Fashion Show! Adrienne and Michelle’s Pre-Intermediate classes

Here at Lexis Byron our teachers love to make their lessons fun! That includes putting on Fashion Shows for the Pre-Intermediate unit on Fashion and Shopping!


Our two Pre-Intermediate classes, Adrienne’s and Michelle’s, joined together for a very amusing afternoon of dress up!

I popped into the classroom to check out their outfits and get some photos as they prepared for the big event…

I didn’t even recognise Leo when I first walked in the room, so amazing was his bridal attire!

There was lots of laughter, but also lots of learning going on! The students had to use what they had learnt that week about passive tense to describe the outfits to eachother.

Whilst it was educational for the students, it’s also just an excuse for teacher Adrienne to get the boys in dresses!



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