Beach Kangaroo Campout

Hey Legends

What an epic weekend we had at the campout …. everyone is still buzzing …. one student from the weekend has already paid today to come on the next campout !!! Super keen ….


Thanks to all the students who sent the photos in to me… absolute legends !!!!!

The students were greeted by the resident kangaroos on arrival…..



Learning how to fish was a really awesome experience …. as you can see Aline hasn’t quite grasped the idea of fishing ……. LOL


Romy, now safe from being caught as a fish, is finally now relaxing …. showing Aline the correct way to fish….’in the water’


The campers stopped for lunch and had an encounter with a Diamond Python….. these snakes are non-venomous. They become most active in November, looking for mates and laying eggs. … As well as being non-poisonous, the Diamond Python is one of the most placid snakes in Australia, rarely hissing or threatening people.

Check her out ……


She’s massive …. her whole body isn’t even in the photo !! WOW ….


Check out this awesome setup… Mark is such a legend…. he went down on Friday and had it all setup for the students….



Good to see you guys didn’t pack too much booze.. i’ve been told this is just the drinks for lunch ……. ???


Amazing sunrises and sunsets


I love these photos .. some of you guys got pretty close … how cool


This big guy here obviously doesn’t miss a day at the gym haha … He’s MASSIVE but looks super chill  LOL3897bfb1-dc43-418b-9e34-019c68a6769d

What an awesome place to camp at aye !!!!


Of course we did some paddle boarding as well …..




Amazing night skies covered with stars ……



You guys rocked … thanks so much for coming on this awesome adventure…. the next campout is the 19th of October …..


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