It’s the Weekend! July 12th – 14th








7:00pm Fergo @ Railway Hotel

 8:00pm Dan Hannaford – Versa International @ The Sticky Wicket Bar – upstairs
 5:00pm Scott Day Vee @ Beach Hotel
 6:00pm Martin Lartigau @ Targa
 6:00pm Exhibition Lee McConnell ‘Hypnagogic Tableau’ @ Lone Goat Gallery
 7:00pm Sarah Grant @ The Sun
 7:00pm Jayo & Katalyst @ Treehouse
 7:00pm Dosed + Captain Squidlicker & The Sinking Ships + Pauly P @ Byron Bay   Brewery
 9:00pm Madison Kat @ Beach Hotel
 9:00pm Secret Guest + Cosmo DJs @ Locura
 8:00pm Ooz @ The Sticky Wicket Bar – upstairs
 7:00pm Slime @ Railway Hotel
 5:00pm DJ Longtime @ Beach Hotel
 6:00pm Open Mic Night @ The Sun
 6:00pm Acoustic Gypsy Jazz with Ben Julian @ Foxy Luu’s
 7:00pm Kimono Drag Queens + Guests @ Byron Bay Brewery
 7:00pm Smoke & Rain @ Treehouse
 9:00pm DJ Lordy Wardy @ Beach Hotel
 9:00pm Club Locura with Pumah + Moontide @ Locura
 8:00pm Jesse Pumphrey @ Hotel Great Northern
 8:00pm Squash Courts @ Railway Hotel
 12:00pm Sunday Session DJs Vinnie LaDuce & Jezza J @ Treehouse
 2:00pm Sun Daze Live DJ Music on the Deck @ Byron Bay Golf Club
 4:00pm Sky High with Mosese Parker and the Fire Jammers + More @ Byron Bay Brewery

4:30pm Friend Zone @ Beach Hotel

 5:00pm James Scott @ The Sun
 8:00pm DJ Dave Dog @ Beach Hotel


Byron Flea Market – Saturday

Kingscliff Markets – Saturday

The Channon Markets -Sunday



Stoker at The Northern – FREE


Whale Watching – $80


2040 (G)

FRI 12TH JUL 4:30pm
SAT 13TH JUL 4:30pm
SUN 14TH JUL 4:30pm


Aladdin (PG)

FRI 12TH JUL 10:15am8:50pm
SAT 13TH JUL 10:15am8:50pm
SUN 14TH JUL 10:00am8:40pm


An Unexpected Love (M)

FRI 12TH JUL 12:50pm3:30pm6:10pm8:50pm
SAT 13TH JUL 12:50pm3:30pm6:10pm8:50pm
SUN 14TH JUL 12:40pm3:20pm6:00pm8:40pm


Annabelle Comes Home (M)

FRI 12TH JUL 1:50pm
SAT 13TH JUL 1:30pm
SUN 14TH JUL 12:20pm


Book Smart (MA15+)

FRI 12TH JUL 12:10pm2:20pm4:30pm6:15pm8:40pm
SAT 13TH JUL 12:10pm2:20pm4:30pm6:15pm8:40pm
SUN 14TH JUL 12:00pm2:10pm4:20pm6:20pm,8:40pm


Claire Darling (M)

FRI 12TH JUL 4:15pm
SAT 13TH JUL 10:00am
SUN 14TH JUL 10:00am


Men In Black International (M)

FRI 12TH JUL 10:00am8:30pm
SAT 13TH JUL 10:00am8:30pm
SUN 14TH JUL 10:00am7:30pm


Mystify Michael Hutchence (M)

FRI 12TH JUL 6:15pm
SAT 13TH JUL 4:00pm6:15pm
SUN 14TH JUL 3:00pm5:15pm


Never Look Away (M)

FRI 12TH JUL 12:20pm
SAT 13TH JUL 12:20pm
SUN 14TH JUL 12:20pm


Parasite (MA15+)

FRI 12TH JUL 1:15pm8:30pm
SAT 13TH JUL 1:15pm8:30pm
SUN 14TH JUL 1:00pm8:30pm


Red Joan (M)

FRI 12TH JUL 10:00am


Rocketman (M)

FRI 12TH JUL 3:45pm6:15pm8:45pm
SAT 13TH JUL 3:45pm6:15pm8:45pm
SUN 14TH JUL 3:10pm5:45pm8:15pm


Sink or Swim (M)

FRI 12TH JUL 11:00am


Stuber (CTC)

FRI 12TH JUL 2:00pm4:00pm6:40pm8:45pm
SAT 13TH JUL 2:00pm4:00pm6:40pm8:45pm
SUN 14TH JUL 1:50pm4:00pm6:30pm8:30pm


The Secret Life of Pets 2 (PG)

FRI 12TH JUL 10:00am12:00pm6:00pm
SAT 13TH JUL 10:00am12:00pm6:00pm
SUN 14TH JUL 10:00am12:00pm6:00pm


The Third Wife (MA15+)

FRI 12TH JUL 11:00am
SAT 13TH JUL 11:00am
SUN 14TH JUL 11:00am


The White Crow (M)

SUN 14TH JUL 3:45pm


Toy Story 4 (G)

FRI 12TH JUL 10:00am12:10pm2:20pm6:30pm
SAT 13TH JUL 10:00am12:10pm2:20pm6:30pm
SUN 14TH JUL 10:00am12:10pm2:20pm6:30pm


Wild Rose (M)

FRI 12TH JUL 4:00pm
SAT 13TH JUL 4:00pm


X-Men: Dark Phoenix (M)

SAT 13TH JUL 10:50am
SUN 14TH JUL 10:00am


Yesterday (M)

FRI 12TH JUL 10:50am1:20pm4:00pm6:30pm9:00pm
SAT 13TH JUL 10:50am1:20pm4:00pm6:30pm,9:00pm
SUN 14TH JUL 10:15am12:40pm3:50pm6:10pm,8:30pm


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