Aussie Food Tasting! 21st March

Today we gave some Aussie classic food a taste.

There were some crowd favorites and some food that nobody liked! We discovered that, with a lot of butter, vegemite sandwiches are not so bad!! We all agreed lamingtons are delicious, and are NOT made out of the same sponge you wash the dishes with! It was a revelation to work out mince pies are savory, and not sweet and some of us thought musk sticks taste like perfume. The Tim Tams we are all familiar with, were the first plate to be emptied.. closely followed by the very yummy ANZAC biscuits!



-Vegemite sandwiches

-Caremello Koalas


– Mince Pies and Sausage Rolls


-Musk Sticks


-Allens Red Frogs


-Macadamia Nuts


-(Everyone’s favourite) Tim Tams 


It was nice to see everyone giving everything a try, even if some of the food seemed strange and didn’t smell very good (vegemite)! It will be fun to make our own ANZAC biscuits soon!


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