Portrait Drawing! 1 November

Yesterday we did a little portrait drawing session in the morning. While others were at the beach (thanks to this glorious Summer weather that has arrived!), we chatted all things creative and arty. Elona is a baker and was showing me some photographs of her amazing artwork, which she created so delicately with icing! I was amazed at the detail and precision, particularly where she used icing to do some creative writing.


We looked specifically at the art of portrait drawing and I gave some tips on how to ‘measure’ a face and really see the details that are in front of us. See us below, using our pencils to measure each other up! It is always better to practice from life, where possible, so I had the job of posing for a portrait sketch!

During our drawing, we had a constant guest who really wanted to get in on the drawing action… Check him out as he was running up and down Elona’s pencil!


Elona did a fantastic job with her drawing and I could really see how she used the tips that I gave her. Look at her fantastic work!

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