New Starters – Kathleen’s FCE class! 31 December

This week we welcome some new and existing students to our Cambridge Courses here at Lexis Byron Bay!

Joining Kathleen’s FCE class we have: (left to right) Carme, Christian, Teacher Kathleen, Estelle, Tania, Tamara, Jessy, Ana, Raphael, Lara and Andres.

Next week they will be joined by Sabrina, Vanessa, Nora and Giorgia.



To practice their speaking, listening and writing, as well as get to know each other better, they were put in pairs and had to write about their partner. From this we can now learn a little bit about each of them…



I’d like to present Carme, who is named after her mother. Carme comes from Catalonia where she loves the good food and weather, and the different cultures. Carme used to work as a Personal Assistant but she found this boring so she changed her job. Now, she has her own business organising sporting events. (written by Andreas)



I’ve been talking for a few moments with Andreas who is one of my classmates, from Switzerland. He recommended me to visit there because it is a beautiful country with big mountains and you can enjoy walking around. Andreas was working as a computer machinist but decided to go abroad to improve his English. He chose Byron Bay because it’s very similar to his town. (written by Carme)



Today I will introduce my new friend Raphael. He is from Switzerland, like me, but in the German part. Next year, he is going to study Facility Management and has to move from Lucerne. It’s very cool because he also likes surfing and going to the beach! (written by Lara)



I’d like to introduce Lara! She is 19 years old and she comes from Switzerland. She likes to spend time with friends and to go cross-country skiing. She’s finished her studies and has to think about what path to choose so she jumped to Australia – like a kangaroo – in order to learn English and decide what to do in her future. (written by Raphael)



Please say hello to Christian who is from a town near Milan in Italy. In his country, he studied cooking and now works as a chef. He’s studying the FCE because he wants to improve his English for the future. In his free time, he likes doing sport or going to the beach. (written by Tania)



Tania is from a small boring town next to Barcelona – she doesn’t enjoy living there L. Like her sister, she wants to study journalism. Her passion is to travel and she also loves the ocean, which is why she likes to spend her free time on the beach or learning to surf. If she were an animal, Tania would be a fish or bird. (written by Christian)



I’d like to present to you Jessy, from the French part of Switzerland. She is 19 years old and she needs the FCE for her studies next year. In her free time, Jessy loves to hang out with her friends at the beach. At the end of her time in Australia, she wants to be a good surfer. (written by Ana)



I would like to introduce Ana who is 26 years old and comes from Spain. She’s named after her aunt. Ana works in Madrid in Human Resources. In her free time, she likes to chill out with her friends and drink beer … and she likes photography as well. Ana is doing the FCE because she thinks it’s important for her career and life in general. (written by Jessy)



Today, I met a new student – Tamara – who is named after a professional skier from a long time ago. In her home country, Switzerland, she lives in a small village, which she likes because it’s calm. Tamara would like to excel at surfing and I think she’s chosen the best place to learn! (written by Stella)



I’d like to present Stella, from the French part of Switzerland. She is 20 years old and has already travelled a lot. In Switzerland, she works in a real estate agency. Now, she is here to improve her English because she needs it for her work, and for herself. She loves surfing and the vibe of Byron Bay. (written by Tamara)



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