Tie Dye! 28 November

We went very retro here at Lexis for last Wednesday’s activity – tie dying!! πŸ™‚

Everyone met promptly at 11.30am at the seating area outside the student lounge, by the garden. The first thing we did was cover all tables with layers of newspaper to avoid any staining. We then laid out the selection of white tops that we provided for anyone who did not have their own. There was a mix of styles (long sleeve, t shirt and vests). Some of the students even decided to customise a little and cut off the sleeves! Here we are, ready to go…


The inks had to be prepared so some of the students took charge of this, adding water to the colour mix as well as a pinch of salt to stop the colours from fading on the fabric.

We looked at different ways to knot our fabrics and chatted about different designs we could make, using tightly wrapped elastic bands to divide colours and give those white lines and creases. Some people opted for the rolling/twisting method, some wanted vertical stripes, some wanted horizontal stripes, we even had some galaxy inspired designs as well as some free style!

Once that was done – it was time for the ink! πŸ™‚

Things started to look very interesting, colourful and even sculptural…

Once everything was inked up, we then had to place them in air-tight bags, to be left for 24 hours. This was the hardest part as we all reeeeeally wanted to see how they turned out!

Here are a few of the end garments πŸ™‚


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