It’s the Weekend! September 13th-15th







Byron Flea Market – Saturday

Kingscliff Markets – Saturday

The Channon Markets -Sunday


 Lazy Ghost, Squidslicker & The Bonnie Doons @ Hotel Great Northern
 12:30pm The Dream presented by Mullumbimby High Senior Drama School @ Byron Theatre
 5:00pm Du’East @ Beach Hotel
 7:00pm Tim Stokes @ The Sun
 7:00pm Animal Ventura @ Treehouse
 7:00pm Dyer Maker + Guests @ Byron Bay Brewery
 7:30pm The Dream presented by Mullumbimby High Senior Drama School @ Byron Theatre
 9:00pm Live DJs @ Woody’s Surf Shack
 9:00pm Local DJs @ The Sticky Wicket Bar – upstairs
 9:00pm Supercheese @ Beach Hotel
 10:00pm Jordan McRobbie @ The Sticky Wicket Bar – upstairs
 Pink Zinc @ Railway Hotel
 Totty, Pandamic, The Bonnie Doons & Dj Billy Bailey @ Hotel Great Northern
 1:00pm The Lehman Trilogy – National Theatre Live Screening @ Byron Theatre
 5:00pm DJ Longtime @ Beach Hotel
 6:00pm Open Mic Night @ The Sun
 7:00pm Huckleberry @ Treehouse
 9:00pm Local DJs @ The Sticky Wicket Bar – upstairs
 9:00pm Rhythm & Cutloose @ Beach Hotel
 10:00pm Biggy P @ The Sticky Wicket Bar – upstairs
 Jesse Pumphrey @ Hotel Great Northern
 Matthew Armitage @ Railway Hotel
 12:00pm Sabotage Daytime Fiesta @ Byron Bay Brewery
 12:00pm Session DJs Jezza J & Vinnie LaDuce @ Treehouse
 3:00pm Streeton Trio @ Byron Theatre
 4:30pm Friend Zone @ Beach Hotel
 5:00pm Mitchell Smith @ The Sun
 8:00pm Mohndoo @ Beach Hotel
 10:00pm Beandip @ Beach Hotel




Join Dee, and the rest of the team for the Lexis Aussie BBQ BONANZA on Saturday.

We are taking students to an awesome spot by the river just north of Byron Bay. We will be cooking you guys a BBQ lunch while you paddle board along the river, play cricket, football or throw a frizby around. The BBQ will be fancy dress with prizes to be won for the best dressed student. The theme will be ‘Aussie’.. see Dee’s costume below for inspiration.

First Prize: Full day on the Great Barrier Reef

Second Prize: Happy Coach to Nimbin



Sabotage Day Party @ Byron Bay Brewery


A Dog’s Journey (PG)

FRI 13TH SEP 10:45am
SAT 14TH SEP 10:45am
SUN 15TH SEP 10:45am


Amazing Grace (G)

FRI 13TH SEP 4:00pm6:20pm
SAT 14TH SEP 4:00pm6:20pm
SUN 15TH SEP 3:15pm5:15pm


Angel Has Fallen (CTC)

FRI 13TH SEP 11:00am
SAT 14TH SEP 11:00am
SUN 15TH SEP 10:20am


Angry Birds 2 (PG)

FRI 13TH SEP 10:30am12:40pm4:00pm
SAT 14TH SEP 10:30am12:40pm4:00pm
SUN 15TH SEP 10:30am12:40pm4:00pm


Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan (MA15+)

FRI 13TH SEP 11:30am
SAT 14TH SEP 1:30pm
SUN 15TH SEP 12:50pm


Dogman (MA15+)

FRI 13TH SEP 1:00pm
SAT 14TH SEP 1:00pm
SUN 15TH SEP 1:00pm


Downton Abbey (PG)

FRI 13TH SEP 10:30am1:00pm3:30pm6:00pm7:00pm8:30pm
SAT 14TH SEP 10:30am1:00pm3:30pm6:00pm7:00pm8:30pm
SUN 15TH SEP 10:00am12:30pm3:00pm5:30pm7:00pm8:00pm


Fast and Furious: Hobbs and Shaw (M)

FRI 13TH SEP 1:00pm
SAT 14TH SEP 1:00pm
SUN 15TH SEP 12:20pm


Good Boys (MA15+)

FRI 13TH SEP 2:20pm4:15pm6:00pm8:15pm
SAT 14TH SEP 2:20pm4:15pm6:00pm8:15pm
SUN 15TH SEP 2:20pm4:15pm6:00pm8:15pm


IT: Chapter 2 (MA15+)

FRI 13TH SEP 10:20am3:50pm6:15pm7:15pm8:30pm
SAT 14TH SEP 10:20am3:50pm6:15pm7:15pm8:30pm
SUN 15TH SEP 10:20am3:50pm6:15pm7:15pm8:00pm


Late Night (M)

FRI 13TH SEP 1:40pm


Palm Beach (M)

FRI 13TH SEP 1:30pm
SAT 14TH SEP 1:30pm
SUN 15TH SEP 1:30pm


The Australian Dream (MA15+)

FRI 13TH SEP 3:50pm
SAT 14TH SEP 3:50pm
SUN 15TH SEP 3:15pm


The Farewell (PG)

FRI 13TH SEP 10:50am2:50pm6:15pm
SAT 14TH SEP 10:50am2:50pm6:15pm
SUN 15TH SEP 10:15am2:50pm7:15pm


The Kitchen (MA15+)

FRI 13TH SEP 1:40pm
SAT 14TH SEP 1:40pm
SUN 15TH SEP 1:40pm


The Lion King 2019 (PG)

FRI 13TH SEP 10:30am8:15pm
SAT 14TH SEP 10:30am8:15pm
SUN 15TH SEP 10:30am5:30pm


The Nightingale (MA15+)

FRI 13TH SEP 3:15pm
SAT 14TH SEP 3:15pm
SUN 15TH SEP 3:15pm


Yesterday (M)

FRI 13TH SEP 10:20am
SAT 14TH SEP 10:20am
SUN 15TH SEP 10:20am


Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE and English plus Surfing and Yoga in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach

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