New Starters! 3 December

Welcome to our eleven new students joining us at Lexis Byron Bay today!


Hyogeun is from Korea. He loves all sports and works in a gym as a trainer for children. He also works as a driver, similar to Uber. He would like to improve his English so he is able to find work and extend his visa in Australia.

Rachel is from the French speaking part of Switzerland. Her hobbies are all water sports, like scuba diving and surfing. She has just finished her Law degree and is now taking a gap year to improve her English and travel. After her 14 weeks of study with us she will travel Australia for 3 weeks then work at a marine conservation on an island in the Philippines!

Eva is from Sweden. Her interests are travelling and sports. She is here in Australia with her two children and after they have finished their studies they will rent a car and drive down to Sydney. She works an an adviser/senior manager at a big bank called SEB in Sweden. She wants to study English as she feels when she was first learning it she missed out on the fundamental knowledge of the grammar.

Pedro is from the Canary Islands, Spain. He has always wanted to be a chef and studied at a Gastronomy school. He worked many places in Ibiza, but mostly in Nassau Beach Club. He chose Australia for his studies because of the beautiful weather and English being the native language here.

Lucas is from Brazil. He has completed his Law degree and now wants to focus on his English studies. His brother already lives here in Australia, but this isn’t the only reason he chose this location for his studies; he loves the lifestyle here and the amazing waves for surfing!

Elena is from the German speaking part of Switzerland. Her hobbies include artistic cycling, kayaking, skiing, climbing and more! She worked as an interactive designer but quit to come traveling! She wants to improve her English so it is easier for her to travel and communicate with people from other countries.

Talita is from Brazil. She enjoys trekking, going to the beach and meeting up with friends. She has completed a Bachelors in Administration and Social Science, and would perhaps now like to complete a PHD. To further her studies she needs to improve her English as many of the text books are written in English. She chose Australia for her studies because many people have told her good things and the people here are very friendly!

Nattihep (Heppy) is from Bangkok, Thailand. He has worked for twenty years as a jewellery technician. He has come to Byron Bay to visit his sister who is living here. His sister would like to open her own restaurant and he wants to help there; this is his main reason for wanting to improve his English and what brings him to Lexis Byron!

Islania is from Brazil. She has worked as an associate at a law firm for the past three years but quit to come to Australia! She wants to improve her English so she can easily communicate with locals when she travels. She chose Australia for her studies because it has the same climate as Brazil and is very beautiful here!

Marcia is from the German speaking part of Switzerland. Her biggest passion is gymnastics, but she also enjoys meeting up with friends and watching TV programmes. She worked as a nurse for three years and just completed 18 weeks in the military. She wants to improve her English as in the future she would like to travel around the world doing charity work.

Maria is from Malaga, Spain. Her hobbies are reading, trekking, yoga and long walks on the beach. She loves traveling and learning about new cultures. She was working as a waitress but has also studied to work with children, taking care of and entertaining them. She wants to study English here in Australia because she thinks it is an amazing country, the weather is really nice and the people are very kind and happy.



 Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE and English plus Surfing and Yoga in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach.

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