New Starters! September 9th

A big warm welcome to our new General English students joining us at Lexis Byron Bay this week!


Kento is from Japan. His hobbies are surfing, traveling and hip hop music. In Japan, he lived in Kyoto and worked as a designer and illustrator. His favourite place to visit is Aoshima Beach Park. The designer of the park, Hideo Miyahara, was inspired by Byron Bay beach culture and that is why Kento wanted to come to Byron Bay to study and work.

Ayumi is from Japan. She enjoys drinking beer and socialising with her friends. In Japan she worked very hard at an internet cafe. She was told by her agent that Australia is the best country for her to study in because the weather is good, the people and kind and it has beautiful beaches to enjoy. After studying at Lexis, Ayumi hopes to find work here in Australia.

Davide is from Italy. He has many interests including playing football and reading. He loves to travel and that is the reason he has come to Australia. He isn’t sure what he wants to do in the future but he thinks he will return to Italy and back to his old job working in insurance.

Zenon is from Spain. His hobbies include surfing and playing beach volleyball. He also likes to watch TV series and play video games. He is keen to study English because he thinks it is an important language to communicate with other people when travelling. He also loves the surf and nature here in Australia.

Lara is from Brazil. She has been studying animal science at University. She loves working on farms, especially with live stock and nature. She believes English is important for her professional life and also her travels. She is so happy to be in Australia, especially in Byron bay as she loves the beach and the good vibes 🙂

Ai is from Japan. She hopes to improve her English so she is able to have great conversations and make friendships with people from all over the world.  While she is in Byron Bay she wants to learn to surf and really enjoy the relaxed way of life here.

Camille is from Belgium. She likes many sports, especially boxing and fitness. She also plays tennis with her brother. Her other interest include going out with her friends and eating pizza and pasta 🙂 She has come to Australia to improve her English as she believes it is important for travelling and meeting people. After Camille has finished studying in Australia, she plans on going to The USA and Canada to do community work before returning to Belgium.

Chihiro is from Japan. She likes to listen to music and watch movies. Chihiro believes watching movies is good English practice for her as she watches them in English with Japanese subtitles. She hopes in the future to find work supporting people who want to study or work abroad, this is why it is important for her to improve her English.

Filipa is from Portugal. She loves to go out with her friends and go to night clubs and drink. She also likes to swim and dance. She worked in a post office for 3 years whilst also studying. She thinks Australia is an amazing country and she would like to discover all it has to offer while she is here.

Leslie is from the German speaking part of Switzerland. She is interested in photography and in her free time does gymnastics. She has always wanted to study in Australia as she has watched many TV shows that are set in Australia. After her time in Byron bay she will travel to Manly to continue to study and then when she returns to Switzerland she will do an apprenticeship at a radio station.

Samuel is from France. He is passionate about sport, especially football. He was studying at a sports university but had to stop as he injured his ACL. He then decided to come to Australia as he has never been here before. He believes English is an important language to learn for his future goals.

Michel is from the French speaking part of Switzerland. He enjoys outdoor activities like skiing, mountain running, cross fit and downhill mountain biking.  He also likes to cook and hopes to travel the world. He is excited to be in Australia and will begin looking for work here in the Summer.


Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE and English plus Surfing and Yoga in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach

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