Graduation! 22nd March

Congratulations and farewell to our 11 students graduating from Lexis Byron Bay!!

Claudias class

Oscar, from Spain, graduates from Claudia’s IELTS Preparation class. It has been great to have Oscar in class and we have appreciated all his contributions to our class discussions. His English has continuously improved with all the effort he has put in and we wish you all the best for your future and your IELTS Exam.

Juliane, from Brazil, graduates from Claudia’s Upper Intermediate class. Her enthusiasm has really contributed to a positive class atmosphere and she will be missed. Juliane has always been a very motivated student and should be very proud of how far she has come since starting at Lexis. We know that you will do very well in the future Juliane, wishing you all the best.

Vadim, from Belgium, graduates from Claudia’s IELTS Preparation class. Thank you for being such a friendly student at Lexis, we have enjoyed Vadim’s positive attitude on campus and we wish you all the best for your IELTS Exams.


Gustavo, from Brazil, graduates from Adrienne’s Pre-Intermediate Class. Gustavo has improved his grammar and speaking skills in the last few weeks as well as fitting into the class perfectly from the beginning. All the best with your plans to stay in Australia Gustavo, we wish you well in Tasmania and hope you are prepared for a cold winter! Stay in touch and enjoy the last of your time here in Byron.

Pascal, from Switzerland, graduates from Adrienne’s Pre-Intermediate class. Pacscal has been a dream student and her speaking, especially, her word order has improved. We enjoyed getting to know you at Lexis, and hope you enjoy the rest of your trip, whatever you end up doing. All the very best Pascal.


Ana, far right

Rahel, standing at the far right, on her first day

Rahel, from Switzerland, is graduating from Elizabeth’s Upper Intermediate class. Well done Rahel, you have participated so well in class and your contributions have been greatly appreciated. We wish you all the best for your future.

Marina, from Spain, is graduating from Elizabeth’s Upper Intermediate and IELTS Preparation class. Even though, it has been a short time at Lexis, it has been lovely. Marina has contributed actively to class discussions and can use and apply her English knowledge and skills to a variety of situations. We wish you all the best Marina.

Giovana, from Brazil, is graduating today from Elizabeth’s Upper Intermediate class. Giovana, has shown a high level of determination and dedication, going from Pre-Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate. We wish her all the best with her future. Congratulations Giovana!

Elizabeths class1

Mayra, from Chile, graduates from Kristy’s Intermediate class today. Mayra has shown steady improvement over the last 3 months. Her pronunciation is very good and speaking is her strength! We wish you all the very best for your future Mayra.

Ana, from Spain, graduates from Kristy’s Intermediate class. Ana has improved steadily throughout the weeks, in all areas of grammar and speaking.  Ana is great to have a conversation with and she will be missed! All the very best for your future Ana and we hope you continue to communicate in English because you are very capable!

Tammy, from Switzerland, graduates from Michelle’s Pre-Intermediate class today. Tammy has come such a long way since she first started in Elementary. She always brings a great attitude to class and we all wish she could stay longer. Best wishes for your travels Tammy, relax and enjoy!

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