The best English Only essay ever!


Here at Lexis Byron Bay, if a student breaks the English Only Policy, they get a chance to redeem themselves by writing an essay about the policy. Students are encouraged to reflect on why the policy is important (to be inclusive of everyone, to practise English in real-life situations, to make it easier to make friends with students from other cultures) and why they broke it.

However, current student Chiara Mazzola, from Italy, went one step further and wrote this wonderful fantasy story.

ONCE UPON A TIME a young lady named Kiki decided to leave her reign and travel to a far land known as “Australia”. There she wanted to make some new experiences and learn a strange language called English, which, according to an old legend, should be the key to discover the world.

After a long trip through the ocean, lady Kiki finally arrived in the reign of Byron Bay in the Lexis Castle, a magical place where dreams become true, and there she started her new life.

But one day the girl broke her the main rule of the castle: the feared English only policy introduced a long time ago to make sure every and each inhabitant forces his self to speak the new bizzare language in order to improve his abilities and build relationships indifferently from the nationality or cultural differences.

Kiki knew how important this rule was but when telling Sir Aeon about an old story, anger took over from her common sense.

Luckily, Kiki had the chance to redeem her mistake by writing a letter to the powerful magician who reigned over the castle and apologise for her behaviour.

The magician appreciated her commitment, had mercy on her and allowed Kiki to stay in the extraordinary kingdom to realise all other dreams.


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