New Starters! May 3rd

Welcome to our 8 new starters joining us at Lexis Byron Bay today!


Julia is from Brazil. She believes Australia has a similar lifestyle and weather than what she is used to so that is why she decided to study here. She currently studies law in Brazil and has some great skills in Portuguese grammar. She hopes to one day be as skilled in English.

Nayami is from Japan. She has transferred to us from Noosa.

Aiko is also from Japan. She is an aunt to three young boys. In Japan she works in real estate. Her hobbies include baking, she finds kneading dough makes her relaxed and she loves the taste of fresh bread. She hopes to improve her English so she can speak directly with her English speaking clients in the future.

Fernanda is from Chile. She loves to spend time with her friends and family and also her beloved dog, Bako. She has been working as a pastry chef in her country. She has also studied English in London. She decided to come to Australia because she has had a lot of people tell her it is a great country. After studying at Lexis she will study environmental science.

Roslane is from Brazil. She works for Nestle as food engineer, working with chocolate products. She previously worked with ice cream. She loves her job!!! In her free time Roslane likes to go to the beach with her friends, family and boyfriend. She has always thought Australia is a beautiful country and she is excited to have one month here to enjoy.

Titus is from Switzerland. In his free time he likes to play tennis, go for a run, make music and meet friends and family. When he was young he started diving and since then he likes to travel with his father and dive at beautiful places around the world. While in Byron, Titus hopes to improve his surfing skills as well as his English. After studying at Lexis, he plans to travel to Cairns, Sydney and Alice Springs.

Tommaso is from Italy. He is very interested in nature and he loves to surf. He has just finished studying at high school and has worked for the last year as a waiter, saving money for his travels. He believes it is important to study English so he can communicate with people and for future employment.

Naoki is from Japan, he has transferred to us from Perth.

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