New Starters! October 8th

A warm welcome to our 15 new students joining us at Lexis Byron Bay this week!


Guilherme is from Brazil. His hobbies include riding dirt bikes and motor cycles. Last year he finished his studies as a mechanic and is now working with his Step Father to build houses. He would like to improve his English so in the future he can run his own airbnb and be able to communicate with people from all over the world.

Juan is from Spain. He loves to travel and meet new people. His hobbies include surfing and exploring new places. He would like to study tourism when he returns to his country and in the future he hopes to be the owner of a hotel. He is very excited to be studying English in Australia as he has dreamed of visiting here since he was a child.

Anna is from Germany. In her free time she loves to act in the theater, spend time with friends and play the accordion. She is lucky enough to have family friends here in Byron Bay so is staying with them while she is here. After studying English she hopes to travel around the country and visit New Zealand.

Tamara is from Spain. She loves music, nature, going out with friends and drinking 😉 During her time in Australia she hopes to surf and practice yoga. In her country she works as a pediatric nurse, she loves working with children. She believes it is important for her to improve her English as she has a lot of patients who speak English, and it is important to be able to communicate with them.

Gabriel is from Brazil. He is very passionate about music. He plays the guitar and drums. He thinks Australia is a beautiful country and everyone should visit at least once in their life time. He is unsure what his future will hold, but for now he is very happy to be studying English here in Byron Bay.

Claudia is from Spain. She has always loved animals and at home she has a dog called Leah. <3 In the future she hopes to work as a Vet with wild animals, like whales and sharks. She believes learning English will help her reach her goals and provide more opportunity.

Sascha is from the German speaking part of Switzerland. He enjoys competing in biathlon. This sport includes cross country skiing and shooting. In Winter he is also a cross country skiing teacher in his village. He has just finished his apprenticeship as a mechanic. In the future he hopes to travel all over the world.

Robert is from the German speaking part of Switzerland. In his free time he likes to participate in active sports like boxing, hitting the gym and running. He has been told many great things about Byron Bay and all it’s magic and now he is very happy to be here studying for 6 weeks.

Enrico is from the German speaking part of Switzerland. He enjoys biking, running and playing tennis. He also likes to read a book and spend quality time with his friends and family. He is working as a project manager and has a lot of contacts with international people. He hopes to improve his English for future employment and so he can meet interesting people when he travels.

Javiera is from Chile. She loves to dance! She likes Australia for the beaches, beautiful weather and the people. She was working in a restaurant in her country and when she returns to Chile, she hopes to study.

Regina is from Chile. She loves to read, paint, draw and do yoga. She is here to experience the beautiful beaches and relaxed way of life. She is also hoping to learn to surf while she is in Australia. Regina is not sure what she will do in the future, but for now she is very happy taking life step by step and continuing to grow.

Ana is from Spain. Her hobbies include windsurfing, surfing, reading books and watching movies. She has always lived by the sea and is very passionate about water sports. She was not sure what she wanted to study after finishing high school but was motivated to come to Australia by her teacher at school. She believes English is very important for her future and is very excited to have the opportunity to be studying here in Byron Bay.

Ariadna is from Spain. She is here in Byron Bay with her sister. Her hobbies include cooking and travelling. She decided to come and study in Australia to improve her English as it is very important in her career. She is an industrial design engineer, but also a chef. While she is here she hopes to make many friends. 🙂

Yuske is from Japan. He loves to travel, and so far he has been to 12 countries. He is currently studying commerce. He hopes to be able to speak fluent English so he can travel to many countries and connect with people from all over the world.

Pascal is from the German speaking part of Switzerland. His hobbies include diving, snowboarding and biking. He is very interested in learning English for his future travels, as he loves to meet new people.

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