It’s (almost) the Weekend! July 5th-7th









  •  7:00pm EPIC @ Railway Hotel
  •  7:00pm Lemaire @ The Sticky Wicket Bar – upstairs
  •  7:00pm Fight Ibis, The Good Mourning and Okmattcollins @ Hotel Great Northern
  •  5:00pm Leigh James @ Beach Hotel
  •  7:00pm Dan Hannaford @ The Sun
  •  7:00pm African LEAF Trivia Night @ Byron Bowlo
  •  7:30pm Christian Patey @ Treehouse
  •  8:00pm Wax’o Paradiso @ Locura
  •  8:00pm PLTS + Baby + Regular Band + Victor Bravo + Middlewing @ Byron Bay   Brewery
  •  9:00pm Follow The Fox @ Beach Hotel
  •  Live DJs @ Woody’s Surf Shack – Upstairs
  •  7:00pm Goodrich @ Railway Hotel
  •  7:00pm Honey Hayze Leroy Francis, Sloan Peterson and Garage Sale @ Northern
  •  1:00pm The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare – RSC Live Screening @   Byron Theatre
  •  5:00pm DJ Longtime @ Beach Hotel
  •  6:00pm Acoustic Gypsy Jazz with Ben Julian @ Foxy Luu’s
  •  7:00pm Club Locura with Oli Wright + Benjamas @ Locura
  •  7:00pm The Swamps @ Byron Bay Brewery
  •  7:30pm Kristen Lee Morris @ Treehouse
  •  9:00pm Mood Swing & Chevy Bass @ Beach Hotel
  •  When Harry Met Swanny @ Hotel Great Northern
  •  Jamie Ashforth Trio @ Railway Hotel
  •  12:00pm Sunday Session DJs Vinnie LaDuce & Jezza J @ Treehouse
  •  2:00pm Barefoot Beat Live DJ Music on the Deck @ Byron Bay Golf Club
  •  4:30pm Ragga Jump @ Beach Hotel
  •  5:00pm Biggy P @ The Sun
  •  6:00pm Open Mic Night @ The Sun
  •  8:00pm Monhdoo @ Beach Hotel
  •  9:00pm Club Locura with Oli Wright + Benjamas @ Locura




Brunswick Heads Markets


Byron Bay Markets

Pottsville Markets

Lismore Car Boot Market



If you feel like having a bit of a boogie ..  Mood Swing & Chevy Bass have a free gig at the Beach Hotel on Saturday night!



A chance to cuddle a koala and see some of Australia’s cutest animals up close at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary! Afterwards there will be time for some shopping at the amazing shopping centers on the Gold Coast! – $65

koala cute.jpg


2040 (G)

FRI 5TH JUL 4:40pm
SAT 6TH JUL 4:40pm
SUN 7TH JUL 3:40pm


Aladdin (PG)

FRI 5TH JUL 10:40am6:20pm
SAT 6TH JUL 10:40am6:20pm
SUN 7TH JUL 10:15am5:50pm


An Unexpected Love (M)

FRI 5TH JUL 10:15am3:30pm6:10pm8:50pm
SAT 6TH JUL 10:15am3:30pm6:10pm8:50pm
SUN 7TH JUL 10:00am3:10pm5:50pm8:30pm


Annabelle Comes Home (M)

FRI 5TH JUL 3:30pm9:15pm
SAT 6TH JUL 3:30pm9:15pm
SUN 7TH JUL 2:50pm7:45pm


Claire Darling (M)

FRI 5TH JUL 1:15pm
SAT 6TH JUL 1:15pm
SUN 7TH JUL 12:30pm


Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake (CTC)

SAT 6TH JUL 1:00pm
SUN 7TH JUL 1:00pm


Men In Black International (M)

FRI 5TH JUL 10:30am1:00pm9:00pm
SAT 6TH JUL 10:30am9:00pm
SUN 7TH JUL 10:10am8:30pm


Mystify Michael Hutchence (M)

FRI 5TH JUL 6:30pm
SAT 6TH JUL 1:00pm6:30pm
SUN 7TH JUL 12:40pm6:00pm


Never Look Away (M)

FRI 5TH JUL 2:40pm8:10pm
SAT 6TH JUL 2:40pm8:10pm
SUN 7TH JUL 2:15pm7:15pm


Parasite (MA15+)

FRI 5TH JUL 3:40pm8:10pm
SAT 6TH JUL 3:40pm8:10pm
SUN 7TH JUL 3:10pm7:45pm


Red Joan (M)

FRI 5TH JUL 10:15am
SAT 6TH JUL 10:15am


Rocketman (M)

FRI 5TH JUL 10:15am3:45pm6:15pm8:45pm
SAT 6TH JUL 10:15am3:45pm6:15pm8:45pm
SUN 7TH JUL 10:00am2:30pm5:00pm7:30pm


Spider-Man: Far From Home (M)

FRI 5TH JUL 10:15am1:00pm3:45pm6:40pm8:40pm
SAT 6TH JUL 10:15am1:00pm3:45pm6:40pm8:40pm
SUN 7TH JUL 10:10am12:45pm3:20pm5:00pm


The Secret Life of Pets 2 (PG)

FRI 5TH JUL 10:00am12:00pm2:00pm6:15pm
SAT 6TH JUL 10:00am12:00pm2:00pm6:15pm
SUN 7TH JUL 10:00am11:50am1:45pm5:50pm


The Third Wife (MA15+)

FRI 5TH JUL 12:30pm6:00pm
SAT 6TH JUL 12:30pm6:00pm
SUN 7TH JUL 12:10pm5:10pm


Toy Story 4 (G)

FRI 5TH JUL 10:00am12:15pm2:30pm6:00pm8:15pm
SAT 6TH JUL 10:00am12:15pm2:30pm6:00pm8:15pm
SUN 7TH JUL 10:00am12:15pm2:30pm5:45pm,8:00pm


Wild Rose (M)

FRI 5TH JUL 3:50pm
SAT 6TH JUL 3:50pm
SUN 7TH JUL 10:00am


X-Men: Dark Phoenix (M)

FRI 5TH JUL 1:00pm
SAT 6TH JUL 1:15pm
SUN 7TH JUL 12:50pm


Yesterday (M)

FRI 5TH JUL10:30am1:30pm4:00pm6:30pm9:00pm
SAT 6TH JUL10:30am1:00pm4:00pm6:30pm9:00pm


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