Sushi Making! March 6th


On Wednesday last week we made Sushi! We all met in the kitchen at 11.30am.


Our sushi ingredients: Yaki Nori (seaweed sheets), sushi rice, rice wine vinegar, soy sauce, caster sugar, bamboo rolling mat, mayonnaise, cling wrap, tuna, smoked salmon, cream cheese, carrots, avocado, cucumber and of course – pickled ginger and wasabi! 

There is a lot of preparation involved in sushi-making so everyone had different jobs to do. The first thing was to get the rice cooking! We had special short grain ‘sushi rice’. Cooking rice can be difficult and we wanted it to be perfect so Jesse took charge, using his phone as a timer.

While the rice was cooking, everyone took to chopping and preparing the vegetables, cutting them into thin long strips, long enough to fit in a whole sushi roll.

The bamboo sushi mats had to be covered in cling film – this helps with making smooth rolls, so the rice doesn’t get stuck in the bamboo. It is also keeps the mats clean!

Opening the tuna proved to be quite the challenge! 😀

While we waited for the rice to cook, we covered all our filling ingredients and went outside to chat 🙂


Very excited that the rice is done! 😀


Sushi rolling time!


Check out these perfect rolls!

Some people left theirs as full rolls, while others cut them into little bite size pieces.

Everyone very happy with their sushi 😀


Delicious 😉

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