Graduation! 14 December

Congratulations and farewell to our twelve students graduating from Lexis Byron Bay today!


Eva, from Sweden, graduates from Claudia’s Upper Intermediate class. Her time with us has been very short but sweet, and we have loved having her here the past couple of weeks! She was very enthusiastic to learn and always happy to contribute in class discussions. We hope you enjoy your travels around Australia with your daughters!

Karsten, from Germany, graduates from Claudia’s Upper Intermediate class. His time with us has also been very short, just 1 week, after joining us from Lexis Brisbane. He worked well in class and participated actively in group discussions. We hope you enjoyed your time in Byron and managed to do plenty of surfing!

Laura, from Switzerland, graduates from Claudia’s Upper Intermediate class. Claudia says it has been lovely having her in class, describing her as an enthusiastic, hard working student who was always happy to contribute to class discussions. She was also a very motivated student and should be very proud of all her improvements! Well done on your much deserved A grade Laura!


Class farewell drinks for Mary, Cecilia, Madoka and Leo

Mary-Sheila, from Switzerland, graduates from Josie’s Fast Track Intermediate class. She is an extremely diligent and enthusiastic student, which all of her teachers said made her an absolute pleasure to teach! Josie says her positivity and warmth made her a great contribution to the class. Enjoy your travels Mary!

Cecilia, from Spain, graduates from Josie’s Fast Track Intermediate class. Josie described her as a positive and friendly student, with a smile and laughter that always brightened up the class atmosphere! We hope you continue to practice your English and wish you all the best for the future!

Madoka, from Japan, graduates from Josie’s Fast Track Intermediate class. She had a great attitude to learning and put a lot of effort into her studies. She was always eager and interested to learn and this made her a real asset to the class. All of her hard work paid of with her graduating with a well deserved A!

Leonardo, from Brazil, graduates from Josie’s Fast Track Intermediate class. It has been an absolute pleasure having him at Lexis. Leo is a very polite, thoughtful and friendly student. Josie said his outgoing and lively character always helped to lighten the class atmosphere and make everyone laugh. Enjoy your break Leo and we look forward to seeing you again when you start our Business Course!


Lena, from Germany, graduates from Elizabeth’s IELTs class. She is a focused, diligent, hardworking student. Elizabeth appreciated all of her efforts and participation, particularly her pertinent and passionate contributions in class discussions. Good luck for the future Lena, we are sure you will go on to do amazing things!

Andrea, from the Czech Republic, graduates from Elizabeth’s IELTs class. She has been a wonderful student; hard working and always friendly. Her English has improved in all areas and she graduates at an Upper Intermediate level with and Advanced in listening. Well done Andrea!


Ibon at our ‘Make a Bag’ activity

Ibon, from Spain, graduates from Adrienne’s Pre-Intermediate class. He has been a polite, funny and friendly student. Thanks to his inquisitive nature and participation in activities he has made progress in all areas. We hope you continue to use your new language and wish you the very best for the future!


Carlos at our soccer match against BBELS

Carlos, from Spain, graduates from Michelle’s Pre-Intermediate class. He has kept us very entertained during his time at Lexis and we will all miss his bubbly personality when he leaves. He worked extremely well with all his classmates, always bringing great enthusiasm and attitude to class. It has been wonderful to watch his English improve since his first day and he should be very proud of his achievements!


Armel, from France, graduates from Serena’s Elementary class. Serena has loved teaching and says he has become a very important part of the class and Lexis. She is grateful for the laughter and positive attitude he brought to school each day and the whole class will greatly miss him next week! Good luck with finding work in Australia Armel!

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