Whale Watching

So last weekend a group of students went whale watching with the Byron Bay Dive Centre…..

Each year, between May and November, southern hemisphere Humpback whales travel north from their Antarctic summer feeding grounds, past Cape Byron headland, and on to their breeding and birthing grounds in the sub-tropic. Once hunted to the brink of extinction, humpback whales now number about 80,000.


Fun Facts about Humpback Whales:

  • these beautiful creatures can grow up to 18 metres long
  • their flippers can grow up to 5 metres long, which is the largest appendage in the world.
  • weighing a whopping 40 tons!! thats about half the size of a blue whale.
  • like a human fingerprint, the tail of each humpback whale is unique.
  • they have two blowholes on top of their heads


Screen Shot 2019-07-19 at 1.13.18 pm


The whales will be around until November so make sure you come and see us down at the travel desk and book your tour ….

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