New Students! October 21st

A very warm welcome to all our new students this week.


Shohei is from Japan. His hobbies are sports, arts, movies, and food. Shohei has been wanting to come to Australia since he was 15 to learn English. He works with a lot of customers from overseas and would love to be able to communicate better with them. He has a mother, sister and two brothers.

Claudia is from Spain. She lives in a small town called Los Bamos with her family and two dogs. She finished high school in England as she wanted to improve her English and experience another culture. Claudia believes Australia is the best place to learn English. She loves to paddle boarding and taking photos of the sunset.

Irene is from Spain. Her whole family live in Zaragoza but for the last two years she has been working in Barcelona. She studied an engineering degree in product development and design and finished her masters degree in Barcelona. The company she worked for designs and makes new products out of old plastic. It is important in her job to be able to speak English and chose to study in Byron bay because it has a lot to offer once she has finished at Lexis.

Ikuyo is from Japan. She worked for a menswear clothing company for 13 years but decided to quit. She would love to be a yoga instructor and has been learning yoga for 1 year. She heard that Byron Bay is famous for yoga and surfing. Her goal is to study English and yoga for a year and then set up a yoga studio in Byron Bay.

Veronica is from Italy. She loves nature, the ocean and would also love to have a new work experience, which is why she has come to Byron Bay. Her family live in a small city called Iglesias and she has one sister, Melissa, who is 21.

Martin is from Spain. His favourite hobbies are football and golf but he loves to spend time with his friends. He has studied Engineering and has lived and worked in Bournemouth in England. Martin has come to Australia to improve his English and likes that the weather is good here. He has a friend that lives here and has always heard about the fun experiences to be had in Australia.

Alba R is from Barcelona, Spain. She has very supportive parents and a younger sister. Alba has already lived and worked in China, United Kingdom, and France. She can speak several languages including, French, German, Spanish, and Catalan. She knows a bit of Chinese but just the basics. She has come to Australia with two friends and wants to experience the most she can while improving her English at Lexis.

Jonatas is from Brazil. He comes from a traditional catholic family who live in the south. He has come to Byron to not only learn English but also surf and meet many people. Jonatas has worked as a computer systems programmer and analyst for 10 years. Before he studied at university he completed a course in technology. His dream is to live near the beach and study English.

 Alba L is from Spain. She comes from Zaragoza, a small city between Madrid and Barcelona. She has 3 passions, basketball,  photography, and travelling. When she was 21 she moved to Barcelona to study photography. It was a difficult but worthwhile decision. Alba loves Barcelona as it has opened her mind to many new things and she also met so many different people. She has a very big family which includes 21 cousins.

Kazuya is from Japan. He has an older brother and a mother and father. He loves to work out and he sees going to the gym as a type of therapy and stress release. Kazuya used to study law at university but has decided to come to Australia and have a new experience. He would also like to be a personal trainer.

Cristobal is from Spain. His favourite hobbies include surfing and cycling. Australia is the best place for Cristobal  because he can surf every day as well as meet a lot of people. His plan is to learn English here so he can go home to Spain and be better in his job.

Nanamai is from Japan. She has a father, mother and older brother. She loves the beach, shopping and cosmetics. She has studied at college in Japan but is happy to be studying English in Australia. She is also hoping to learn how to surf while here.

Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE and English plus Surfing in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach.

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