New Students! October 28th

Today we introduce our new students. Welcome to Lexis English at Byron Bay!



Laura is from Spain. She is a cook and lives with her family in Seville. Her hobbies include music and sport. She is hoping to open her own restaurant in the future. Laura came to study in Byron Bay because it has a similar climate to Spain.

Sina is from Switzerland. She loves her job as a carpenter because she can see results at the end of the day. She also likes most sports and playing the saxophone. Sina is keen to learn English in Australia because there are lots of beaches and animals here and would also like to meet lots of people.

Imma is from Spain. Soccer is favourite sport but she also loves volleyball and surfing. She has a degree in audiovisual production and is about to finish a degree in audiovisual media. Imma wants to learn English because it’s very important for her job and decided to study in Australia because of the summer.

Max is from Germany. In his free time he enjoys hanging out with his friends and playing football. He lives in Bremen and works as an event manager. He has come to Australia to have fun and learn English.

Lucia P is from Spain. She lives with her family in a small village close to Salamanca. Her father and uncle have a sheep farm and her sister is a nurse. Lucia loves to read when it rains and walk her dogs to the lake. She is studying biology at the University of Salamanca. She would like to study English in Australia because it’s a beautiful country.

Amelie is from France. She was born in Jonzac where her father is a farmer and her mother is a secretary in a school. She is interested in art and loves to paint and draw. Photography is also a passion. Amelie has studied graphic design and was working for a wallpaper agency before she came to Australia. After studying in Byron Bay she will head to Sydney to meet her friends and travel.

Eunate is from Spain. She has studied to be a nurse and physiotherapy and worked for a public hospital before coming to Australia. She has been in Australia for 8 months already. Eunate really wants to improve her English and loves travelling. She wants to be able to communicate with everyone and plans to experience living in both New Zealand and Australia.

Lucia A is from Spain. She lives with her family on a very beautiful island called Mallorca. The most important person to Lucia is here brother. Her hobbies include going to the beach and reading. In Mallorca she studied and worked in a centre for children. She would like to learn English so she can go back and study more at University.

Joel is from Switzerland. He has worked as a landscape gardener since 2010 and is the boss to 5 people. He loves his job but wants a new adventure and is hoping to get a job as border control officer. After learning English in Byron Bay he will travel to Cairns, Alice Springs, and Perth.

Tanit is from Spain. She loves to swim, make jewellery, and listening to music. She has studied hair dressing but sells her jewellery at markets. She would like to learn English so she can travel the world selling her jewellery. She chose Australia because it has a nice climate and is beautiful.

Tania is from Spain. Her sister lives in Bristol and her mother and father live in Spain. She loves surfing and poetry. Tania has a degree in journalism but doesn’t want to work i that industry. At the moment she works in a hotel reception in France. She would love to study English in Australia because she loves the lifestyle and the surf.

Rosa Maria is from Spain. She lives in Mallorca with her family. She works as a manager is a shop since 2011 but would like to learn English to change her life. She studied as a  teacher while she was working. She will learn English in Byron and then go back to Spain where she will work as a teacher.


English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE and English plus Surfing and Yoga in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach.

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