New Starters – Cambridge First! September 9th

Welcome to our new students starting our Cambridge First Course (FCE) this week and Agustina who is an existing student.


To get to know the class better, teacher Kathleen, asked the students to interview each other. Read below to find out more about our current FCE class..

Ramona (written by Adamo)

I’d like to introduce Ramona who is from Switzerland. She loves the culture of her country and the food also. Ramona works in a travel agency where she organises trips in Switzerland and Europe. She is doing the FCE to help her to find a good job and she decided to study in Byron Bay because it’s a small, quiet and beautiful place. Ramona loves riding horses, walking on the beach and having a drink with friends. She’d like to excel at riding horses. She told me that, if she was an animal, she would be a bird or a sea animal – like a dolphin – because then she could fly or swim.

Adamo (written by Ramona)

I’d like to introduce Adamo from Brazil. His mother chose this name because she has a good friend with a son named Adamo, and she likes the name so much. Adamo likes living in Brazil because of the culture, the friendly people, the weather and the good food. In his home country, he works as an engineer and has created his own business school. He is doing the FCE to improve his skills. He lived in Perth for 11 months and moved to Byron Bay because it’s small and quiet, and life is simple here. In his free time, he likes walking on the beach, drinking beer and travelling. He’s great at skydiving and, if he was an animal, would like to be an eagle.

Agustina (written by Elena)

I’d like to introduce Agustina to you. She’s 22 years old and comes from Argentina. Her parents named her Agustina because it’s one of her mum’s favourite names. In Argentina, she lives in a little village near Buenos Aires. She likes living there because it’s very close to her family and friends. Also, she loves the many different places like mountains, waterfalls, the desert and a lot more. She has finished a university degree in business management and is doing the FCE because English is an important language for her and the certificate will be good for her career. She chose Byron Bay because she fell in love with the beautiful beaches and friendly people. She’d love to be an excellent surfer. If she were an animal, she’d prefer to be a hummingbird because she loves the feeling of flight.

Anouk (written by Stefan)

Today I met Anouk who is from Vuarrens in Switzerland. What she likes about her country is that it’s small and everything is close. She likes the mountains too. In her home country, Anouk is a secretary. She’s doing the FCE because she wants to get a job that requires it; she’d love to excel in the FCE. In her free time, Anouk likes going out, and go running. If she were an animal, she’d be a cat because it’s an easy life.

Stefan (written by Anouk)

Today I met Stefan, from Switzerland, who lives in the region of Bern in the Swiss-German part of the country. He loves living there because of its mountains and lakes. He works as a mechanical engineer and is doing the FCE because it’s a good qualification for doing international projects in his job.  He’d like to excel in his job and in the FCE exam. He choose to come to Byron Bay because it’s a small town. In his free time, he loves modifying cars. If he was an animal, he would be a bird so that he could fly.

Chinami (written by Romy )

Today, I met Chinami whose name means ‘waves’, and waves are like life. She comes from Japan but will move to Australia because she thinks Japan is too busy. In Japan, Chinami worked in a trading company. Before she came to Byron Bay, she was in Perth for 10 months, doing the General English course. Now, she’s doing the FCE in Byron Bay because she likes it here. Because she likes to be on the beach, Chinami would love to be a great surfer. If she were an animal, Chinami would be a big bird.

Aline (written by Chinami)

I’d like to introduce Aline who is from Switzerland. Aline works in a hospital as a nurse and is doing the FCE because she needs to use English in her job. Some friends recommended that she come to Byron Bay to do the FCE. In Switzerland, she usually spends her free time doing boxing or skiing, or with friends. If she were an animal, Aline would be a lion.

Romy (written by Aline)

Today, I met Romy who is from the German part of Switzerland. She likes living in her home town because there are nice mountains. Romy works as a medical assistant and she is doing the FCE because she needs it for further study. Romy chose to do the FCE in Byron Bay because of the many different opportunities here to spend her free time. Her hobbies are: being in nature, skiing, and reading; and she would like to learn surfing. If she were an animal, Romy would be a cat.

Quentin (written by Stephan)

Today, I met Quentin, who was given his name because his parents like French names. He comes from Switzerland and likes living there because it’s close to the natural world. At home, Quentin is a motorcycle mechanic and, in his free time, he likes to ride his motorbike and go skiing. He likes English and thinks the FCE will be a good challenge. He chose Byron Bay to do the FCE because of the people, place and parties … and he’d like to learn surfing.

Stephan (written by Quentin)

So, today I met Stephan, who comes from Switzerland and lives in a small village near Aarow. He works as an electrician and wants to do the FCE for his job, as it can open a lot of opportunities for him. Stephan chose to do the FCE in Byron Bay for the surf and the parties, and he’d like to become a great surfer. If he had to become an animal, it would probably be an eagle or a dolphin.

Elena (written by Agustina)

I’d like to introduce Elena who is from Berne, Switzerland. She speaks German and a little French. She loves the environment of her country: the mountains and small towns. In her home country, Elena studied nursing and now she is doing the FCE so she can reach a higher level in her career. She decided to study in Byron Bay because it’s a small town and a beautiful place. Elena likes to spend her free time being outside or dancing. While she’s in Australia, she’d like to excel at surfing and English. If Elena could be an animal, she’d be a cat because they can be outside exploring or just sleeping all day.



Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE and English plus Surfing and Yoga in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach.


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