It’s the LONG Weekend! October 4th-7th

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surf report 4th


Brunswick Heads Markets – Saturday

Byron Bay Markets – Sunday

Pottsville Markets – Sunday

Lismore Car Boot Market – Sunday



 Jamie Ashforth @ Railway Hotel
 10:00am Nit Boy presented by BANG! Academy of Performing Arts @ Byron Theatre
 1:00pm Nit Boy presented by BANG! Academy of Performing Arts @ Byron Theatre
 5:00pm Du East @ Beach Hotel
 7:00pm Luke Morris @ The Sun
 7:30pm Cope St Parade @ Treehouse
 8:00pm Ooz @ The Sticky Wicket Bar
 8:30pm Follow The Fox @ Beach Hotel
 9:00pm Live DJs @ Woody’s Surf Shack
 9:00pm Praxis @ The Sticky Wicket Bar
 Goodrich @ Railway Hotel
 10:00am Nit Boy presented by BANG! Academy of Performing Arts @ Byron Theatre
 1:00pm Nit Boy presented by BANG! Academy of Performing Arts @ Byron Theatre
 5:00pm DJ Longtime @ Beach Hotel
 6:00pm Open Mic @ The Sun
 7:30pm Jez Mead @ Treehouse
 9:00pm Local DJs @ The Sticky Wicket Bar
 9:00pm Charlie Hustle @ Beach Hotel
 9:30pm Lemaire @ The Sticky Wicket Bar

Blind Willie Wagtail @ Railway Hotel

 Shelley’s Murder Boys @ Yulli’s
 10:00am Natty Dolasai & Family, Byron Drum Project (Taiko Drumming), Lady Abundance & Broadfoot @ Byron Community Market
 12:00pm Sunday Session DJs Jez J & Vinnie LaDuce @ Treehouse
 3:00pm Rembrandt – Exhibition On Screen @ Byron Theatre
 5:00pm Leigh James @ The Sun
 9:30pm DJ Longtime & Lordy Wardy @ Beach Hotel



Springbrook National Park and waterfall tour – $59


Secret Sundaze FREE gig @ 121 Jonson Street


Abominable (G)

FRI 4TH OCT 10:00am1:45pm
SAT 5TH OCT 10:00am1:45pm
SUN 6TH OCT 10:00am1:45pm
MON 7TH OCT 10:00am1:45pm


Ad Astra (M)

FRI 4TH OCT 10:00am3:30pm6:00pm
SAT 5TH OCT 3:30pm6:00pm8:30pm
SUN 6TH OCT 3:30pm6:00pm8:30pm
MON 7TH OCT 10:45am3:30pm6:00pm8:30pm


Amazing Grace (G)

FRI 4TH OCT 1:30pm
SAT 5TH OCT 1:30pm
SUN 6TH OCT 1:30pm
MON 7TH OCT 1:30pm


Angry Birds 2 (PG)

FRI 4TH OCT 11:30am
SAT 5TH OCT 11:30am
SUN 6TH OCT 11:30am
MON 7TH OCT 11:30am


Birds of Passage (MA15+)

FRI 4TH OCT 3:30pm6:00pm8:30pm
SAT 5TH OCT 3:30pm6:00pm8:30pm
SUN 6TH OCT 3:30pm6:00pm8:30pm
MON 7TH OCT 3:30pm6:00pm8:30pm


Dora and the Lost City of Gold (PG)

FRI 4TH OCT 10:00am4:10pm
SAT 5TH OCT 10:00am4:10pm
SUN 6TH OCT 10:00am4:10pm
MON 7TH OCT 10:00am4:10pm


Downton Abbey (PG)

FRI 4TH OCT 10:15am6:00pm
SAT 5TH OCT 10:15am6:00pm
SUN 6TH OCT 10:15am6:00pm
MON 7TH OCT 10:15am6:00pm


Good Boys (MA15+)

FRI 4TH OCT 2:10pm6:20pm
SAT 5TH OCT 2:10pm6:20pm
SUN 6TH OCT 2:10pm6:20pm
MON 7TH OCT 2:10pm6:20pm


IT: Chapter 2 (MA15+)

FRI 4TH OCT 12:30pm
SAT 5TH OCT 12:30pm
MON 7TH OCT 12:30pm


Joker (MA15+)

FRI 4TH OCT 11:00am1:30pm2:30pm4:00pm5:00pm6:30pm7:30pm9:00pm
SAT 5TH OCT 11:00am1:30pm2:30pm4:00pm5:00pm6:30pm7:30pm9:00pm
SUN 6TH OCT 11:00am1:30pm2:30pm4:00pm5:00pm6:30pm7:30pm9:00pm
MON 7TH OCT 11:00am1:30pm2:30pm4:00pm5:00pm6:30pm7:30pm9:00pm


LIFF19 Bangla (M)

SAT 5TH OCT 8:45pm


LIFF19 If Only (M)

SAT 5TH OCT 6:30pm


LIFF19 My Own Good (M)

MON 7TH OCT 1:30pm


LIFF19 Ordinary Happiness (M)

FRI 4TH OCT 6:30pm
SUN 6TH OCT 5:50pm


LIFF19 Promised (PG)

FRI 4TH OCT 1:30pm


LIFF19 Tomorrow’s a New Day (M)

FRI 4TH OCT 8:40pm
MON 7TH OCT 6:20pm


LIFF19 Twin Flower (M)

SUN 6TH OCT 8:00pm


Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (MA15+)

FRI 4TH OCT 3:45pm8:15pm
SAT 5TH OCT 3:45pm8:15pm
SUN 6TH OCT 8:15pm
MON 7TH OCT 3:45pm8:15pm


Palm Beach (M)

FRI 4TH OCT 4:00pm
MON 7TH OCT 4:00pm


Paw Patrol: Ready Race Rescue (G)

FRI 4TH OCT 10:15am
SAT 5TH OCT 10:15am
SUN 6TH OCT 10:15am
MON 7TH OCT 10:15am


Rambo: Last Blood (R18+)

FRI 4TH OCT 1:15pm
SAT 5TH OCT 1:15pm
SUN 6TH OCT 1:15pm
MON 7TH OCT 1:15pm


Ride Like A Girl (PG)

FRI 4TH OCT 4:00pm6:15pm8:30pm
SAT 5TH OCT 10:15am4:00pm6:15pm8:30pm
SUN 6TH OCT 10:50am4:15pm6:30pm8:40pm
MON 7TH OCT 10:15am4:00pm6:15pm8:30pm


Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (M)

FRI 4TH OCT 12:45pm8:30pm
SAT 5TH OCT 12:45pm8:30pm
SUN 6TH OCT 12:45pm8:30pm
MON 7TH OCT 12:45pm8:30pm


The Farewell (PG)

FRI 4TH OCT 11:00am
SAT 5TH OCT 11:00am
SUN 6TH OCT 11:00am
MON 7TH OCT 11:00am


The Goldfinch (M)

FRI 4TH OCT 3:00pm7:00pm
SAT 5TH OCT 3:00pm7:00pm
SUN 6TH OCT 3:00pm7:00pm
MON 7TH OCT 3:00pm7:00pm


The Lion King 2019 (PG)

FRI 4TH OCT 12:00pm
SAT 5TH OCT 12:00pm
SUN 6TH OCT 12:00pm
MON 7TH OCT 12:00pm


The Nightingale (MA15+)

FRI 4TH OCT 10:30am
SAT 5TH OCT 10:30am
MON 7TH OCT 10:30am


Ugly Dolls (G)

FRI 4TH OCT 12:15pm
SAT 5TH OCT 12:15pm
SUN 6TH OCT 12:15pm
MON 7TH OCT 12:15pm

Working Woman (CTC)

FRI 4TH OCT 11:00am [SNEAK]
SAT 5TH OCT 11:00am [SNEAK]
SUN 6TH OCT 11:00am [SNEAK]



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