It’s the Weekend! June 21st-23rd

weekend 8







DJ Longtime @ The Beach Hotel – FREE


Nimbin Happy Coach – $55





 Micka Scene Band @ Railway Hotel
 Biggy P + Local DJs @ The Sticky Wicket Bar – upstairs
 Seaside, Towns, Sophie Ozard @ Hotel Great Northern
 5:00pm John Fog @ Beach Hotel
 6:00pm Martin Lartigau @ Targa
 7:00pm Greg Kew @ The Sun
 7:00pm Jordan McRobbie @ Treehouse
 7:00pm Ruby Tuesdays + Guests @ Byron Bay Brewery
 9:00pm Live DJs @ Woody’s Surf Shack – Upstairs
 9:00pm Madam Parker @ Beach Hotel
 Living in the 70s @ Railway Hotel
 James Scott + Local DJs @ The Sticky Wicket Bar – upstairs
 Tijuana Cartel + The Starktones @ Hotel Great Northern
 3:00pm Future Faktori’s 3rd B’day Jackknife + More @ Byron Bay Brewery
 5:00pm DJ Longtime @ Beach Hotel
 6:00pm Open Mic Night @ The Sun
 6:00pm Acoustic Gypsy Jazz with Ben Julian @ Foxy Luu’s
 6:00pm The Hombres – Fundraiser for Sean’s Boots @ Byron Bay Golf Club
 7:00pm Josh Lee Hamilton @ Treehouse
 7:00pm Jack McCoy Talk Story @ Byron Theatre
 9:00pm DJ Ceviche @ Beach Hotel
 When Harry Met Swanny @ Hotel Great Northern
 Sarah Grant Trio @ Railway Hotel
 12:00pm Sunday Session DJs Vinnie LaDuce & Jezza J @ Treehouse
 3:00pm Dos Loona @ Byron Bay Brewery
 3:00pm Love for Yeshe @ Kulcha Jam
 5:00pm John Mason @ The Sun
 6:30pm EPIC presented by Deborah Conway and Willy Zygier @ Byron Theatre
 9:00pm Madam Parker @ Beach Hotel






Palace cinema

2040 (G)

FRI 21ST JUN4:30pm8:00pm
SAT 22ND JUN4:30pm8:00pm
SUN 23RD JUN4:30pm7:00pm


Aladdin (PG)

FRI 21ST JUN10:30am1:30pm6:15pm
SAT 22ND JUN10:30am1:30pm6:15pm
SUN 23RD JUN10:00am12:45pm5:50pm


Avengers: End Game (M)

FRI 21ST JUN12:30pm
SAT 22ND JUN12:30pm
SUN 23RD JUN12:00pm


Child’s Play (CTC)

FRI 21ST JUN12:30pm3:45pm8:30pm
SAT 22ND JUN12:30pm3:45pm8:30pm
SUN 23RD JUN12:10pm2:45pm8:30pm


Claire Darling (M)

FRI 21ST JUN10:30am1:15pm6:30pm
SAT 22ND JUN10:30am1:15pm6:30pm
SUN 23RD JUN10:00am12:45pm6:30pm


John Wick 3: Parabellum (MA15+)

FRI 21ST JUN1:15pm
SAT 22ND JUN1:15pm


My Big Gay Italian Wedding (M)

FRI 21ST JUN6:00pm
SAT 22ND JUN6:00pm
SUN 23RD JUN5:15pm


Never Look Away (M)

FRI 21ST JUN10:20am2:30pm8:00pm
SAT 22ND JUN10:20am2:30pm8:00pm
SUN 23RD JUN10:00am2:10pm7:15pm


Red Joan (M)

FRI 21ST JUN4:00pm6:15pm
SAT 22ND JUN4:00pm6:15pm
SUN 23RD JUN4:00pm5:30pm


Rocketman (M)

FRI 21ST JUN1:20pm3:50pm6:20pm8:40pm
SAT 22ND JUN1:20pm3:50pm6:20pm8:40pm
SUN 23RD JUN12:50pm3:20pm5:50pm8:15pm


The Heiresses (M)

FRI 21ST JUN10:15am
SAT 22ND JUN10:15am
SUN 23RD JUN10:00am


The Secret Life of Pets 2 (PG)

FRI 21ST JUN11:00am1:45pm4:15pm6:00pm
SAT 22ND JUN11:00am1:45pm4:15pm6:00pm
SUN 23RD JUN10:30am12:30pm3:30pm5:00pm


Tolkien (M)

FRI 21ST JUN11:00am
SAT 22ND JUN11:00am
SUN 23RD JUN10:30am


Top End Wedding (M)

FRI 21ST JUN3:30pm
SAT 22ND JUN3:30pm
SUN 23RD JUN2:50pm


Toy Story 4 (G)

FRI 21ST JUN11:15am1:30pm3:45pm6:00pm8:15pm8:50pm
SAT 22ND JUN11:15am1:30pm3:45pm6:00pm8:15pm8:50pm
SUN 23RD JUN11:00am1:15pm3:30pm5:45pm,7:50pm8:20pm


Wild Rose (M)

FRI 21ST JUN4:00pm9:15pm
SAT 22ND JUN4:00pm6:15pm8:50pm
SUN 23RD JUN3:30pm6:15pm8:30pm


X-Men: Dark Phoenix (M)

FRI 21ST JUN8:50pm
SAT 22ND JUN8:30pm
SUN 23RD JUN7:50pm


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