Hiroshima Juniors Coffee Club! March 20th


Yesterday, we held coffee club in the morning especially for our Hiroshima Juniors group! We all met outside the student lounge downstairs at 9.00am and enjoyed some delicious coffees and TimTams 🙂

Learning how to say ‘cheers’ 😀


We all chatted together and got to know each other a little better. We spoke about where we are from and what it is like there. I learned that Hiroshima is great for oysters and lemon trees, with lemon cake being a favourite way to use the lemons!

I learned about everyone’s school life and what they like/don’t like in school. Everyone has different hobbies, interests and aspirations, which is very interesting to chat about together. Some students are sporty, playing tennis (with a hard ball, something I just learned about yesterday!) and football, while others are musical and enjoy piano and trombone!


We were so engrossed in our chats and getting to know eachother that we forgot to play any of our games! Next week, we will! 😉

Until next time…


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