New Starters! 19 November

Welcome to our fourteen new students and one returning student joining us at Lexis Byron Bay today!


Keiko is from Japan. Her hobbies include yoga, taking a walk and watching movies. She wants to work as a receptionist in a hotel and English will be very useful for this. She chose Byron Bay for her studies as it is good for yoga here and has beautiful warm weather!

Erna is from Chile. She likes to travel, read and do outdoor sports, particularly diving. She studied Business and Administration and a Masters in Economics, and is now working in a bank. She wants to improve her English so she can speak with people from all over the world and travel many places without having communication problems.

Mana is from Japan. She enjoys yoga and watching TV dramas. In Japan she was working at a trading company, but will now be in Australia for a year on a working holiday visa.  She wants to improve her English so it is easier for her to find work and makes friends!

Jael is from the German speaking part of Switzerland. She works helping people who are having difficulties in their lives. In her free time she helps out at a football club and also regularly babysits. She is here to improve her English so she is able to easily communicate with people from different countries.

Lena is from Hamburg, Germany. Her hobbies are yoga and surfing, so Byron is the perfect fit for her! She studied nursing and works in a small hospital specialising in the treatment of lung cancer. She would like to study medicine, most likely in Bulgaria, and this is what brings her to us; she is wanting to get her English at the perfect level to get a good IELTS score.

Veronica is from Valencia, Spain but moved to Ibiza 5 years ago. Her hobbies are painting, playing djembe and watching the sunset. She studied aesthetic and now works as a spa manager in a hotel in Ibiza. She heard Byron was a hippy, chilled place with open minded people and healthy lifestyles, so thought it would be a good place for her to come and learn English!

Albert is from the South West of France. He has worked in a supermarket for the past four years and is studying at business school. He chose to study English in Australia after people telling him how amazing it is here! He wants to be able to speak to people from all over the world and knows a good level of English will also help him in his professional life.

Benjamin is from the German speaking part of Switzerland. His hobbies include playing football, making music and going out with his friends. He is happy to be here in Australia learning English, improving his surfing and doing some traveling. He wants to improve his English to find a good job when he returns to Switzerland.

Marisa is from the German speaking part of Switzerland. In her free time she likes reading, listening to music and meeting up with friends. She worked as a chef for 4 years but now works in an office in the digital business department. She traveled last year from Perth to Exmouth and Sydney to Adelaide, and knew after this trip she had to come back to Australia!

Suzuka is from Japan. She loves the beach and summer, so is very excited to be here in Byron Bay! She was working as a sales accountant but quit to come to Australia and work for the next year. She will study with us for 8 weeks to help her to find her a job.

Wilson, nickname Neto, is from Brazil. He loves to play soccer at the weekend and spend time with his girlfriend and friends. He is studying Material Engineering at University and will find a job or start his own business when he finishes. He wants to improve his English as he feels it will give him a better way of life.

Moises is from Chile. His hobbies include playing soccer, cycling, scuba diving and snorkeling. He studied accountancy and was working as a auditor accountant. He chose to come to Australia for his studies because of what a beautiful country it is! He is very happy to be here with us for the next 9 months!

Tomoko is from Japan. Her hobbies are playing the guitar, skateboarding and listening to music. She wants to do her farm work so she can get her second year visa and find a job here in Australia. She is very excited that she’ll be able to speak more English after her 8 weeks here with us!

Larissa is from Brazil. She loves everything health related, such as sports, yoga, meditation and organic food; these are just some of the reasons she chose Byron Bay for her studies. She studied dentistry for 4 years and has been working as a dentist for the past 10 years. Three years ago she went to California to complete her yoga teacher training so is now also a qualified yoga teacher. In the future she would like to have her own yoga studio and organic cafe.

Juliane, from Brazil, returns to us after a 5 month break! She first started with us in February and finished in July, without the intention of coming back. After doing some traveling, including going to Europe and seeing the Northern Lights in Norway, she decided there’s no better place then Byron Bay!


Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE and English plus Surfing and Yoga in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach.

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