Happy Student – Lucas; Lexis’ most photographed student!!


The lovely Lucas from Brazil first started with us in March this year, and after a quick break in September decided he missed us too much and wanted to extend his studies and stay in Byron Bay!


Lucas on his first day 🙂 Him and Dana (centre) are the only two still here!

Lucas comes to many of our free activities so I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know him over the past 7 months. He has a great sense of humour and is always smiling, friendly and courteous. Lucas always makes an effort to speak to new students from different countries, and this has helped him to improve his English and make friends from all over the world!

All the teachers agree that it is an absolute pleasure having Lucas here with us at Lexis Byron and it’s been wonderful watching his English grow and grow!

Being that he comes to many of the activities I now believe Lucas to be Lexis Byron’s most photographed student! For this reason, and also because of his cheery demeanor, I asked Lucas to be this month’s Happy Student! He happily obliged, so now you get to read all about his Lexis experience, along with just some of the pictures of him at our activities…


Why did you choose to come to Australia and to Lexis Byron Bay in particular?

I chose Australia because my brother already studied here at Lexis Byron and told me about his experience, and because here is paradise! I think I made the best choice. I also came to Australia because the climate and warm weather is similar to Brazil.


What are your English goals and how is Lexis helping you achieve them?

I would like to be able to speak English fluently. Here at Lexis I can improve my English a lot and I now believe fluency is possible for me.

  • Lucas started with us in Elementary and is now at an Upper Intermediate level. Go Lucas!!


Tell me a little bit about your teachers and classes…

All the teachers are really good. They always help us and make activities interesting. The activities are really fun and good for improving our English.


You’ve joined in a lot of our free activities. What has been your favourite one so far?

Yes, when possible I try to join in a lot of free activities. I like to do them just to have fun, talk to people and always learn more; it could be a new word or sentence, or about another persons culture.


Outside of school, what is your favourite thing about Byron?

I like the energy that is here. The people are really friendly and the places are beautiful. I really enjoy going to the beach.


You work in one of Byron’s most popular bars. What is your advice to other students looking for work in Byron?

Never give up! Before I started working in the Rails I was everyday trying and finally I got a job! So my advice is never give up and keep trying!!


You’ve stayed with two host families during your time at Lexis. Can you please tell me a bit about these experiences?

Both experiences were really nice and I had a good time at both. First I was at Veronica’s, who has a beautiful house with swimming pool and my room was very spacious with a bath. She is a lawyer so she taught me about the Australian laws and helped me find a job. I lived there with two other students, Axel from French part of Switzerland and Yves from the German speaking part of Switzerland, so that was really fun. Next I lived with Kathy, who is very kind. I learnt a lot about Australia from her and I could tell her lots about South America too. Again I lived with two other students, Gabriela and Antonio from Spain, which was great. Both host mothers helped me to improve my English and would correct me when I said things wrong.


Finally, what would you say to anyone thinking of coming to Lexis Byron Bay?

DO IT!! It’s a great place to improve your English. There are many many people who can help you, especially Claire (Activities and Student Services), and also Lisa (Campus Manager) who has helped me from day one until now. The quality of the teachers is really good and they’re all really nice. Each teacher has a different way of teaching and different accents, which helps you to improve your listening.



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