Ghosts, Boing Boing, The Squidlickers and Chilli   Gomez @ Hotel Great Northern

5:00pm Leigh James @ Beach Hotel

6:00pm Martin Lartigau @ Targa

6:00pm Greg Hodgson – Everything In Its Right Place @ Lone Goat Gallery

7:00pm Joshua Tree @ The Sun

7:00pm 14th Annual Byron Latin Fiesta – Welcome Party @ Byron Community Centre

7:00pm The Regime + The Nic Campbell Experience @ Byron Bay Brewery

9:00pm Live DJs @ Woody’s Surf Shack

 9:30pm The Vaudeville Smash @ Beach Hotel
Crocodylus @ Hotel Great Northern

El Scorcho @ Railway Hotel

10:00am 14th Annual Byron Latin Fiesta – Workshops @ Byron Community Centre

4:00pm The Full Course – DJ Event @ Byron Bay Brewery

5:00pm DJ Longtime @ Beach Hotel

6:00pm Open Mic @ The Sun

7:00pm 14th Annual Byron Latin Fiesta – Dance Party @ Byron Community Centre

9:00pm DJ Lordy Wardy @ Beach Hotel

 Nathan Kaye @ Railway Hotel
 10:00am 14th Annual Byron Latin Fiesta – Workshops @ Byron Community Centre

4:30pm The Feramones @ Beach Hotel

 5:00pm Sarah Grant @ The Sun

5:00pm Kallidad @ Byron Bay Brewery

7:30pm Tim Fuchs @ Beach Hotel

7:30pm 14th Annual Byron Latin Fiesta – Closing Party @ Byron Community Centre

10:00pm George Smeddles @ Beach Hotel


Full Course Party – 3 Venues – 34 DJ’s – Tickets $22.19
Springbrook National Park Tour – $59

Abominable (G)

FRI 1ST NOV10:15am
SAT 2ND NOV10:15am
SUN 3RD NOV10:00am

After The Wedding (M)

FRI 1ST NOV12:15pm6:30pm
SAT 2ND NOV12:15pm6:30pm
SUN 3RD NOV12:00pm6:15pm

Angry Birds 2 (PG)

FRI 1ST NOV12:10pm
SAT 2ND NOV12:10pm
SUN 3RD NOV12:10pm

BFF19 Hope Gap (M)

FRI 1ST NOV2:00pm
SUN 3RD NOV5:45pm

BFF19 The Aspern Papers (M)

FRI 1ST NOV4:20pm
SUN 3RD NOV1:00pm

Balloon (M)

FRI 1ST NOV1:00pm3:30pm6:00pm8:30pm
SAT 2ND NOV1:00pm3:30pm6:00pm8:30pm
SUN 3RD NOV12:15pm2:45pm7:15pm

Birds of Passage (MA15+)

FRI 1ST NOV1:15pm
SAT 2ND NOV1:15pm
SUN 3RD NOV12:30pm

Dora and the Lost City of Gold (PG)

FRI 1ST NOV10:00am
SAT 2ND NOV10:00am
SUN 3RD NOV10:00am

Good Boys (MA15+)

FRI 1ST NOV2:15pm
SAT 2ND NOV2:15pm
SUN 3RD NOV2:15pm

Green Light (M)

FRI 1ST NOV4:45pm
SAT 2ND NOV4:45pm
SUN 3RD NOV4:30pm

Hustlers (MA15+)

FRI 1ST NOV4:10pm8:50pm
SAT 2ND NOV4:10pm8:50pm
SUN 3RD NOV4:10pm8:15pm

Joker (MA15+)

FRI 1ST NOV1:15pm3:45pm6:15pm8:40pm
SAT 2ND NOV1:15pm3:45pm6:15pm8:40pm
SUN 3RD NOV12:15pm2:45pm5:15pm7:45pm

Judy (M)

FRI 1ST NOV11:00am4:00pm6:30pm8:50pm
SAT 2ND NOV11:00am4:00pm6:30pm8:50pm
SUN 3RD NOV10:15am3:00pm5:20pm8:00pm

Pavarotti (M)

FRI 1ST NOV10:30am6:30pm
SAT 2ND NOV10:30am6:30pm
SUN 3RD NOV10:00am6:30pm

Promised (PG)

FRI 1ST NOV2:00pm
SAT 2ND NOV2:00pm
SUN 3RD NOV1:15pm

Ready Or Not (MA15+)

FRI 1ST NOV11:00am8:45pm
SAT 2ND NOV11:00am8:45pm
SUN 3RD NOV10:15am5:15pm

Ride Like A Girl (PG)

FRI 1ST NOV11:00am8:30pm
SAT 2ND NOV11:00am8:30pm
SUN 3RD NOV10:15am5:30pm

The Dead Don’t Die (MA15+)

FRI 1ST NOV2:30pm
SAT 2ND NOV2:30pm
SUN 3RD NOV2:15pm

The Lion King 2019 (PG)

FRI 1ST NOV11:00am
SAT 2ND NOV11:00am
SUN 3RD NOV10:30am

Yuli (M)

FRI 1ST NOV1:30pm6:20pm
SAT 2ND NOV1:30pm6:20pm
SUN 3RD NOV12:45pm7:45pm

Zombieland 2: Double Tap (MA15+)

FRI 1ST NOV4:15pm8:40pm
SAT 2ND NOV4:15pm8:40pm
SUN 3RD NOV3:20pm7:45pm
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