Whale Watching

Hey Guys


So some of the students plus myself went whale watching last Sunday…..

Upon arrival we were greeted by the lovely staff that work at the Dive Centre. Before departure our group sat down and watched the safety video,  we then put our belongings in the lockers, our cameras in the water proof case, our spray jackets on and away we went.


The ocean was calm and wonderful.. We saw a turtle near Julia Rocks, plenty of sea birds and then the magic started… Massive Humpback whales started spirting water out of their blow hole… We even saw a sharks fin cruising across the surface of the water, which was super cool and rare.

It was such an amazing day, the guides were amazing with such great knowledge of the sea and the wild life that inhabit it. We learnt so much about these big beautiful creatures. a massive thank you to the team at Byron Bay Dive Centre. Thank you for taking care of us, making us laugh with your funny jokes, for educating us on the sea and the animals… It truely was a wonderful experience..

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