It’s the Weekend! September 6th – 8th









 Ben Camden @ Hotel Great Northern
 Ragga Jump @ Railway Hotel
 4:00pm Steve Tyson @ Fresh
 5:00pm Jon J Bradley @ Beach Hotel
 6:00pm Nikky Morgan-Smith – Exhibition Opening – ‘The Darker Garden’ @ Lone Goat Gallery
 7:00pm Greg Kew @ The Sun
 7:00pm Timbuktu @ Treehouse
 7:00pm The Swamps @ Byron Bay Brewery
 8:00pm Felix @ The Sticky Wicket Bar – upstairs
 8:00pm Merryn Jeann @ Byron Theatre
 9:00pm Live DJs @ Woody’s Surf Shack – Upstairs
 9:00pm Electrik Lemonade @ Beach Hotel
 9:00pm Praxis @ The Sticky Wicket Bar – upstairs
 Z Star Trinity @ Railway Hotel
 Dicklord & Boing Boing @ Hotel Great Northern
 4:00pm Moraes @ Byron Bay Brewery
 5:00pm DJ Reflex @ Beach Hotel
 5:00pm Sydney Comedy Festival Showcase 2019 presented by Sydney Comedy  Festival @ Byron Theatre
6:00pm Open Mic Night @ The Sun
 7:00pm Carnavale Feelings @ Beach Hotel
 7:00pm DELI feat. Merryn Jeann @ Treehouse

8:00pm Sydney Comedy Festival Showcase 2019 presented by Sydney Comedy Festival @ Byron Theatre

 9:00pm Local DJs @ The Sticky Wicket Bar – upstairs
 10:00pm James Scott @ The Sticky Wicket Bar – upstairs

 Jesse Pumphrey @ Hotel Great Northern

 Honey Stone @ Railway Hotel
 April Perry @ Beach Hotel
 10:00am Lord of the Rings Marathon @ Byron Bay Brewery
 12:00pm Sunday Session DJs Jezza J & Vinnie LaDuce @ Treehouse
 3:00pm Matt Collins @ Byron Bay Brewery
 3:30pm The Pearl of Happiness presented by Bright Lights Performance School @ Byron Theatre
 4:30pm The Gypsy Clovers @ Beach Hotel
 5:00pm James Scott @ The Sun
 7:00pm Slim Pickens @ Fresh
 8:00pm DJ Lordy Wardy @ Beach Hotel
 10:00pm April Perry @ Beach Hotel




Whale Watching Tour – Only $80


SUNDAZE Free Party @ The Golf Club


A Dog’s Journey (PG)

FRI 6TH SEP 11:00am
SAT 7TH SEP 11:00am
SUN 8TH SEP 1:20pm


Amazing Grace (G)

FRI 6TH SEP 11:00am4:00pm6:15pm
SAT 7TH SEP 11:00am4:00pm6:15pm
SUN 8TH SEP 10:15am3:00pm7:45pm


Angel Has Fallen (CTC)

FRI 6TH SEP 12:30pm
SAT 7TH SEP 12:30pm
SUN 8TH SEP 12:30pm


Camino Skies (PG)

FRI 6TH SEP 10:30am
SAT 7TH SEP 10:30am
SUN 8TH SEP 10:30am


Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan (MA15+)

FRI 6TH SEP 4:45pm
SAT 7TH SEP 4:45pm
SUN 8TH SEP 4:45pm


Dogman (MA15+)

FRI 6TH SEP 3:45pm6:00pm
SAT 7TH SEP 3:45pm6:00pm
SUN 8TH SEP 2:30pm5:00pm


Fast and Furious: Hobbs and Shaw (M)

FRI 6TH SEP 1:00pm
SAT 7TH SEP 1:00pm
SUN 8TH SEP 12:15pm


IT: Chapter 2 (MA15+)

FRI 6TH SEP 10:15am1:30pm3:00pm6:15pm7:15pm8:15pm
SAT 7TH SEP 10:15am1:30pm3:00pm6:15pm7:15pm8:15pm
SUN 8TH SEP 10:15am1:30pm3:00pm6:15pm7:15pm


Late Night (M)

FRI 6TH SEP 1:20pm
SAT 7TH SEP 1:20pm


Palm Beach (M)

FRI 6TH SEP 4:00pm
SAT 7TH SEP 4:00pm8:40pm
SUN 8TH SEP 11:00am


The Australian Dream (MA15+)

FRI 6TH SEP 1:20pm3:40pm6:00pm
SAT 7TH SEP 1:20pm3:40pm6:00pm
SUN 8TH SEP 3:10pm5:30pm


The Farewell (PG)

FRI 6TH SEP 11:00am1:30pm3:45pm6:00pm8:15pm
SAT 7TH SEP 11:00am1:30pm3:45pm6:00pm8:15pm
SUN 8TH SEP 10:20am12:30pm2:40pm5:00pm,7:15pm


The Keeper (M)

FRI 6TH SEP 10:30am
SAT 7TH SEP 10:30am
SUN 8TH SEP 12:40pm


The Kitchen (MA15+)

FRI 6TH SEP 1:30pm8:20pm
SAT 7TH SEP 1:30pm8:20pm
SUN 8TH SEP 12:20pm7:30pm


The Lion King 2019 (PG)

FRI 6TH SEP 10:50am
SAT 7TH SEP 10:50am6:10pm
SUN 8TH SEP 10:10am5:00pm


The Nightingale (MA15+)

FRI 6TH SEP 3:40pm8:15pm
SAT 7TH SEP 3:40pm8:15pm
SUN 8TH SEP 3:40pm7:15pm


Toy Story 4 (G)

FRI 6TH SEP 11:00am
SAT 7TH SEP 11:00am
SUN 8TH SEP 10:15am

Yesterday (M)

FRI 6TH SEP1:15pm
SAT 7TH SEP1:15pm


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