Morning [Beach!] Picnic – 22 November

This morning, we left a sunny Lexis and headed for the beach. Minutes into our walk, the sky started to look VERY angry! We got as far as the Beach Hotel and out of nowhere, there was a loud bang of thunder and the heaviest downpour of rain I have ever seen! One minute it was sunny, the next – everyone was running to escape the water! We ran to take better shelter under a doorway with lots of other people and watched as the road turned into a river in front of us.


Thankfully, it passed as quickly as it started and we set off towards the beach, in search of a suitable picnic area.

We settled by a BBQ area under shelter, right in front of the beach. We were all standing in water but still enjoyed all the delicious snacks that we brought and agreed it would be a picnic to remember! 🙂

Although the rain kept most people away, it was great to see some new faces for our morning group and we all learned lots about eachother such as our jobs/studies/hobbies and future travel plans. The rain may have tried very hard to stop us but we still had fun! We are definitely hoping for some sunshine for tomorrow’s activity though… 🙂

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