New Starters! October 14th

This week we welcome 19 new students who are joining us at Lexis Byron Bay.


Daichi is from Tokyo, Japan. He lives with his mother, father, and younger sister. He works as a Hairdresser in Tokyo and if he moves back to Japan he will open his own salon. Daichi’s hobbies include skateboarding, tennis, and road tripping. He also likes nature and wildlife and is happy to be in Australia where there is lots of wildlife.

Michela is from Germany. Her Mother is a doctor and her Father is an engineer. She also has an older sister. She works as a nurse in a hospital and has just finished her bachelors degree in health sciences. She loves to spend her time with friends and doing sports like zumba or yoga. Michela decided to study English in Australia because she wanted to combine travelling to New Zealand and Australia while improving her English skills.

Dominik is from Switzerland. His uncle lives in Astonville which is about 20 minutes away from Byron Bay. Dominik will stay in Byron for the next 4 weeks and while he is here he hopes to learn how to surf and to better his English. He has one brother and one sister and works as a tax consultant. In his spare time he enjoys playing soccer and in winter he likes to ski in the Alps.

Katherina is from Germany.  Her hobbies include running, handball, and spending time with her friends. She also has one sister called Jessica. She is in Byron Bay for two weeks to study English and after her course she will travel around Australia and New Zealand. She has been working in a bank and when she returns to Germany she is hoping to find a similar job.

Daria is from Switzerland. She lives with her family and her 3 cats. Her favourite hobby is caring for her cats and meeting with friends. She works in a Hospital as a nurse but would love to work as a doctors assistant in a practice as it has better work hours. She likes the idea of learning English because she will be able to speak to many people from around the world.

Salvador is from Spain. He loves to travel and his hobbies include playing the ukulele and working with wood. He is very keen to learn English in Australia as it is a beautiful country and he is hoping to be able to understand and talk to everyone. He is looking forward to summer in Byron and having a good time.

Melina is from Laax, Switzerland. She usually works for the council office in Laax. Her hobbies include climbing, catching up with friends and listening to music. Melina looks forward to studying English in Australia as it will give her a skill for future use.

Lena is from Switzerland. She lives in a house with her mother and her boyfriend. She loves to play volleyball and is hoping to be able to play while in Byron. Lena works as a medical assistant and just finished her apprenticeship. She loves to travel and after studying in Byron she will travel up the east coast to Cairns.

Celia is from Belgium. She lives with her mother and two younger sisters. She recently finished her studies in social media and when she returns from Australia she will work in this field. Celia is hoping to travel Australia after her course in Byron so she can meet people and progress in her English.

Lisa is from Reunion. Reunion is a small island in the Indian Ocean where she lives with her parents. She has a sister that lives in France and a brother that lives in Quebec, Canada. She loves to travel and wildlife which is what brought her to Australia. Her hobbies are running and surfing. Lisa is here to study English but will also study Biology or Nutrition.

Elvira is from Switzerland. She is a return student to Lexis English. She studied on our English + Surfers programme for four weeks last summer. Now she is back and is hoping to leave with a Advanced level of English after 6 months of study here.

Patrik is from Czech Republic. His hobbies include sport, music, and literature. Patrik and his brother work on project together called ‘The Famous Literary Group’ where they are trying to bring back modern poetry and prose. He likes how relaxed Australia is which is why he chose to study English here.

Magdalena is from Czech Republic. When she was in her country she studied music. Her main subject was singing. She loves Australian music and feels that music helps connect people and words. This is the reason she choose to come to Australia and study English. Her dream is to be creative in English and be fluent enough to write her own lyrics.

Ludovico is from Italy. He is passionate about surfing and nature. He was studying Economics at university but decided to leave and do a bar tending course instead. He choose to come to Australia because of the great surf and amazing beaches. He doesn’t have any plans for the future, but is excited to see where life takes him.

Nolwen is from Reunion Island. Her parents really like to travel, so since she was little, her and her brother have been to many different countries. Her family lived in Australia in 2009 and they have visited every 2 years since. She loves this country and thinks the people are the nicest people she has ever met. She is passionate about music, surfing and the ocean. In the future she would like to study the history of cinema as she loves making film, learning about the process of sound and making stories.

Veronica is from Brazil. Her interests include reading, doing yoga, listening to music, travelling and learning about spirituality. She is an environmental engineer, she typically works with degraded areas and wind farms. She is here in Australia to improve her English so she can confidently work on international projects in the future.

Laura is from Spain. She loves sports, especially trail running and jiu jitsu (martial arts). She studied civil engineering, but currently is not working in this field. In the future she hopes to build a hostel in Spain and attract customers from all over the world, this is why she needs to improve her English.

Miriam is from Spain. Ever since she was a child, she has always loved nature. Her hobbies include trekking in nature and water activities. She also loves to read and listen to music. She has been working as a nurse since 2014 and loves her job. She wants to improve her English so she can become a better nurse and communicate with patients from all over the world.

Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE and English plus Surfing in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach.


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