New Starters! 11 February

Welcome to our eleven new students joining us at Lexis Byron Bay today!


Kana is from Japan. She enjoys watching movies and going to the museum. She wants to improve her English so she can help overseas tourists when they visit Japan for the 2020 Olympics. She chose Byron bay for her studies because her friend lived here for a year and absolutely loved it! We are hoping Kana will enjoy it just as much 🙂

Sandro is from the German speaking part of Switzerland. He loves going hiking and biking in the summer. In the winter he enjoys going skiing and going on ski tours. He studied car diagnostics for 2 years and now works as a car mechanic. He wants to improve his English so he can speak to people from all different countries!

Makiko is from Japan. She likes going to the beach, gardening and yoga. She works as a massage therapist and is very interested in learning about health and natural medicine. She would like to improve her English so she can learn many healing skills from all over the world.

Carina is from the German speaking part of Switzerland. Her hobbies are swimming and doing yoga. She also loves to meet up with friends and go to concerts. She completed an apprenticeship as an early childhood teacher and loved her job working with children. She is now taking a few months out to travel around Australia and Asia, learning English and making lots of friends along the way!

Jun is from Japan. He works in a Junior and Senior school as teacher of the Japanese language and also in charge of the drama club. He is really looking forward to trying surfing whilst here in Byron and will be taking part in our English + Surf programme. He wants to improve his English so he can teach foreigners about the history of Okinawa, his home town.

Pascal is from the German speaking part of Switzerland. His biggest passion is motorcycling, but he also enjoys climbing and hiking in the beautiful Swiss mountains. He works as a certified metal worker, a job he really enjoys. He is here with us to improve his English for traveling!

Sirilak is from Thailand. Her family run their own business; a farm, small restaurant and shop. Her interests include drawing, painting, visiting art galleries and cooking. She is here to improve her English so she can get her dream job as a flight attendant. She chose Australia for her studies because she loves to travel and knows talking with native speakers will help her improve her English quicker

Thomas lives in the Swiss mountains, in a town called Frutiga. His hobbies are soccer, skiing, motorcycling and going out with friends. He has just completed his apprenticeship as a Poly Technician. He needs to improve his English as he will travel to Russia in August for a competition relating to his profession and will need to speak in English. He chose Byron for his studies because it is a beautiful and relaxed town and he would love to learn to surf!

Rahel is from the German speaking part of Switzerland. Her interests include sports and travelling. She is taking a gap year to travel and will then study architecture at University. She decided to study in Byron because of the beaches, surfing and warm weather, and is already in love with the nature and easy going lifestyle!

Maria is from Spain. In her free time she enjoys cooking and enjoying food and wine with her friends and family. She works in Human Resources for a Spanish hospitality company. She wants improve her English so when she returns to Spain she can find a new position as a General Manager in a hotel. She chose Australia for her studies as it has always been her dream to visit and she is looking forward to meeting people from all over the world.

Noemi is from the French speaking part of Switzerland. She likes to go swimming and on adventures! She works as a nursery nurse and works in kindergarten. She is here with us at Lexis Byron so she can refresh her English and have a holiday at the same time!


Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE and English plus Surfing and Yoga in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach

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