Sweet Exchange! November 21

Last week we had our fourth Sweet Exchange here at Lexis Byron Bay!

Everyone was encouraged to bake or buy something sweet to bring in on Wednesday. All these delicious treats were then set up in one of classrooms for each of the break times, and everyone had to donate a minimum of $1 to then help themselves to as much sugary goodness as they could manage!!

We had a brilliant variety brought in by students and staff, including cookies, cinnamon scrolls, fresh fruit, vegan brownies, brigadeiros, muffins and of course Tim Tams! Absolutely spoilt for choice!

This was our most successful one yet, with us raising $332 for our two chosen charities!

The two charities we will be donating to were picked by two of our teachers. They both feel very passionately about their chosen charities and each gave a presentation to give us more information about what good are money will do!

Teacher Adrienne chose Doctors Without Borders (Medicins Sans Frontieres), who are a non-government funded organisation who assist in conflict zones and areas affected by diseases, providing much needed medical treatment. You can read more about this amazing charity here (or ask Adrienne!): https://www.doctorswithoutborders.org/

Teacher Michelle chose Sugarshine Animal Sanctuary, who provide a peaceful, loving home to animals of all shapes, sizes and personalities! Read more about the wonderful work they do here: https://sugarshinefarm.com.au/

The difference of money in each jar was very small and a lot of the students didn’t want to have to pick one charity, so it was decided that we will split to money evenly, giving them each $166!!

Once again, great work from everyone on supporting these brilliant causes!


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