New Starters – Josie’s CAE class! 31 December

This week we welcome some new and existing students to our Cambridge Courses here at Lexis Byron Bay!

Joining Josie’s CAE class we have: (left to right) Elsa, Teacher Josie, Eric, Sven, Louise, Daniel, Paulo, Maite, Andrea and Elisa. 


To practice their speaking, listening and writing, as well as get to know each other better, they were put in pairs and had to write about their partner. From this we can now learn a little bit about each of them…

Maite is from Ibiza, Spain and she is in Byron Bay to learn English and travel. She has been studying English at Lexis for about 2 months. She is working to save money for traveling. She thinks that learning English allows her to talk and to know people better. She loves to experience new things and for her material things don’t bring happiness.


Sven arrived a few days ago. He’s a guy from Switzerland. He lives in Bern, the capital city, in a small village called Schmitten. He has been studying English for 7 years. Sven lives a a healthy life. Once a week he does crossfit, goes to the gym or plays tennis. He is the kind of person who is shy in meeting new people, but then he’s going to be open minded. His perfect day in Australia: going to school in the morning, after that he would go to the beach with friends. In the evening he would go out to eat a burger with some beers. After that he would go to the beach and enjoy the time.


Elisa lives in Geneva in Switzerland. Her mother language is French. Before arriving here 3 months ago she was in high school. She really likes meeting people and learning about them, listening to their stories, learning their way of thinking. She hates repetitive things and that’s why she thinks it is really important to have a job she likes with new things all the time. Elisa used to do contemporary modern lessons in Switzerland. She also loves skiing (as every real Swiss person!) and hanging with friends.


Eric is from Spain and he can speak Catalan, English and French. He is the kind of person who you can trust and who helps others. This reliable person has also a very optimistic mind. This way of thinking can reassure who don’t see hope where there is. For example, when there is a problem, he will do his best ti find a good solution. Greece is his favorite country because of the historical monuments and the sympathetic people. The last thing I would say is that he doesn’t want to be famous in a superficial way but for what he is, his actions and his virtue.


Daniel wants to be a high school teacher back in his home country Switzerland. For that he needs the Cambridge Advanced Certificate. But that’s not the only one reason; he likes to travel and wants to have the opportunity to fluidly talk with all kinds of people and cultures around the world. On his bucket list Thailand and other Asian countries stay at the top. So Daniel is an open minded person and likes to get to know new people. Here in Australia he will use the chance and will live his perfect days with them. Part of these are to enjoy the beaches, make sports and go out in the evening.


Andrea is from the Czech Republic and has already arrived a couple of months ago. She loves the nature, listening to music, traveling and napping. She is open to meet new people but she is not a big fan of small talk. Lately she has been travelling a lot and has not been home for a long time. Her ideal destination for a future holiday would be the Tonga Islands, where she would love to scuba dive.


Louise come from Switzerland, from Bern, where she is very happy to live in. Although she loves Australia after only 3 days and considers it as a memorable place! She loves taking naps and she would spend her ideal day with friends chilling, sharing drinks and have a good laugh on the beach. She wants to learn to surf and visit America.


Paulo is from Brazil’s capital, Brasilia, and he is 31 years old. He came to Australia almost three weeks ago with his fiancee. They came to the Kangaroo Island to travel around the country and to improve their English. To keep fit Paulo does crossfit and sometimes he challenge himself doing skydiving, scuba diving or even bungy jumping. A perfect day for him would start doing some sport, having a good lunch and glass of wine in a restaurant on the beach and finishing the day at a sunset party, which seems to fit perfectly at Byron Bay. He pictures himself in five years working at the same job as a Government consultant and raising a couple of kids.


Elsa is a beautiful Switzerland girl and so sweet. She was working and studying at the same time as being an interior decorator. She came to Australia to visit and learn English for her studies, but now she change her mind and she wants to be a skiing teacher. As an adventurous girl she wants to go to India and South America. At the moment she speaks almost three languages: French, English, a bit of Catalan and also a bit of German.., but she wants to learn Spanish and improve her Catalan and German. She loves music and it helps her to be more confident and share herself with people and also find herself.



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