New Starters! 18 February

Welcome to our fourteen new students joining us at Lexis Byron Bay today!


Claudia is from Girona, Spain. Her hobbies are photography and going to the cinema. She also loves to travel and be by the ocean. Whilst in Byron she is hoping to add surfing to her list of hobbies! Last year she finished her degree in Advertising and Public Relations. It has always been her dream to come to Australia so she decided to combine this with learning English for her professional future!

Li Yu is from Taiwan and goes by her nickname Lily! She joins Serena’s Elementary class and will study with us for 8 weeks. She loves Australia so is very happy and excited to be here in Byron for the next couple of months!

Hanan is from Bern, the capital of Switzerland. She likes to read books, swim and be outside in nature. She also likes to party and meet new people. She has been working for the past 4 years in event management but wanted a little break; which is what brings her to Byron! She wants to improve her English so she can find a new job in a bigger company!

Gaetan was born in France but grew up in the Canary islands. He is a sea lover and spends much of his time surfing, snorkeling and swimming. He studied Economy -Philosophy but now wants to improve his English so he can complete a Marketing course. He is looking forward to returning home with a new point of view, language and knowledge of another culture!

Joan is from Spain. His interests are history, football and going to the beach with his friends and family. During the summer he works in a hotel and in the winter he studies history. In the future he would like to travel to many countries and have a good job in hotel; English will help him with both these dreams!

Emanuel is from Italy. His hobbies are fishing and cooking. He is a professional chef and has worked for many restaurants and important hotels in Italy. He is looking forward to improving his English here in Australia!

Andrea is from Italy. He has many hobbies, including listening to music, playing basketball, going to the gym, reading and watching TV series. The thing he loves doing the most though is going out with friends! He studied to become an architect but decided it wasn’t the right career path for him and instead became a pizza maker! He went to England last year to learn English but now wants a refresher and to travel around Australia!

Cristina is from Basque country in the North of Spain. She enjoys spending time with her boyfriend and friends; going for a coffee or to the cinema and beach. She works in Human Resources and her work have told her it is important for her profession that she improves her English, which is what brings her here to Lexis!

Hong Ki is from Korea. He is studying at University and doing an internship with LG Inotek, but wanted to take a break to improve his English. He is looking forward to this new experience, studying English and achieving his goals!

Ivan is from Fuerteventura, Canary Island. He loves surfing and animals; these are two of the main things that brought him to Australia. The other reason he chose Australia for his studies is because of the marine life and forests. He needs to improve his English so he is able to study in other cities when he returns to Europe!

Haruka is from Japan. She enjoys doing yoga and art. She is here to improve her English to find a good job. She will study with us for 10 weeks before returning to Japan to find work with her new language!

Selena, Selly for short, is from Italy and the Republic of San Marino. She enjoys going out with friends, surfing and practicing yoga; all of which she’ll be able to do plenty of here in Byron! She also chose Byron for her studies as she has visited Australia 3 times before and is already so in love with this beautiful laid back town! She has worked as an accountant for a Business Financial company for 15 years but quit to come to this amazing country for a new exciting adventure!

Rumi is from Japan. Her biggest passion is dancing. She works at Costco and they often have customers from different countries, so she wants to improve her English so she is able to help them with their questions. She came to Byron 1 year ago and was so impressed with the nature, beaches, cafes and food that she knew this was the place she wanted to study!

Dorothea is from the German speaking part of Switzerland. She goes straight into Paul’s Cambridge Advanced class to prepare her for her upcoming exam!

It’s wonderful to have you all here with us <3


Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE and English plus Surfing and Yoga in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach.

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